Class 3-C Has A Secret

By charotera101

Class 3-C Has A Secret Chapter 1

Class 3-C Has A Secret Chapter 1

Translated By: GM_Rusaku

~Denise’s POV~
3 weeks ago..

「Class, I’m sorry.」

We were shocked on what Teacher Yuko just said. She was our adviser and the teacher closest to us. To all of the teachers here, she was the only one who understood us well. She was the only one who persevered to straighten us who lost our way.
We are Class 3-C, the class that the teachers refused to be on. The reason was we would just ignore anything they would teach us, we’re just attending because we have to. I am with those who are rich, who are vainglorious, the delinquents, and the losers. I just transferred to this class this school year, and days goes by with us having so much fun that I didn’t even noticed that we are gonna be seniors in just a few months. All was still silent. We are waiting for Teacher Yuko’s next words.

「I will be resigning」 Teacher Yuko said while looking down and both her hands were holding both ends of the teacher’s table.
「I’m going to get married next week. Sorry for said this just now. Sorry for keeping this a secret」

Silence still dominates the four corners of the class. We don’t even know if we should be happy or be sad for our beloved teacher.
What emotion should we be feeling now?

After 5 days…

I found myself in need of a twelve pack of Rolling Rock, so I loaded myself up in my Dodge Nitro and headed to Walmart. I found my parking spot out in the middle of nowhere’s ville, deep in the parking lot. Strolling up the lot, I passed a young man leaving the store. He made eye contact with me and with a nod of acknowledgment, we went along with our individual business…or so I thought.

I made my way to the back of the store, where the beer cooler was located and selected my drink of choice for the evening. As I rounded the end of the beer isle I noticed the guy that I had just passed in the lot. He was looking at some groceries. As I walked past him, feeling a little nervous about seeing him again, I watched him, watching me out of the corner of his eye.

Chalking it up to coincidence, I continued back to the front of the store and had a brilliant idea. I wanted a pizza with my beer. So, a quick left turn into the frozen pizza isle and I was deciding what pizza I wanted. As I strolled up and down the isle making my selection, there he was again. With short blonde hair and blue eyes, this man in his mid twenties was standing at the opposite end of the frozen goods isle.

Realizing it was more that coincidence and that he was following me, I started to think back. "Did I cut him off? He doesn’t look familiar to me." I said to myself wondering why he could be following me.

I made my way to the check out line, watching him along the way. I payed special attention to notice him walking back out of the store.

"$18.57," the elderly lady behind the register told me, bringing my attention off of that man and back to buying my dinner, "will that be cash or debit?"

Confirming debit I paid and headed out the door and back to my car. And there he was in his blue jeans and long sleeve t-shirt, leaning against the Red Box. "Damn!" I mumbled under my breath. "And there he is."

This time he seemed to be blatantly following me. Now, I am not a small guy, I go about two hundred pounds and about six feet tall, but his persistence unnerved me a little…no, a lot. So I picked up my pace back to my nowhere’s ville parking spot and he kept time with me. As I approached my truck I noticed he had vanished again. So, I hurried myself into my truck and locked the door.

Leaving the parking lot, I was watching out my rear view mirrors looking for my stalker and taking note of several vehicles that were moving through the parking lot out of an abundance of caution. I took special notice of a dark colored pick up truck and a grey Honda Civic.

With a left turn on to the back road leaving the parking lot, my eyes were glued to my mirrors when I noticed the Civic make the left turn as well. My heart rate increased and I felt down along the seat for my Louisville Slugger. At the end of the road I made my complete stop and had to wait long enough for traffic to clear before I could make the second of three left turns until I was home, that he caught up. I could see his handsome face looking at me as I looked back at him through my side mirror.

It was at this point that I felt it was confirmed that he was definitely following me. The traffic cleared and I stomped on the accelerator pedal. With the sound of squealing tires and a little smoke rolling off of one of them, I took off like a bat out of hell on to S. Line St. To my dissatisfaction, he again kept pace with me.

"I can’t let this nut case follow me home!" I said out loud as if someone was sitting next to me. "A plan, I need a plan!"

It dawned on me that there was a city park on the right about a mile or so and there were cameras all over the place. I decided that I would stop there and if he followed me I could, at least some what safely confront him. And as I feared, he stayed about two car lengths behind me and followed me on my right turn into the parking lot of the city park.

