Final Days of Summer Masaki Hashiba (ハシバ柾)

A man, burnt out from excessive overwork, returns to his hometown to get away from it all. He soon grows bored and decides to visit a beach he used to play at as a child.
There he stumbles upon a man on the sand wearing strange clothes who speaks of even stranger things: he is at the beach to see the upcoming meteor shower, even though it is supposed to occur almost a week later.
But he finds a strange comfort in watching the sky at the mysterious man’s side and decides to return the next day to ‘wait for the stars’ with him.
This is just the beginning of a series of interconnected tales that span across time and space, and share a feeling of quiet peacefulness, like what you feel when gazing up into the starlit night sky. While reading these you may begin to feel there is more out there–and more inside yourself–than you ever imagined.