The Overbearing Aura is Spilling Over Chapter 2

The Overbearing Aura is Spilling Over Chapter 2

Familiar with the situation (1)

Familiar with the situation (1)Familiar with the situation (1)

The setting of the book "Jue Shi Jian Xie" was like this:

There were two big lands: left side Shenjian Land and right side Wufa Land.

Shenjian Land had two empires: left side Tengyun Empire and right side Ziqi Empire

At the early stage of the story, only Tengyun Empire was available on the map, other places were hidden with fogs, even if the players used teleportation scroll, they couldn't warp to those hidden places!

What kind of people is Zhan Zhan?

To put it simply, he was a rich second generation.

Briefly say, he was an arrogant, overbearing, ignorant, lazy, extravagant bossy little kid.

In the book of "Jue Shi Jian Xie", his appearance wasn't much at all, but his influence was big each time when he appears. He mainly appears at the first one-sixth of the story.

Zhan Zhan as the main character of the early stage was satisfied in speed killing small bosses, all of the missions were completed with outstanding performance, he seizes every minute every second of his appearance with his low EQ and IQ to serve as a foil for the male main character's handsome and wisdom image.

His tragic started when he was addicted in monster fights, suddenly he had a whim and sent his partner to the Hunmo Forest to catch a high-level monster. Who knows that his partner lust at first sight and raped a lady, which caused the head of four academies, Taigu Academy in Shenjian Land being resentful to him and his partner, and even incurred the male main character Han Feixie's hatred towards him.

If a normal people encountered such incident, no matter how much he wanted to cover his partner's mistake, he wouldn't shift the blame to other people. However, Zhan Zhan wasn't a common people, he was set up by the author as a Small Boss, a super cannon fodder that eventually burns his life to serve as a foil for the male main character, so stupidity is a must!

Hence, he didn't blame his partner at all, instead, he took the whole responsibility, he even attempted to send someone to assassinate Han Feixie for a few times and tried to pressure Han Feixie. At the end, Han Feixie couldn't bear it any further that he took a whip and flogged Zhan Zhan till his skin was torn, then Zhan Zhan was thrown into a Salt Lake, at the end, he soaked inside and suffered in heavy pain and died.


Above was the information emerged into the new Zhan Zhan's brain after he knew his identity.

The information above was a little long-winded, he sorted out and summarized in one sentence:

This is a brainless trash that existed to be abused till death!

And this trash turned out to become he himself.


He must find out how much did the story progressed so far!

Zhan Zhan rushed and jumped off from the bed, hasn’t he ran far yet, a pretty woman wearing court dress blocked at the entrance.

"Your wounds haven't healed completely yet, where are you going to cause trouble again?" The woman unhappily glared at him.

Zhan Zhan immediately filed out the information of the woman in front of him—

Yun Wuyi: Tengyun Empire's princess, the current king's aunt, Zhan Bubai's wife from the god war family, Zhan Zhan's mother.

"Mother?" Zhan Zhan shouted tremblingly. This is the first time he had contact with human ever since he came to this world, he felt uneasy, as if there were uncountable eyes staring at him just to see him making a fool of himself, and laugh at him saying, you can act all you like, no matter how you act, we already knew that you are just a fake!

Yun Wuyi glanced at him and pulled him to sit down, she took the bowl from the maid behind her and put it in front of him: "Mother asked someone to boil the soup, drink it while it's hot."

Zhan Zhan drank the soup little by little as he tries to remember when did he got hurt.

He shouldn't have got hurt!

If this little ancestor didn't hurt anyone, people should be grateful to God, who else could've hurt him?

He tried to think thoroughly but still, he didn't get a clue.

Yun Wuyi sighed: "Your father hit you too harsh."

"Father?" Zhan Zhan patted his leg. Yes, of course! The whole capital, or should he say the entire Tengyun Empire, there wasn't any place that Zhan Zhan would scare of, only Zhan Bubai was his malignant star! Strict father kind mother, Yun Wuyi was his kind mother while Zhan Bubai was his strict father. Sadly, Zhan Bubai stayed at the border for a long term to defense the city, he didn't have time to educate his son, so every time he came back he would educate stricter.

Yun Wuyi raised her hand and gently knocked his head: "Why? Are you mad about your father?"

Zhan Zhan immediately shook his head.

Yun Wuyi's face turned dark: "He really hates it when you fail to meet his expectations. Your brother was versed in both literature and military affairs since he was young, he followed your father to the war when he was thirteen, while you, you were spoiled by mother."

Originally, Zhan Zhan had a big brother, all of his brother's condition was the opposite of himself, smart and covered with a lot of potentials, modest and polite, master of both the pen and the sword, top student in class, but he went to the war too early, which he had also lost his life so early. Because of that, although Zhan Bubai hated his son being incompetent, but in private he occasionally let loose of him, he doesn't dare to be too stern of his son, which caused Zhan Zhan became so lawlessness.

