The Overbearing Aura is Spilling Over 酥油饼

Temporary Synopsis (Credit to Scriptor)
MC transmigrated after a burglar broke into his house during the night. He happened to be a night owl and was on his computer. He yelled ‘fuck you’ or something like that at the robber before he got killed. XDDD
He transmigrates into the ‘first boss’ of the novel, a villain character. The villain is the son of a noble family and apparently is a good-for-nothing mischief-maker. His family is quite loving, especially his mother. His father is away at war. His elder brother died, but his body has been frozen by his family in the hopes of reviving him someday (cough, resurrection pill, cough). Of course, MC is determined to ‘fix’ everything since he doesn’t want to die at the protagonist’s hands…
Protagonist is very funny. One of the things he decided to do to be ‘good’ was laze around at home and listen to the gossip their servants make. XDDD
MC meets protagonist on the way to school. Protagonist is already blackened, so he’s very suspicious of MC.