A Traveler Across the Worlds

By I Am Actually A Cute Lemon

A Traveler Across the Worlds Volume 1 prologue part1

A Traveler Across the Worlds Volume 1 prologue part1

"Ah? Where am I? I still remember how I was peacefully sleeping in my own room and then…"

A young fellow with silver hair and a snow-white skin, his appearance slightly similar to a beautiful girl, now stood in a pure white space and looked around.

"This space is a dimension of the Main God."

And as he was inspecting the space around him, he heard a clear male voice from somewhere nearby.

The guy turned his body in the direction it came from, just to find a young man, about 20 years old, wearing modern clothes who was slowly approaching him (T.N.: young man, stranger = not MC, everything else = MC, for now, afterwards it gets clear who is who). There was a young girl following him behind, roughly 150 cm in height. She possessed such a wonderful appearance, as if she was a masterpiece from the God of Creation in its own right.

In comparison to his own silver hair, which had some shades of grey and gave kind of lifeless impression at the first blush, her hairs were full of energy, shimmering with a golden glow and ending as a pair of pigtails. Because of her ridiculously long hair, the smallest movement to the side could cause her tips to be dragged behind her and touch the floor.

Even though the girl was eye-catching and had her own charm, she still had a significant flaw that really worsened the first impression: No signs of emotion could be seen on her face at all. Cold expression, just like an iceberg in the sea. That was kind of sad, expressionless face on such a girl.

The outfit she was wearing was that of a classical gothic Lolita. The gothic uniform, coupled with the baby face and hair of a gold hue took her straight to a level of inhuman perfection. And if only this girl could show a scorning smile, she would be regarded as a mighty queen.

"And who are you? What's this God's dimension you are talking about?"

Even when a girl, whose looks could conquer the hearts of many men, was standing nearby, the youth remained unflappable.

"Hey, young lad, let’s put this talk aside for now. First, tell me, why aren’t astonished or scared after seeing me? I’m sure the pressure coming from me isn’t to be disregarded, isn’t?"

The unknown young man has shown the amazement in his eyes due to the unexpected behavior of the newcomer who obviously has sparkled his interest.

"Well, that’s not even the first time I encounter something as strange as this situation. Speaking of the pressure from you, yeah, I am definitely feeling it. However, I can’t detect anything malicious, or else I would act accordingly," said the boy without thinking.

Hearing his response, young man was interested in that particular boy all the more.

"I see. Then, allow me to pose the next question. You’ve said, it’s not your first time encountering such strange things… Where exactly have you seen something like this? And, how did you grasp that I held no evil intentions towards you?"

The unknown man with genuine interest was asking him of his circumstances.

"That’s more than one question. First and foremost, answer my questions. Because what is going on here makes absolutely no sense to me.

The summoned boy was somewhat tensed. He was well aware of the presence of the stranger, especially after he somehow appeared before him, like out of thin air. The man didn't bear any grudges, yet you never know.

"Hehe, what a cautious lad. Well, you are right, I should clear your doubts first."

Young man cleared his throat and explained:

"My name is Kalajar and this place is my dimension of the Main God."

"You just said, 'My dimension of the Main God', right? Consequently, you are the God…?"

He was clearly smart, this boy. Already got the gist of it. "

"Ha, boy, you are an attentive one, I’ll give you that. That’s right, I am the God, moreover, the God of Creation. Do you see this little loli behind me? She is my own creation.

Kalajar laughed, full of conceit.

"Damn lolicon."

The girl behind him spitted out a nasty remark, the face of the God froze in response.


The boy indeed heard her response as well, so he coughed few times, seeking for attention. Although, in his mind, he laughed out at her words unintentionally.

"If you are the God, then you should know my name. Am I right?"

The expression of the boy showed no anxiety, calm like a sea.

"Yes, I certainly know your name."

Kalajar nodded and willingly answered:

"You name is Jimei Kuuyo, second name – Feng. Your family consists of your mother and sister who is three years younger than you."

Kalajar abruptly stopped, his smile faded a bit, then he continued:

"Let me add that you also have one more personality which your family doesn’t aware of. "Wolf" – this is the alias those hoodlums you hang out with gave you, most likely in sign of respect."

Kuuyo nodded in recognition, almost without any surprise that Kalajar was well aware of his secret life, however his next phrase turned out to be utter shock for him, completely blowing away his calm attitude up to the present.

"Three years before you was named 'Wolf', that’s when you were 9 years of age, an accident had happened to you. In the end, a girl called Cheng Zai Hu died. Do I speak the truth?"

Kaljar now got more serious, as he acknowledged this accident to be a sore spot for the boy. If he kept smiling, it would have looked as if the God is ridiculing his distress.

The emotion inside Kuuyo, as if the storm was starting to rage in the previous smooth sea, began swirling around. Opening his mouth, closing it, trying to convey something. Soon, he was able to take his burning desires under control. To regain the stable mental conditions so quickly – Kalajar just couldn't hide his fascination for this boy.

"You should tell me what are you up to. There must be some reason for it and I know, you are checking me whether I am qualified or not."

Kuuyo have spoken to Kalajar without any innuendoes, straight to the topic.

"Um, this fellow. You have passed. Now back to our main question."

Again, there was a shiny smile on Kalajar’s face. It seems the God won’t deny his self-made trial for him.

"Do you wish to become a traveler across the worlds?"

Though Kalajar kept smiling, the question contained nothing, but his serious intentions.

"No matter how you look at it, it’s just too troublesome."

Because Kuuyo recovered himself from previous shock, he discovered that the thing the God has asked him about wasn't just to make fun of him. That was how he came to his aforementioned statement, even without knowing the essence of the problem yet.

"I have one good news for you. When you were 9 years old, your beloved one didn't die as a result of an accident. At that time I was just passing by, when I was gripped by the sudden regret because of the circumstances of this petite loli. As such, I came to her rescue and transferred her very soul in a different world."

Seeing hesitation in Kuuyo's eyes, Kalajar now thought to give him the so much needed push. Although he did not replied him yet, Kuuyo currently raised his head and casted a piercing gaze in his direction.

"That’s why I called you a lolicon."

The girl again rebuked in a ruthless manner.

"Hey, don’t call me that, otherwise, I will be too ashamed of myself! I am not some kind of loli lover, just that I am very positive about tiny-mini lolis, unmeasurable affection! That’s all there is to it."

Kalajar made it seem like he is embarrassed.

"Wanna die?" said a girl in a soulless voice.

"…You’ve just told me you had sent Cheng Zai Hu’s soul to another world?"

In the meantime, during which Kalajar and the small girl were exchanging jokes, Kuuyo finally have decided to give it a try and have asked God the question he was most anxious about. His beloved one took a higher priority for him than the frictions between two of them.

"Khe-khe, now back to our topic."

After clearing his throat two more times, Kalajar continued the interrupted conversation.

"That’s right. On that day I really found myself nearby and saw her soul, soul of the girl named Cheng Zai Hu which had left her body. Even though I am a God, I still shall not disrupt the natural flow of things. Therefore, there were nothing left for me to do, except to send her soul into another world. Ah, I also put on you my observation skill at that time, thanks to that I could watch your actions until this very moment."

"Do you know where her soul was transferred to?"

Kuuyo though, didn’t look a bit bothered about the fact that the God was looking after him the all this time, he just concentrated himself on finding more about Cheng Zai Hu.

"That is… Although I was the one who sent her wandering to alternate world, her precise current location is not something I know, unfortunately. But, if you are to become a traveler across the worlds, with some luck, you may might find her," smiled brightly Kalajar.

"Then, I accept your proposal!"