Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi Usaki Usagi,Yoru No Usagi,夜之兎,羽咲うさぎ

High school student, Amatsuki Iori who was summoned to a different world was continued to fight as a brave of salvation and as he was trying to save the world he ends up being killed by the companions whom he believed.
It was when Iori thought that he already died, but when he coming to his senses he was re-summoned to the future world.
As a brave to subjugate the demon king which his former self had failed to defeat back then――
Then, he notice that among the guys who orders him to fight as a brave, there’s a figure of his former comrade could be seen.
「……I will make you regret having betrayed me」
Then a girl who was the former demon king that want the similar revenge has appeared before Iori who was driven by his hatred.
The brave man who had abandon his ideal and did the second coming in this world will begin to move for sake of his revenge together with the former demon king.

Table of Contents