Perfect & Virtuous Girlfriend's NTR Production

By Tofu Field X,Tōfu Hata X,豆腐畑X

Perfect & Virtuous Girlfriend's NTR Production Chapter 2

Perfect & Virtuous Girlfriend's NTR Production Chapter 2

Video recording of Akane and Gouda

The next day I saw that movie, I got another data again.

It seems that several short videos are in the folder, apparently lined up in chronological order.

“It is a video recording of the relationship between me and the teacher, I am taking short term places only in a smartphone, so it’s short and it’s hard to see … but I think Shunta will enjoy it.”

That said, Mr. Akane got under the desk where the computer was placed and sat down between my crotch.

Without putting on a brassiere, because of the dress only of the pants and loose T – shirt,

From my point of view Mr. Akane’s plenty of tits cleared up.

As it is, Mr. Akane pleasantly took out my semi erection chicken out of his pants.

“Oh, are you Akane?”

And with no hesitation I entrusted it with mouth.

The remaining skin is stripped with a tongue as a dexter and the glans are turned and licked by Lerole.

Mr. Akane looking up at this, urged me to watch the movie as it is.

While she asked her to take a picture, she saw the video she was taken down,

I lost the feeling of spirit, I clicked the first video I was afraid.

I reflected a little

In a dim room.

Apparently it is a physical education instructor’s office.

In the center of the image, Mr. Akane of a sailor figure stands in front of the sofa.

Is it because the picture is taken with the smartphone that I had in my hand, there is a jerk and camera shake.

“Is it really good? To do? ”

It was Gauda who firstly spoke.

Compared with the previous movie, the voice is somewhat stiff.

“Oh, hold me, my teacher”

On the other hand, Mr. Akane returned with the usual voice.

That as usual always sets out the development that is expected after this.

I wonder if it is called a gap.

Mr. Akane adds a slightly strong stimulus to the glans, as my dick reacts with pik pik.

“Hey, he … … if that’s the case, is there a way to ask the former public? I wish to go there ”

The hardness of the first voice turned into a nasty, floating voice as soon as possible.

Even though I do not see it, I could easily imagine a figure in which the face of Gouda was distorted vulgarly.

When Mr. Akane shows a kind of swing like thinking a little about the words of Gouda,

Grab the hem of the skirt with the right hand and the hem of the upper body’s sailor suit with the left hand.

And, sensuously and provocatively, it turns it up.

“Gouda sensei, me,”

The meaty thighs wrapped in glossy skin become exposed.

The narrowed waist and the thinly broken abdominal muscles are gradually exposed gradually.

I remembered the excitement that was similar to the sense of urgency, I instinctively swallowed gokuri and saliva.

“Always a teacher’s sturdy body”

Finally the skirt’s skirt turns from the crotch to the top.

Simple underwear with light pink that becomes exposed.

Although the room was dim, it was hard to understand,

I could understand even Mr. Akane’s crotch was already wet.

As if waiting for it to be fulfilled now or now,

As if being kept waiting in front of a feast,

The love juice overflowing from the crotch part is dripping the thighs.

“I thought that I want to be held”

And finally it revealed that plump twin milk wrapped in bra has blurred.

Volumes that are likely to spill from a bra is still powerful.

The chest is glowing and painful, and at the same time a feeling of upholding swirling.

It is also the opposite of my body, Gouda’s muscular and sturdy body.

I could not hide the excitement in Mr. Akane who wanted to embrace it, embarrassingly told.

I accidentally push the head of Mr. Akane against my crotch, which is buried in my groin.

Mr. Akane sucks up Chu Chou and my dick to respond to it.

“Huh, huh, huh …”

To that pleasant feeling, I spirit unintentionally.

Meanwhile, the movie never stops.

Mr. Akane opened her mouth with a stubborn smile on his posture.

“Please, please mess me up.”

Suddenly the picture shook greatly, and it got dark with the sound like cats.