Knowing all of the lamp poles had cameras in them as well, I found an open parking spot near the sidewalk with a camera fairly close. I pulled into the spot, turned the car off and sat there for a few minutes devising my plan of attack. Then he walked by the passenger side door and off into the park. I let him get a little lead and I exited my vehicle.

Keeping myself about twenty feet behind him, I was building up my confidence to quicken my pace as he ventured off of the path, across the grass and into an old cemetery behind the Methodist Church.

"Fuck!" I whispered to myself as I followed suit.

He was already into the graveyard as I reached the first grave. "HEY!" I yelled as he turned his head while keeping his pace.

Closing the gap I yelled out again but he kept walking. Disappearing behind a concrete building about the size of a storage shed I thought to myself "This is not going to end well!" But I was already to deep into it to change game plans, so I followed.

Expecting him to be gone when I rounded the corner of the building, I jumped a little when I seen him standing there facing me. Deciding to jump on the offensive and with a deeper voice than I usually use, "Why are you following me?" I demanded an answer.

Taking the last three steps, there was about a foot of air between us and I noticed his nerves showing through those deep blue eyes. Stuttering as he started to speak, "I-I-I noticed you walking into Walmart with your hard on.", he responded very nervously.

Now, in a quick transition from the aggressive stance I started with, into a slight feeling of embarrassment, I spoke through a giggle. "My hard on? I didn’t have a hard on!" looking down at my crotch and noticing my fly was unzipped and pushed out slightly against the edge of my flannel button down shirt. I could see why it looked like I had a hard on the way it was pooched out just a little.

Not realizing what direction this was going to take, I relaxed a little from my original offensive posturing and my slight embarrassment.

"What the hell are you doing?" I snapped while stepping away from his hand on my fly! My eye’s super big, my mouth agape and my heart was racing as I immediately jumped back into my posturing. Realizing there was a little warmth growing where his hand was just grabbing, and denying the knowledge that my cock was reacting to this really crazy situation, he took another step towards me.

Immediately realizing we were out of sight of any of the park cameras, I started freaking out. Stepping back again, "W-what the hell are you doing dude?" I stuttered again.

"I-I thought you were hard when I seen you. I was curious." he stated with a shaky voice. "I thought… I thought you were reacting to seeing me!"

"Damn dude…" I started to reply but paused for a few seconds realizing that my rod was as hard as it could be stuffed in my bikini briefs and jeans, "I am not into guys!" I lied.

It was like he could see right through my very unconvincing lie, or the bulge now obviously pushing through my unzipped pants. As he reached out again, this time, I didn’t jump back.

I had been with a guy when I was younger, still in high school. However, that was a whole lifetime ago. That didn’t seem to matter at this very moment behind a tomb with a very attractive blue eyed man almost half my age. He was rubbing the bulge in my pants and my breathing was getting very heavy. And it wasn’t because I felt threatened anymore. It was what he was doing that was taking my breath. He leaned in until we were chest to chest and for the first time, I realized he was just a little taller that I was as he leaned his head down a little and put his lips to my neck.

I had given in and I knew it as I tilted my head a little to the right to make room for his smooth face. His mouth was now locked onto my neck, one hand around me and at the small of my back and the other hand was starting to find its way into my open zipper.

With a fleeting moment of nervousness, I looked around to make sure no one could see the show. I don’t know if I was relieved at the time or scared to notice that three of the fours directions were completely concealed from public view and the forth, it would take someone specifically walking through the graveyard to find the little cubby we had found ourselves in.

I was brought back into focus of what was going on by him unfastening my belt, my button and sliding my pants down enough to expose my cropped fuzz. He reached down into my lowered pants and slowly lifted my shaft out and into the evening air.

"Oh damn!" I exhaled into a whisper as he firmly stroked my cock. With my head now tilted back as if I was looking at the moon that was starting to glow in the sky, I whispered "I’m Aiden…"

Tim, told me his name in between kissing my neck and sucking on my ear lobe. He was breathing a little harder too. I felt inspired to feel his manhood so I reached out and took him in my hand through his pants. This only fueled my fire. Even though it had been nearly twenty years, like riding a bike, my memory on what to do was jogged really quickly.

I loosed his belt, top button and lowered his zipper. My mouth was watering as I dropped to my knees and breaking his grip on me. I kissed the head of Tim’s hard and exposed seven inch cut and beautiful dick while slowly stroking it. I knew exactly what I wanted at that very moment. I wanted to feel his cock push on the back of my throat the way Jeff’s did so long ago. I wanted to taste the saltiness of his sweat.

