I am a Bastard

By Sugar Daddy,甘蔗奶爸

I am a Bastard Chapter 1

I am a Bastard Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Father gave me a wife

Translated by JZDragon

My name is Li Shi, and I am a bastard.

Even my mother is anxious to take my life.

Oh, I should probably give some explanations to why this is happening. You see, when my mother was young, she was the famous beauty in our village. When she attended the county high school, it is said that her grades were at the top of the class, everyone in the village thought she would marry into the city and not have to waste her life soiling away in our little town.

That year, when my mother went up the mountain to cut firewood, her brilliant future was ruined.

On the mountain, my mother was raped by a drunken man, and then there was me!

At that time, the wind blew the scent ten li around, yet nobody in the village blamed the drunkard, but rather claimed that my mother was a seductress, and the rape was deserved.

This caused my mother to attempt suicide a few times, however she was rescued every time and didn't die. She was left wanting to die, but forced to live.

With no way to die and me in her stomach, she married her rapist, a rotten gambler, who is my father.

My father is also a bastard, the people who know him say so. I don't know how he hasn't been killed yet, but also somehow managed to pick up a beautiful daughter-in-law, resulting in the envy of the people. He would often use this thing to boast, never thinking how he ruined my mother. Seriously, what is wrong with this place?

His hand in life was too easy. My mother, on the other hand, was doomed to not pass her days well. My father never cared about the family, so everything in the house was due to my mother's efforts.

To this day, my mother's teeth itch, because for her, life itself is torture.

When I was still small, I knew my mother wanted to kill me. In addition to often beating me, she would always talk about how if she had died that year, she wouldn't have had to give birth to my bastard life. How I was probably someone she owed a debt to in her last life and was collecting that debt now. That the sole purpose of my existence was to harm her.

There were many times when my mother wanted to use scissors to stab me to death. Trying to eternally curse me with a fear of women, but ultimately she did not succeed.

Since birth I have only lived in the eyes of others as a target for bullying.

I am avoided by the village people, growing up as a little devil nobody wants. When I tried to meet with people far away, I would get caught, scolded and then kicked.

This sort of useless waste, even I felt that it had no need to exist in this world.

But I was desperate, not wanting to see old gramps Yama, I lived like weed, tenacious, and on the borderline of death, but finally I survived and grew up.

I am still alive, albeit still a bastard. Or, I was, until the day my bad luck was finally stabbed out by my mother.

It should have been on the twelfth lunar month of this year, there were finally some deviations in my pitiful life.

My father betrayed his heavenly poor luck, and on the New Year he finally won a gamble. He won me a wife…

At that time my mother was holding a chopper in one hand with my hair in her other, saying that my father lost everyday. This year we would definitely not be able to pass, she was ready to hack  my father and I, and then go die.

But then I heard my father won, my mother instantly smiled, scaring me to death, but I had just barely managed to keep my life.

The girl was gambled away to my father by his old unlucky ghost, the village head, old fart Zheng.

Old fart Zheng's daughter, Zheng Xiaoyu, was the best woman I had seen in my life. With a height of a meter seventy, oval face, willow eyebrows, and water apricot eyes. She had skin which was both white and delicate, her beauty could put up a fight with TV star Fan Bingbing.

I heard Zheng Xiaoyu had a decent life before, but her father was too poor, so he sent her out to work for a year.

Originally, she was the most beautiful woman in the surrounding villages, and after working for a good year she became more westernized.

When Zheng Xiaoyu came back, she was extremely famous. The village folk said she was wild, leisurely flirting with another village head's son Li Daguan, whom she hooked up with, it was said that the duo were having a secret affair.

My father and mother, afraid that it would just become a dream, hastily gave me the happy event. On the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month, Zheng Xiaoyu married into our house.

I knew the villagers were gossiping about it. How "Zheng Xiaoyu, someone as beautiful as a water sprite, actually had to marry the bastard Li Shi! Ah, how god has no eyes!" they would say, "Throwing such a beautiful leaf in nature into the hands of such a dirty bastard".

On the day we married, Zheng Xiaoyu had been crying, while I was smiling from ear to ear.