Apparently, he seems to have dropped the smartphone downward with the camera down.

Along with the rough breath of Gouda, it leaks out of the video that was only the sound dark.

“This … a horny … … Oh, I’m going to mess it up … that Touchou, I’m …”

Bosun, along with a sound that collapses on the sofa, sounds like grumpy sound.

“Ahh, my teacher, fierce competition”

Like Mr. Akane squeezing out, Mr. Akane’s voice interrupted something to close his mouth.

Then, only the audio is played endlessly from there.

“Huh, huh, kitsu, kitsu, teacher, ah, there”

“Oh, it’s a shit, it’s a big deal, damn, fuck, ha, ha ha, that toado is such a nymphosome and a lonely woman”

My girlfriend was a woman who actually opened her crotch to a man other than herself,

Such a situation distorts my heart.

I am happy, sad and excited.

“Oh, well, that’s right, I am a metamorphosis, even during my club, I was just thinking about seeing the body of the teacher and just doing it.”

Akane says, with a voice that flashes.

Oh, is this true?

Surely, it is a lie to please me.

Surely so.

But, if, if it was true, what was that … …


At that moment my glans head licked intensely with a warm tongue.

Sudden pleasant sensation Two, when I unexpectedly looked at my crotch, there was eyes and eyes of Mr. Akane who seemed pleasant, she looks happy.

It is being passed through.

My strange metamorphotic thought.

But, at the same time, joyfulness comes up to say that you understand me so much.

“Hehe, if so, you should tell it sooner, because this Taman bodied body, messed up! Hang out with that Hiroki! … Yes, I do not think he is bad for him! A nymous woman, please apologize to that brat! ”

“Oh, oh, oh, hand, fierce, great, ah, sorry, I am sorry, Shunta, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I will forget your teacher properly now, forgive me, It is OK, Oh, Oh! ! ”

“Hahaha, good-bye, he-he, sure was minamori? Come on peace, your girl, I truly discipline and make it my favorite sow, please be relieved, hahaha ”

“Oh, I’m going to discipline, like a teacher, to a sow, with that decaccin, it’s much bigger than Shunta ‘

“You are going to insert it into your mumbo, honestly, I do not even know when my boyfriend’s feeling drowsy, oola, be prepared for it”

Then, a momentary silence came.

I was staring at the eyes wide open dark videos that did not show anything.

Sweet pleasantness is given by the mouth of Mr. Akane as usual.

Several moments later, the two people exhaled deep breath at nearly the same time.

There was a sense of unity that seemed to have done something together with the big business of one generation.

“Oh … awesome, … thick, long …”

Mr. Akane leaves a word with a voiceless voice.

“Ohhhh … Oh well, it’s a great instrument … … Akane, you, the number of people you have experienced? The surroundings, are not you feeling at ease? I feel you like I’m pretty ripe … ___ ___ 0

In the words of Gouda, the heart jumped.

It’s like a sudden madder call, but above all, I had never heard of Mr. Akane’s experience.

No, because, I did not need to listen.

Because, when I first shot with you, Mr. Akane, blood came out ……

“… … …”

In a very small voice, Mr. Akane replied.

I could not pick up the microphone of the smartphone that whispered.

The heartbeat of the chest becomes painfully intense.

One person, that should be.

This time for the first time, it should be that with a person other than me.

“Hahaha, what is it, you guys are nothing horny! Hahaha, does not my love Shunta know? Yeah? ”

I instinctively drank my breath.

It is a lie.

Surely, I told a lie.

This is how I suffer, get excited … Akane says a lie ……

I see Akane with eyes whose tears have run down.

But, Mr. Akane only smiles in meaning, I will hold my penis and do not separate from me.

“Well, this kussovich … … I guess I should do educational guidance properly … … Sora, it will move, I will not get over it …”

I will not wipe down the falling tears, I will return my eyes to the movies just dark.

I never got a grudge against myself who never withers, no matter how.

