The Lone Star In My Constellation Xiao Li

Ten years ago, Li Ming Xing had left China, thinking that she would never return. She’d left behind the person she loved the most. She’d left behind the only life she’d ever known. All because of a broken promise. When Ming Xing finally does return to China, as a successful Journalist, she realizes that lots of things have changed. And the lover she’d left behind, Han Xue Zhao, is no longer the Arrogant Campus Heartthrob, but the super-successful CEO of the Han Enterprises which is among the leading conglomerates of the Nation. It’s only when she runs into him that she realizes she’s been deluding herself all these years, thinking that she’s gotten over him. Ten years can change a lot of things. Will time be able to erode a love that’s always been a bitter-sweet memory? Or was the tryst ten years ago just a passing one that had no real feeling in it?