Akuyaku Reijo ga Yontsugo Nante Kitemasen!!! Chapter 2

Akuyaku Reijo ga Yontsugo Nante Kitemasen!!! Chapter 2

「Danna-sama*, my apologies. I do not want my son to be injured anymore. Please let me take over for him. I will become a decent gardener.」

The gardener, Pekku, said as he bends down before his employer, Marquise de Hārleon.

「 Okay.」

The Marquis held his head and sighed.

「Your son, he’s years older, and I thought he was going to do fine.……」

The son of the gardener is ten years old. Two years older than Julia.



The Butler, John, opens his mouth to speak.

「I think it would be better for Julia to learn the basics of using a sword. And regarding the gardener’s son, I will abstain ojōsama* from doing anything like that again.」

「Well, I’ll ask my friend.」

「Very Well.」

When the Marquis told John to stop the horse-drawn carriage, he put on his coat and went to his daughters’ room.

   ◆◆ ◆ ◆

「Are you serious about learning how to use a sword Julia?」

「 I need a means of self-defense. I don’t think I have a sense of magic.」

Even the sisters could not deny this. The other day, the Marquis Hārleon hired her a private tutor but he was exhausted after trying to bring out her magic waves. Though at the end of the day, Julia did not emit any magic waves.

「I wonder if the magic teacher is going to come again?」

「He won’t be coming back because I placed stray magic on him when he left. Since he was saying outright stupid things about Julia.」


「It’ll be okay. It’ll wear off after a while. In five hours.」

「Five hours.……」

Julia cried. No matter how much she looks down on herself, the other party is a magic tutor who had thought that she should have considerable skill. After leaving the Marquis residence, the tutor will be lost for five hours wandering around in the neighborhood.

「That’s not it! If you’re going to teach me magic, you should at least be a better mage than I am. 」

「Yeah. The new teacher will surely teach you the magic. But… 」

「No sword?」

「Julia is the only one who wants to learn. I’m not interested.」

「Do you want to ask Otou-sama?」

「Yeah. I already talk to John about it.」

John was a butler who served Otou-sama, the Marquis. Because he is a man who always works side by side with Otou-sama, he is able to tell him that Julia wants to learn how to use a sword.

Before anything else, there was a knock on the door that soon began to open.

◆◆ ◆ ◆

「We’re heading out, Julia.」

「It’s Otou-sama! Yatta*! Are we the only ones heading out?」

Julia jumped on the bead exclaiming「Yatta! Yatta 」. Marina’s bed, decorated in frills was becoming undone in no time.

「Un. Marina, Alyssa, Emily will stay home. I’ll take them next time.」

Patting Emily’s head, he picked Julia, who was jumping on the bed, up, and left the room. Emily, was left with her messy silver hair and a slightly annoyed look on her face.

The three sisters were left behind and sighed as soon as the door closed.

「Wow, Otou-sama was pushy!」

As soon as Marina finished fixing her bed frills, she covered her mouth and muttered

「Uwah, it’s usually just an ikemen coming in for a short amount of time?」

Alyssa peeks out and asks the other two. Indeed, their father, was twenty-eight years old, however this was not visible to the four children. Whether it was something urgent, his clothes were a mess and ragged, the brownish-blonde, was a little disturbed, but also had a exquisite sex appeal.

「…… I’m glad he took Julia away, she was getting a bit noisy.」

When Emily sank herself in the futon, they said,「I guess.」

「But why is Julia the only one? I want to go with Otou-sama too!」

Alyssa had the same thoughts as her other sisters. They admit that they had also like the Marquis’s appearance, as well as his low voice that numbs them when he whispers in their ear. Therefore, it was a daily routine for Alyssa to be held on their father’s knees and had him read her books.

「Alyssa, you had him take her to the library the other day.」

「But, even though we were reading, something came up and we had to leave.」

The sisters sympathized with their father. Alyssa didn’t like to leave until he reads her the series. It seemed that he had a hard time taking her home.

「I thought he’d be mad because Julia turned the gardener, Peck’s son into her personal servant.」

Their Otou-sama, who came to pick up Julia, was far from being angry, he was somewhere happy.

「Well, if you say so…… Julia-chan didn’t wear a dress.」

「Are they going out disguised? I wonder what Mother would say later.」

   ◆◆ ◆ ◆

The Marquis Hārleon is doting of his beautiful wife, the beauty of this country, and his sweet daughters, who were just like his wife. Even if it is not a sincere “request”, it is not like him to ignore the request of his daughter. It was four years later that his second daughter Julia’s request came true.

「Otou-sama, Julia wants to be a knight. So, I want to learn how to use a sword」

he thought she would get bored soon, but it was quite difficult for Julia to get tired of practicing using a sword. It seems to be boring even if it is against the lower classes and the handpicked servent’s childern. She had been complaining that she wanted to fight against a strong opponent. If she was able to hurt the son of a gardener, it was time. The Marquis stroked the daughter sitting next to him in the carriage.


「Look, Julia. From now on, I’m going to my father’s friend’s house. They have a child of the same age as you, so get along.」

When she heard that she could make friends, Julia’s heart was palpable.

「Wow! I’m glad. Let’s play together as a knight.…… Oh, is it a girl?」

「Do you think I’d take you all the way to the house to see a girl?」

The Marquis Hārleon smiled.

「Well, is that kid strong?」

The Marquis nodded silently, and Julia’s face was stained with delight.

「Otou-sama, I love you!」

When he held Julia in his arms, the Marquard looked out the window and said they were close to the house.

1* Danna-sama -> Master
2* Ojōsama -> Young Miss
3* Yatta -> a cheer that usually means Yay or Hooray