Mr. Yuan is Always Unhappy

By 徐徐图之

Mr. Yuan is Always Unhappy Chapter 2

Mr. Yuan is Always Unhappy Chapter 2

           Yuan Rui was very upset, Fang Shiqing held his belly and laughed.

            Zheng Qiuyang was a jewellery designer who worked in his own jewellery line. He used to be a straight man with a leafless leaf in his flower, especially like a big breasted girl. Now he was Yuan Rui’s boyfriend, and they are living together.

          “Where is it funny?” Yuan Rui yelled, “It hurts.”

           Fang Shiqing: "Ha ha ha."

           Yuan Rui: "..."

           Fang Shiqing tried his best to ask: "Is it uncomfortable ?"

           Yuan Rui thought for a moment, "A little bit."

           Fang Shiqing said with a smile: "Isn't that okay? It doesn't mean that he is not bent completely. Every attack is different in bed. You'll get used to it."

           Yuan Rui said: "...... oh."

           Fang Shiqing said: "Are you still sleepy? It is already noon, why don't I invite you to dinner ?"

           Yuan Rui waved: "Do not want to eat, I have to go home and go to sleep, let's make another appointment."

           After nearly thirty hours of not sleeping, he was already sleepy to the extreme, and had a nap on the road. When he got home, he fell asleep in the bed.

          When he woke up, he was quite a bit ignorant of the present day.

           There was a sound of water in the bathroom. He touched the phone and looked at it. It was already more than nine o'clock in the evening.

           The bathroom door opened, Zheng Qiuyang came out from the inside, wrapped in a black silk robe, the belt around the waist was loose, and the abdominal muscles were looming.

           Yuan Rui lay there motionless, only the eyeballs turned around, following him.

           Zheng Qiuyang took a clean underwear out of the closet drawer, stood there and was about to wear it, when he found a pair of eyes on the bed, watching him. He immediately threw the underwear away , diving onto the bed, and the mattress muffled a bang. Yuan Rui sat up in horror and shouted: "It's going to break!"

         Zheng Qiuyang knelt beside him, bouncing up and down, smiled and said: "No bad. Hungry?"

          Yuan Rui did not rest assured . He hammered the  mattress and confirmed that it was not broken. He said: "Have you eaten?"

          Zheng Qiuyang said: "Eat, went to my mom to eat."

           When he said, that he (ZQ) leaned forward, Yuan Rui was thrown on the pillow, and the two kissed each other.

           "I haven't taken a shower yet," Yuan Rui pushed him. "Go back to bed and go to sleep."

           Zheng Qiuyang smiled and said: "You don't have to wash, you are clean."

          Yuan Rui said : "Hey, you just finished washing. The water is still hot, you don't need to burn it, saves electricity, now get up."

         Zheng Qiuyang: "..."

         He rolled over and lay on his back, and below the soft silk cloth was raised into a small tent.

         Yuan Rui saw it. He felt a little guilty. Pulling the bedside drawer , he took out the plane cup and handed it to him. "You use it first, I will wash  quickly."

          Zheng Qiuyang did not pick it up, depressed said: "Too small, no."

          Yuan Rui had to put it back. This was bought for himself when he was single. Before he had time to use it, he and Zheng Qiuyang became a couple.

          Last time he let Zheng Qiuyang try it, a little bit forcefully.

          He felt that Zheng Qiuyang was not happy and didn't know what to say. He took the time to take a shower.

          Zheng Qiuyang opened the bathrobe to cool down his bird , a little depressed.

          When he got off work in the evening, he guessed that Yuan Rui might be home,  sleeping . So as not to disturb him, he didn't come back, and went straight to his mother to eat. It didn't go well, instead got another nagging by his mother.

         He and Yuan Rui had a good start at the beginning of the year. At that time, they came out of the closet. His mother was so angry that she passed out. She stayed in the hospital for a week. Until now, she did not accept this fact. She thought that it was only a moment of confusion, sooner or later. he (ZQ) still had to marry a woman and have children. Looking back, every time she heard about Yuan Rui, she would overtly or covertly curse him , and then say that Zhang’s daughter, Miss Li Qiao was very good, and urged them to go on a blind date.

        He still can't get angry with her. She was not at a good position. She had been entangled with Zheng father for decades. She lived alone in a small apartment. She was the concubine , no job, no family, only a son.

         He also didn't want to tell Yuan Rui about this. Yuan Rui was not aggressive to anyone, and he was afraid that he would be sad if he learned too much.

        Yuan Rui quickly took a shower, and did not blow dry his wet hair. He went to bed in a hurry, and sat down, wrapping his legs around Zheng Qiuyang's waist.

        Zheng Qiuyang: "..."

        Yuan Rui stayed for a moment and looked awkward: "How are you... soft?"

         Zheng Qiuyang: "..."

        His gaze moved down from the innocent face and fell on Yuan Rui's chest. The two round small fruits on the top, the color was light, the touch was soft, and couldn't even stand a slight simulation, extremely gorgeous.

         Yuan Rui was born in Taiwan. He had been on controlled diet for many years. He was especially thin. His muscles were trained under high pressure. He had the fine proportions that met a model's standards ,that is, long hands and legs, and the ratio of his shoulder width to waist was also very good. Naked body was sexy in particular.

         Yuan Rui said: "Hey ! It's hard again !"

          The next day, he was at home in bed, and Fang Shiqing called to greet him: "Are you resting? Our editor-in-chief told me to thank you, and said that his daughter likes you. Please give her your autograph."

          Yuan Rui has a weak voice: "Well, good."

          Fang Shiqing said: " Still haven't got up yet? Hey, pay attention to your body."

          Yuan Rui of course heard the teasing tone in his voice, a bit shy, said:. "That, that, ah."

          Fang Shiqing said : "Well, what? You got used to it?"

         Yuan Rui used his free hand to touch a little swollen nipple. He wanted to say something, but was embarrassed and hesitated: "Still, okay."

          Both the men gossiped for a while before hanging up the phone.

          Yuan Rui rolled in the bed, and there was some smell in the bed. He didn't feel embarrassed. Instead, he felt a little good, and his face was buried in the quilt and sniffed for a while. When he got out, he was a little oxygen- deprived. Feeling dizzy, he smiled to himself,  feeling very happy.

          He likes Zheng Qiuyang very much.

          He doesn't know if Zheng Qiuyang likes him, the same way he liked him; so much

        He had always been a hopeless person in love. He had been in unrequited love since he first started. He had liked several people. The other person was either a straight man or can't even look  at him. It's not because of ugliness, but because he was not like a zero.(1)   

         But he also doesn't want to grow to one meter eighty-nine ah ! He also imagines that he could be like Fang Shiqing , white and beautiful!

         He was so tall, he couldn't even see his legs; he was not white when he was born, and he couldn't bleach.

        The gay circle not only looked at the face, but also looked at the skin color, and looked at the height. The atmosphere was really bad. But if he could retreat, he would've left early.

       Fortunately, he met Zheng Qiuyang,who did not hold anything against his tall height , did not hold anything against him being dark.

        If he (YR) thought about it, didn't he (ZQ) just like rubbing his chest? He could bear with it.

(1) Zero- shou/ uke/ bottom . Contrary to it , 1 is seme/ gong/ top.

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