"Mother, I will reflect on myself." He said it earnestly. He must really change himself, otherwise, he'll lose his life.

Yun Wuyi laughed and thought he was trying to comfort her.

"Mother, do you remember that I had a people called……" Zhan Zhan tried to think of the partner's name that was sent to caused trouble, but he couldn't think of it at all, "He was very horny, and likes to rape somebody……"


Yun Wuyi slapped the table and her face immediately turned dark: "Your father was right! You really are getting worse and worse, what do you mean by likes to rape somebody? How come I didn't know that you had somebody like this? Fine, fine, I shall see, who's the one dares to do such dirty things as his hobby! I'm still thinking why you always liked to run into the red-light district, looks like someone must've taught you so! You better stay at home and reflect yourself, don't go anywhere in these few days. Let me clean off the people beside you!"

Zhan Zhan wanted to explain but when he heard that she wanted to clean off the people beside him, he thought that it was a good thing, so he kept quiet and acquiesced.

It seemed that Yun Wuyi spit out her anger in front of Zhan Zhan wasn't enough, so she ran out and spoke everything to Zhan Bubai.

In just awhile, Zhan Bubai brought a huge group of horses and people rushed into his house.

Zhan Zhan stood in front of the window looking at the group of people far far away, he felt that not only the people are tall horses are big, he can even see through their murderous intention, their gaze was as if sharp as a knife. He doesn't know whether if it was an effect written in the novel, but he knew that after glancing at them, his legs started to become weak.

The servants in his yard were called out one by one to be questioned, even their rooms were searched thoroughly, anything that is suspicious or dirty will be pulled out, at last, not even one of his servant could remain in the yard.

Once Zhan Bubai gets angry then it's no longer a trivial matter, he commanded his subordinates to whip the servants until their skin got torn, then he personally chosen eight people in the army group and raised his finger pointed at Zhan Zhan's nose: "All of you are his uncle, he is your nephew, I'll handle him to you, better teach him properly!"

After all, Zhan Zhan was the son of their marshal and princess, nobody dared to refuse, only kneeled down to receive the order.

Zhan Zhan said softly: "Wasn't eight people considered less?"

Zhan Bubai stunned for a while, then he coldly smiled: "Do you think they are at the same level like those trashes in your yard? All eight of them had followed me to the war and fought their aside with me, they are the warriors that contributed to the country! The lowest rank among them was at least a sword master!"

Zhan Zhan didn't find it surprising, he had a thought in his heart: what's the big deal of a sword master. Han Feixie managed to become a sword god at the end.

However, the progress of the story was still early, he hasn't died yet, Han Feixie was still an ordinary alchemist. Currently, the story was still in a primary stage where he can show off his eight sword master bodyguards.

He simply nodded his head implying that he agreed.

Zhan Bubai once again babbled him to teach him a lesson, looking that Zhan Zhan's attitude was still considered as proper, he only set him free and left.

After he had left, Yun Wuyi walked towards Zhan Zhan. Although she liked to spoil her son, but she never refuted her husband in front of her son.

She asked: "Is the person you asked just now called Qu Su?"

Zhan Zhan's raised his eyebrows: "That's right, it's him! Where is he?"

"Didn't you sent him to find some monsters? He has already arrived at Mapo City." Yun Wuyi said.

"Ah?!" Zhan Zhan blanked.

Yun Wuyi said: "I heard he is a high sword master, that's quite a capability he has, but with that kind of moral of his, it'll eventually become a scourge. I say we should find an excuse to take him out when he comes back from this trip."

Zhan Zhan felt like weeping but had no tears. Qu Su really is a scourge, or should he say a big disaster! But it's too late to stop him! What can he do? Don't tell him he really had to suffer the whips and soak into salt water till death?

Yun Wuyi saw his mourning face and thought he reluctant to lose his people, so she said: "If you need masters, I can just find one for you. High sword master wasn't really that good."

Zhan Zhan didn't really listen to what she said as there was something on his mind, he simply brushed her off then went back to his room and laid on the bed to think of a plan.

Looks like stopping Qu Su from doing evil deed was too late, the grudge between Qu Su and Han Feixie is unavoidable, the only thing he could do now is—

Take himself out of this!

Although Han Feixie was a ruthless person who seeks revenge for the smallest grievance, but he is also a reasonable person sometimes. If he acknowledges his own mistakes and shows Han Feixie his positive attitude, suppose that he won't become a cannon fodder in the future.

That's right! He had once read the book "Jue Shi Jian Xie" before, and now he transmigrated into the book, doesn't that mean he can see through the future already? How is it possible for him to not able to avoid such small matter! Sadly, the best weapon Han Feixie used to conquer the world "Tian Jie Shen Shu" was hidden in the chamber of Han Family, and it was taken by Han Feixie at the start of the story, otherwise the name "Jue Shi Jian Xie" might've to change into "Jue Shi Zhan Shen".