Moyamoya resembles anxiety and frustration in the mind.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, else, oh, oh, ah,”

At first, Mr. Akane’s pant, which was a hold down voice,

As the gentle sound gets intensified, it changes to a shrill high, sweet one.

“Oh, oh, あ, あ, あ, あ, あ, こ れ, こ, っ っ っ, あ, あ ん, あ ぁ! ”

From the voice of Mr. Akane steadily gets lost steadily.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry … this decapa … …. Bluntburne shaking … …., to a nipple, good? Please make it so hard, I will make it a more erotic nipple. ”

“Oh, ah! No, no, it’s a nipple, you have to be together, oh, oh, oh, da m ”

So, the petit and sound were interrupted, and the playback of the movie was over.

“Oh, are they?”

The animation itself was over there.

It ended abruptly, I can not hide the puzzle.

Nupa, and Mr. Akane, who had been holding my dick for the time being, took off his mouth.

My penis touching the outside for a while is pulsating with its chilliness to its coldness.

“Next video”

Mr. Akane squeezed my penchant for that as well.

I clicked on the next video immediately this time.

There was no help for it after being worried about afterwards.

When regeneration began, it initially mirrored the floor.

From that darkness, it seemed that time passed from the movie so far.

“I have forgotten about the movie completely. It’s not enough that the capacity is filled and the recording stops … … Well, Yoshioshi, I do not see it. ”

The animation began again with the voice of Gouda.

Gowda moved the camera from the floor in front of his own eyes.

The room is dark, I can not see well.

Barely it seems like someone is sitting in front of you, you can only see such a contour.

“Ah, I can not see it dark … … I can always see a cheesy appearance of that lovely face lady always”

Mr. Akane’s cowardly figure …?

I found that the disturbing words swayed in my chest, and excitement was fueled.

Like I want to see, I should not look like …

Gouda put the smartphone on the aside desk.

In the dim room, the ceiling is faintly projected.

And with the sound of snapping, the room was filled with the inorganic light of the fluorescent light.

“Wow …”

I suddenly got dizzy on the brightened screen.

“Okay, Sonny, then, Akane chanched out messed up ~”

Sound that catapults, and Gouda grasp the smaho again.

And the picture was transferred from the ceiling to the sofa.

“Oh, oh ……”

Mr. Akane had big legs open wide on crunches.

Rounded pants are hooked on one leg, the skirt is turned over,

The local part had been exposed as if to present it.

Body fluid jumps violently up to the thighs, lower abdomen,

From the vaginal opening of Mr. Akane, it is unclear whitish liquid which is semen or love,

A lot of flood and dokdok are overflowing and those spilled out are making a large liquid pool on the sofa through the inner thighs.

The upper body was trusted on the backrest of the sofa without force, from below the tailored sailor suit,

A large breast spilling from a brassiere was extensively exposed,

That nipple is long enough to never have ever seen and has been erecting red and red.

How hard the breasts were grasped by the strong force, it is painful that red bills are left a little.

The head was thrown over the backrest, and Mr. Akane fainted as if looking up at the ceiling.

There was a trail of tears running down from the edge of the eyes, around the mouth of the half opening was reflecting the light of the terra terra and fluorescent light with saliva.

My body feels slightly cramped, and my labia minor sweeps.

“Well, after all this, it gets erotic”

Gouda said that with a voice that would keep you from laughing,

Tightly pinch the long nipple erected by Mr. Akane with one hand and pull it upwards and downwards with gui guitar.

Mr. Akane’s body gets cramped with pik pik in its stimulation.

In addition, Gouda directs his hand to his crotch and inserts a finger indiscriminately into Mr. Akane’s vagina.

If we pull out the finger as it is folded as it is, a lot of liquid has leaked out already, the liquid of the muddy overflowed.

Gouda play with the body of Mr. Akane who he messed up.

“Oh my good dear elegance with me … oh yeah, it came again.”

