Rain Yoshino Takumi,吉野匠

Murgenia —a land from another world.
Yet to be influenced by the shadow of the Scientific Revolution, the people continue to pass down the ancient vestiges of magic.
It is a world ruled by sword and sorcery—
A long, long time had passed since the great war that had engulfed the whole land of Murgenia.
The fragile peace that had kept the balance in the land was now heading towards its demise.
Zarmine, a large country in the northern regions of the continent, had been reborn with the coming of her new king.
Unsatisfied by the small power he wielded, he now burned with a desire to conquer the world.
Under orders from the strongest king, the Dark Army invaded and spread the flames of war across the land.
Sunkwoll, a small kingdom located in the southwest, was one of Zarmine’s targets for invasion.
Her national power was not even a tenth of Zarmine’s. Morale was at an all-time low.
Furthermore, her current king was excessively favorable towards the nobility. The people had already lost their faith in him.
The end of the small kingdom of Sunkwoll seemed inevitable.

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Volume 5