Akuyaku Reijo ga Yontsugo Nante Kitemasen!!! Chapter 3

Akuyaku Reijo ga Yontsugo Nante Kitemasen!!! Chapter 3

In order to fulfill the「request」of his daughter, The Marquis had been consulting with his childhood friend, the Captain of Knights.(1) He was an ideal solution because he has a son a bit older the Julia. It was planned a while back, but the Captain suggested that they waited till the kids were a bit older so that they can be well aware that they shouldn’t inflict to much injuries on each other. However, Julia injured the gardener’s son and the other empolees as opponent, so Marquis Hārleon, proposed to Julia that they should meet with the family.

Upon arriving at Marquis Wilsord’s estate, they were confronted by two young boys.

No, one of the boy is a girl.

「Please take a look!」

Julia attacked Alex, the eldest son of Wilsord, and slashed him with a wooden sword. Her silver hair blew past her shoulders, riding on the wind. Alex was pressed by the momentum, but repelled it and took a bite out of a rice cake.

「What? The food is no good if it’s not in my mouth.」

While laughing happily, Julia attacked once more with her wooden sword however, Alex grabbed it and stopped her movements. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

「Oh my! I was caught off guard!」

Lifting his red hair up, Alex’s fighting spirits were shown through his golden eyes. Julia was confused, earlier his eyes had looked brown. 

「Where are you looking!」

Alex’s wood sword hits Julia’s shoulder.

「What color is Alex’s eyes?」

Julia, grabbed Alex lightly before pulling him closer to her. 

「I thought it was a beautiful gold.」

She whispered in his ear, Alex felt “tinglingly” to tickled. Off guard, he lost his balance and kneeled.

「Wha, what are you! … You have a beautiful purple eyes!」

He held his red blushing ears, and looked back at Julia.


「Do not whisper in my ear! I’ll get nervious」

「Oh, sorry, let’s keep practicing」

Alex nodded, and the two resumed their training.

The sun slowly fell, and in the garden, the shadows of the trees began to grow.

Julia and Alex, still fighting with their wooden swords, forgot about the passing time. 

Watching nearby, Marquis Hārleon and Marquis Wilsord sat on a table set prepared in the garden, looking at the scene of the two while being served tea by the maid.

「What do you think, Ernest?」

With a mischievous expression, Marquis of the Knights Wilsord, looked at his childhood friend. He had tanned skin with red hair reaching to his neck showing his wide shoulders. Even so, you can easily imagine a steeled body hiding in knight armor. He is a man who everday would train lifting up an iron chair with one hand instead of dumbells. 

「Are they going to turn into rivals, or does it look like something else in your view Wilsord?」

Oliver, the head knight, shoke his head. Rocking his chair back and forth, Marquis Harlion gruffled.

「I’m sorry. Just…」

「If you beat me with that chair, I will kill you」

「Sorry, I got excited. It’s been a long time since I seen Alex look so happy. 」

「Is it so? Maybe you should have more parent-child contacts. In the meantime, my daughters are holding my hand.」

Wilsord had envy Hārleon, taking the word right out of his mouth, the knight’s face turned stiff. 

「My son doesn’t have a chance against Julia.」

「Does he train every day?」

「Even so, look, you see, his feets seems to be tired, catching up to her speed is impossible.」

As he was told, Julia’s speed seems to be at odds with Alex. Even though their the same age, Julia is a bit taller then Alex, so her steps are more distanced.

「If she trains, Julia can become a knight as well」

「Of course, she has a good chance」

Marquis Hārleon nodded watching his daughter having fun and glad that he had brought her here. Calling her, he stated that it was about time for them to come home. The two stopped fighting and ran up to their fathers. 

「Are you going home already? I want to play a bit more」

Julia tugged the sleeve of his father’s outer garment. The Marquis stroked the head of his daughter, lowering his eyebrows, standing one knee and bending to make the line of eyes the same height.

「Did you had a good time?」

「Yeah! I want to play again!」

「Is that so? … Oliver, can I come over again?」

「Oh, come over again, this guy is pleased.」

When Marquis of Wilsord placed his hand on Alex ‘s shoulder, Alex looks up at his tall father and said:

「I’m glad I got a friend of the same age, Oh and a rival,」

◆ ◆ ◆

「Well, I had a good time today」

Julia fell asleep with a full smile, lying on the bed.

「How sly! It was only Julia」

Alyssa hits Marina’s cushion.

「What are you doing!」

「Because it was sneaky and crafty! I’d like to go out with Otou-sama too!」

「Alyssa always wants to go somewhere with Otou-sama!」

These are the only two people who want to go out with their father, the Marquis of the Hārleon. Marina refuses to go outside of the mansion expect when it was absolutely necessary to avoid runing into any death flags. Emily orginally was aiming for lazy, self staining life, so it is quite natural for her to stay inside.

「Don’t fight. So where did he take you Julia?」

Marina changed the topic, sitting between them.

「Ah, it was Otou-sama’s friend’s house」

「A friend? Another woman other then Okaa-sama?」

「No no, he was quite macho, and was sitting on a rocking chair rocking back and forth.」

Marina imagined a macho man sitting on a chair and sighed disappointed.

「…… brains, muscles?」

Emily wasn’t able to find joy in training and stuck her tounge out. Sunburned, athletic men were not her preference.

「I mean the Knight Captain, he was so strong!」

Three people stated at Julia with sharp eyes, however Julia spoke with gleaming eyes. Anger in in Marina’s eyes, a fear in Alyssa’s, and a color of disappointment in Emily’s.


Marina held Julia’s hand tightly so that she was unable to escape. Her purple eyes trembling with the sight of stabbing Julia.

「Wha-what is it Onee-sama?」

「Who was your father’s friend, may I ask his name?」

Alyssa hugs a big bear stuffed animal and alternately looks at the two before looking down. It was in contrast to Emily, who had no idea what was going on and contuined to watch.

「Marquis of Wilswood, the Head Knight」

「Hmm, so what did you do there?」

「I have fought someone with a wooden sword…….」

「You can not go there alone, the Wilsord family should have only one child who was going to oppose us.」

Marina had memorized the noble’s directory to protect her and her sisters and as a countermeasure against the, currently unknown, hidden characters.

「I met with the target, Alex.」

When Julia murmured in a small voice, Marina smiled an angel ‘s smile.

「Going to see the capture target……Do you have a death wish?」

(1) Uhh “Head Knight”, “Leading Knight”, “Commanding Officer”, “Leader of the Order of Knight”, “Captain” I honestly, don’t know how to phrase this….any suggestions? help? 

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