That’s why Gouda will hit that huge object on the vaginal opening of Mr. Akane.

It swallowed amazingly Gouda’s minds surprisingly.

“Ah, it’s loose to the truth … but this is pretty good with this … … There was a bad knife, too, bad it is bad”

As Gouda shakes his hands, the picture shakes violently.

The joining part of the two who did not see well in the previous video, it is reflected in the duplex.

“This is fine, but after all it’s okay then this is not ejaculation …… Old, I’m not going to tighten, screw down! Ora, Orau ”

Suddenly, the waist of Gouda gets intense.

Pull up your nipples with empty hands as before and hit your hips violently.

“Ay, Oh, Mr. Akane, Mr. Akane …!”

I was limited in the way that Mr. Akane was roughly handled like a tool, although it was in the middle of a moving image.

Um, Mr. Akane is perfectly overrun by a mess, and even treated like a toy.

My excitement came to a climax, unexpectedly pressing Akane’s head between my crotch against my crotch.

Mr. Akane also senses my excitement and intensifies the movement and suction of the tongue.

“Oh, ohh … __ !!”

The animation, the violent hip swing of Gouda, and the naked body of Mr. Akane shaking with it.

I stared my desire in the back of my throat in the mouth of Mr. Akane while gazing at it to devour it.

Even when the first wave finishes, the next wave comes soon by the tongue use of Mr. Akane and exhale dokdok and semen again.

Mr. Akane squeezing it and throwing it off, gokuri, gokuri.

Drink this time, this time, including only the glans in the mouth, suck up the semen remaining in the urethra with the cough.

To that extent, I felt relieved from the movie and kept my eyes on the back of the chair.

Mr. Akane pulled the semen with a large sound intentionally, pull out the chrysanthemum, and the glans head from the mouth.

“Hehe, I have a lot of ejaculation”

Mr. Akane said he was really happy with the bouncing voice.

Unnoticed, Mr. Akane resumed consciousness on the screen, raising a sharp pant voice.

Mr. Akane sits down on my knees barely on my knees with a big cum out of the background of the sound of the Akane-san and Gouda’s affair.

Mr. Akane’s warm and soft weight heavily hangs on my thighs.

Mr. Akane’s body can not see the screen of the computer anymore.

Behind the strangely smiling Mr. Akane, I heard a beastly pant voice from that computer.

Mr. Akane flips up the T – shirt that I had come.

It’s just like a movie you just saw.

The twin milk exposed in such a way was tautier than that of Mr. Akane when it was messed up, and the tip nipples remained beautiful with salmon pink than anything else.

Mr. Akane squeezing its nipple loosely with its supple fingers.

“It was amazing, teacher, if you say you stop doing it, you do not stop doing it, it hurts to be painful, tight, tired, so it feels so painful, it feels so great,”

In a provocative way, embarrassingly, I will tell it to you.

I could not stay even if I stayed or standing, sucked into the tits of Mr. Akane sitting in front of my eyes.

“Ah … … Hehe … … Is that delicious? … Well, that was nice … But I was not that much, Huhuhu, my teacher’s nipple torture was many times more fierce and it was good to go?”

In that word, I caught my eyes again and sucked harder.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, intense … but still, it’s still not enough, the direction was better when the teacher was long nipple, you forgot for a long time, see you, hang in there, do your best … That’s why the baby sucks It looks like you, Hello, more, more ”

Mr. Akane squeezing me with a grudge with a giggle, and laughing yet.

I regret and regret, but I’m glad that I can not treat Akane as good as Gouda, excitedly.

Someday, my dick who just felt ejaculated was ginkin again.

It is too poor and excited more than Gouda’s mantle reflected in the scene where Mr. Akane’s vagina that I saw just now is inserted.

No, no, absolutely, I can not satisfy Mr. Akane, so Mr. Akane who was not satisfied, has sex with Gouda.

Even though Mr. Akane sits in front of you, I suck Akane’s tits, but I do such a delusion.

