Running Snail Die Zhi Ling,蝶之灵

She falls in love with him in the most simple time of her life, as if falling into an abyss and unable to extricate herself. Secretly in love with him for many years and one short month of happiness become the snail’s heavy shell in the back, like being joined by blood vessels so it is difficult to let go.
She has been crawling forward with a heavy shell, as the person she loves most has never been within her reach. She forgets no matter how fast she runs, she is still a running snail who cannot keep up with the pace of time. There is a man who is willing to always keep watch over her and endure her snail’s pace. Whenever she turns around, that person will gently smile and says, it doesn’t matter, I’ll wait for you.
An unforgettable and memorable joyful childhood sweethearts. One who is cold and detached yet cannot hide the gentleness and tenderness. One who accompanies you from beginning to end, through rain and shine. When the shell can no longer shelter her from the wind and rain. When the heart string is once again touched by the gentle and soft gaze, how should she choose…