The Healing Sunshine Mo Bao Fei Bao,墨宝非宝

To Ji Yi, Ji Cheng Yang is the joy in her childhood, a cup of coffee in her teenage years, that kite especially painted just for her, that part of A Chinese Odyssey she never finished, that irreplaceable longing and love in her dull life.
Ji Yi chased after his back, followed in his footsteps, liked the things his liked.
To Ji Yi, the whole of her youth, from the moment she met Ji Cheng Yang, was carved with only one name.
To Ji Chengyang, Ji Yi is the soft ray of light at dawn, the warmest existence, the care kept deepest in his heart. He has once, for the sake of his dreams, forsaken her, hurt her, but in the end, he returned by her side.
She is the very first of his memories, as well as the Ji Yi he loves the most.

Table of Contents