Akuyaku Reijo ga Yontsugo Nante Kitemasen!!! Aoto Riku,青杜六九

The girl who was reincarnated as the main character of otome game is surprised. The villain daughter who hinders her love, turns into a whopping of four people! Shouldn’t they be one?
It is a story of the sisters who were reincarnated in the same game. All four cause and effect of what will be frightening by the existence of hidden characters will live “life to not die” in the world of otome game. It is short stories which in 1 episode are 2000-4000 characters long.
Four sisters are relatively normal, but the capture targets is not normal in the overall fondness, metamorphosis degree increase.
I entered the academy, and the love element of the four sisters has also increased. The heroine of the otome game that tries to trap them is fighting with the force of the games.