Akuyaku Reijo ga Yontsugo Nante Kitemasen!!! Chapter 0

Akuyaku Reijo ga Yontsugo Nante Kitemasen!!! Chapter 0

Thank God!

When I understood that I had reincarnated, I felt comfortable ascending to heaven. Fluffy pink hair, lovely round blue eyes that change the color by that variation of light. Delicate limbs to the small and well-organized features. This is not the heroine. I say that this is not a heroine. My father is a baron who has a narrow narrow territory. He is a middle-aged man with good looks but no political power, though I expect to be adopted after he saw my magical talent. I think that I can be put in school as a special student, so I don’t have to worry about tuition since I’m good at light magic.

It is a love story of the protagonist, who is me, is loved by the super-class ikemen. For me to have a completed the ending and there still is the hidden character, I think that there is a little, no, a considerable advantage. It’s an easy victory

The otome game 「Eien Towa ni Kare Nai Bara o Kimi ni」 was set in a school similar to high school, and the main character, the daughter of a lower class aristocrat, is supposed to take the prince and the noble’s breath, but still was beautiful and did not say it. The voice of each character was lovely.

For me, it was not the prince who I would like to capture it was, that person.

If you can finally be happy at the end of the inverse harem, I’ll take anyone even Prince or tsundere or brain muscle.

   ◆◆ ◆ ◆

 That’s strange. When I did I get lost in the courtyard before the entrance ceremony of the academy. I wonder if the prince will not come to help me. The wind blew and the petals fluttered, and I thought it was a beautiful still, I have no choice but to go to the entrance ceremony by myself.

Oh, that child. A beautiful girl with silver hair. That must be Marquise de Hārleon‘s daughter, the villainess that interferes with me.…Hmm? There is also a silver-haired child there. Which one is it? The Magic, The Sword, the silver hair……. What do you mean?

New students are called by name one after another, but they are answering.

Are the four of you the daughter of the Marquise de Hārleon? Are you kidding me?

I didn’t hear about the four villainesses daughters!