That delusion burns my excitement even more.

“Huhu, a splendid pencil of Shunta, did you get it? Hehe, want to insert? Shunta, in my vagina”

In the words of Mr. Akane, I nod several times while holding the boobs.

Shaped with a tapap, a wavy breast.

“Huhu, then I’ll insert it”

Hu and Akane ‘s waist floats, his hand grasps my pussy and fixes it.

And, my pussy is swallowed with nupepu pussy in the earlier seen movie from the near future.

It is hot and entangled with Uneune.

A vaginal wall peristaltically to swallow and to the back in the back.

It rubs up my penis and glans.

“Huhu, are you awkward? Is my ramen good?”

In the question of Mr. Akane, I desperately nod and answer.

Looking at such me, Mr. Akane smiled happily happily, and immediately switched its expression to provocative one.

Then move the waist back and forth and quickly and start to stimulate my pussy.

“Is not it good to have a cunt that has been made into a form of Professor Gouda? Is it easy to snipe such a big baby Gaba maybe good? Hehehe, Fuhufufu, see, Shunta also swinging back?

I will desperately shake my back aside by the passion which is coming up to my chest by the words of Mr. Akane.

Mr. Akane gradually starts to shake violently with his hips up and down.

And when each other’s excitement grew, my pussy got out of the cunt of Akane and Nupot.

Me and Akane sit down at the face.

I thought that I wanted you to say.

Akane also understood that I wanted to say it.

So, Mr. Akane said with a look like looking down somewhere.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Shunta, I went when I took a lap as if I were a teacher … I’m still a puppy if I am a teacher.”

I was struck by the excitement that made me feel awkward, and hugged Mr. Akane strongly and strongly.

Mr. Akane’s hips are lowered, my baby is swallowed.

At that moment, my penis made me feel pleasure like an explosion.

View, view, warm, slimy, slimy, in the vagina that tightens up.

“Oh, oh …… I am cum … … Atsuatsu … Shunta’s … ….”

Closing my eyes and shaking my body, Mr. Akane felt like my ejaculation.

“Mr. Akane”

If I call, Mr. Akane lifted my eyelids a little.

I never tried, Mr. Akane was lovely.

Mr. Akane also stared at me looking to be unlikely.

Hold face slowly.

Mr. Akane lowered his eyelids again.

I also closed my eyes.


Just a touch of touching.

Once again, it’s missing again.

This time it is a little longer.

Still not enough.

One more time.

The tip of the tongue and the tip of the tongue touch each other.

Still not enough.

Struggle each other.

Still, yet …

It was the moment when I tried to hold the waist of Mr. Akane.


The call sounded in the room.

If you notice, the movie was over.

It is that of Akane’s smartphone.

When two people looked at each other a little bit and smiled witly, Mr. Akane headed over from me and headed for the smart head.

I looked at the incoming screen, then turned toward me, and Mr. Akane burst out laughing.

Mr. Akane answers the phone soon after I think about the meaning of that smile.

“Yes, Hello … … yeah, yes … right now?”

While thinly smiling, Mr. Akane responded.

I was aware of who the other party was calling lightly.

Again, my baby began to regain power with Mukumuku.

“Yeah … … Of course I will.”

Me and Akane once again looked our eyes.

I think that the heat of lust was lighting in my eyes and Akane’s eyes.

“Since I am Gowda’s hand-to-be-destroyed toilet, I will be glad to rush if my teacher is jealous.”

That said, Mr. Akane hung up.

And with an invincible, provocative face, I said to me.

“Well then, I will go, so I’m going to go, Shunta … I still have videos left, so I’m going to be shitty with alone … Oh, that’s right, because Mr. Gouda gets a hatchy godda, Shunta I will not wash the semen of the …… It is not comparable with Shunta’s treasure It’s gonna be a good cheerful tattoo It’s going to be thrown away and get thrown away, ”

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