Opening my mouth, I wrapped my lips around his perfect mushroom head and licked around it’s rim.

"Mmmm" I moaned as I withdrew my mouth and moistened down his shaft with my tongue, moving around the base, over his thick vein and back up the other side. As I made my way back up, I opened my mouth wide and took in about three and a half inches of his rod, closing my wet lips around him as I moved back up leaving a glistening trail of saliva as I went.

Back down with my mouth slightly gliding through the wetness I just left, I put him deeper in my mouth and with some suction this time, I slid back to his head.

"Ahhh" he moaned as I took my third dive. This time with my nose right up against his bush, I got what I wanted. I could feel his cock down my throat. I paused there for about ten seconds while I moved my tongue around his base. And back up, following closely with my hand almost against my lips.

And then there it was. His pre-cum started leaking though his slit. I was transported back to my time with Jeff. The sweetness of his juice was amazing. The sounds of him enjoying my mouth had me so turned on I didn’t notice the cum starting to leak from my cock.

Pulling me off of his rock solid shaft, I was guided to turn around. And with a gentle nudge, I was on all fours. Feeling his mouth on my lower back, I could feel him messing with his pants with one hand. I assumed he was trying to pull them down over his firm round ass. His mouth moved down the few inches of my back and to the top of my crack. "Oh my god, he is going to do this…right here!" I thought to myself.

And I was right. With my ass cheeks in each of his hands, he was pulling them apart as I felt his tongue touch my pucker. "Ohhh" snuck out of my mouth before I could stop it as he invaded my rim with the tip of his tongue. My back instinctively arched as I pushed back against Tim’s smooth face.

He took the tip of his finger and in the spit he left around my hole, he slowly pushed the tip in just a little and I felt my cock throb just a little. Again, I pushed back into him and forced his finger in just past my ring.

Pulling his finger out, I felt a twinge of disappointment until I felt his warm wet tongue on my ass again. As he flittered his tongue on me, I felt his finger invade me again. This time, all the way in and I started wiggling my hips against him.

Moaning in rhythm with him finger fucking me, I felt him reach around and grab my cock and start stroking me. I was lost in the ecstasy of the moment when I felt his finger come out and a bigger mass taking up my space. Two fingers were now probing me while his other hand was stroking me…in the middle of a graveyard in the dark. "What in the hell is going on?" I asked myself to myself.

He must have felt my cock swell as I was reaching the explosion that he had been building up in me because he released my shaft and removed his fingers almost simultaneously. He must have assumed my hole was relaxed enough because within a few seconds I could feel his cock pushing up against me with his hand guiding him to his goal.

Slowly, he started intruding into my bowels and again. But this time he had pushed the tip of his head through my hole. My cock swelled to the point I thought it might split. With a quick thrust and a flash of pain, Tim pushed himself deep inside me. He paused with his pelvis against my tailbone to kindly give me a moment to accept the package he was delivering.

After a short time, I pulled myself up his shaft a little and pushed back down on him to let him know I was ready for him. And with his hands on my hips, on his knees behind me I felt him working himself in and out of me. Slowly at first but gaining momentum he was sighing and moaning with each thrust. So was I.

He removed his hands from my hips and I felt him dig one of them into my hair. Firmly pulling my head up and back I could no longer keep my noise at an inconspicuous level and the moans were escaping quickly and getting louder.

His cock rubbing at just the right angle across my G spot and I felt myself oozing out the pre-cum that would be the precursor to an exploding orgasm. I tightened my ass around his cock as I felt the starting throb of my cock. And again, another throb with the first squirt of unsolicited cum hitting the ground. The tightening and loosening of my hole with each following ejection of cum, along with the rapid lustful pounding he was doing put him over the edge as well because with about my third stream of cum, and with a loud moan from behind me, I felt him throb in me and cream my ass.

My cum was puddled on the ground below me, his cum was stuffed in my ass being held only by his now softening rod. He worked the last bit of his love juice out of himself with the help of my hole squeezed around him.

He pulled himself out of me and I felt his cum start running out of my ass and down my balls. The warmth I felt as his juices trailed down my body was sexy. It was a feeling I really liked. But while I was relishing in what had just happened and how fucking awesome it felt (after the flash of pain of course) I didn’t notice he was already dressing and walking away as he was fastening his belt back up.

I was on all fours, pants around my ankles with his cum running out of me, my mind reeling with exhaustion, pleasure and… I was now alone, in a graveyard, in the dark and watching Tim stroll back to the parking lot.