My dad's gaze was as straight as a flute as he stared at Zheng Xiaoyu with such intensity that even I felt trepidation. I had no idea what was going on in the mind of that man!

At the same time, my mother, who saw Zheng Xiaoyu's tender and beautiful face, seemed like she was in a trance, probably thinking about her own youth.

All the village people called me useless, saying that I was a weakling, a bastard, a waste, someone who couldn't proudly lift his head in front of a woman. Someone who would be alone in this life and never find a wife. But don't I have one now?!?! And a beautiful one to top that off!

In this life, I had never felt so elated before, never felt so great before!

Ah… Zheng Xiaoyu, the most beautiful woman in the village, someone I always felt was far out of my reach, someone I never thought I would even get to speak with would now be my WIFE!!!!

It made me feel like there was finally some value to living! Even if my mother stabbed me with scissors, I would be willing!

In front of the church, my mother called me aside to teach me how to sleep with my wife. It made me feel so embarrassed I wanted to die.

While telling me these things, my mother's eyes were very sharp, and this usually kept secret was completely different.

She even threatened to stab me if I was unable to even sleep with my woman.

Entering the nuptial chamber, I impatiently moved towards the bedside, where Zheng Xiaoyu was crying.

I am afraid of women, but I am even more afraid of my mother! I simply didn't have any thoughts in my mind, just like a soldier performing tasks, I charged!

Zheng Xiaoyu's body fragrance was so beautiful it set my blood boiling!

From that moment, I thought that I will no longer be afraid of women, I like Zheng Xiaoyu!

With the veins in my forehead popping, I jumped forward, thinking that this is the way a man should look! That is what I am now!

Today is a day when I, Li Shi, can also be a dignified man!

It is estimated that seeing me, any woman would have become frightened. Zheng Xiaoyu was so scared she let out a scream as I threw myself on the bed.

I seemed to be a like wild boar that had found a cabbage, lying on top of the screaming Zheng Xiaoyu, taking a bite. Zheng Xiaoyu's mouth tasted really sweet, made me wonder if she just drank sugar?

Then, an instinct hidden deep in my body seemed to have been awakened. I felt the indomitable spirit of a man spike up, no wonder everyone liked to discuss about a wife, the original feeling of having one was so good!

My hands did not idle, clutching onto that proud, raised soft mount, even covered in cloth it made my mind roar! This woman, she is mine!


I screamed, my mouth tasted blood. Xiaoyu, she bit me!

Then, Xiaoyu, who had originally been scared, curled up her legs and fiercely pedaled me in my stomach, directly kicking me onto the floor!

"You… You if you dare to come close to me, I will take a knife and stab you!"

With a face filled with tears, Zheng Xiaoyu managed to pull out a pair of scissors from who knows where! The red candles in the background seemed to be illuminating those cold eyes.

This is not what mother had told me!

A mouth of salty blood, lower abdomen filled with pain, and a sharp pair of scissors scaring me, left me helpless but unable to cry out!

It was as if a pot of cold water had been dumped on me, completely waking me from my reverie. In this life, the first time my head was rushed with blood also disappeared without a trace.

I felt like a demon seeing himself in the mirror, this moment had exposed it.

Zheng Xiaoyu, taking advantage of my churning moment, ferociously rushed at me and said, "Li Shi, you are a weak bastard! You will sleep on the ground, if you dare to come onto the bed, I will stab you!"

Zheng Xiaoyu's figure swayed in the candlelight, at that moment, she seemed to be the very embodiment of an evil spirit. My heart burst out trembling, at this moment, I thought Zheng Xiaoyu and my mother's figure truly coincided.

I am afraid of death, and I was pretty sure that Zheng Xiaoyu really dared to kill me. For the purpose of protecting my own small life, I could only nod and promise.

On that day in the twelfth lunar month, I shivered on the cold, hard ground. But in my heart, I was always thinking about what my mother had said, I am afraid that after dawn, my mother will really stab me.

I always feel that my mother didn't see Xiaoyu correctly. Her rushed viewpoint of such a perfect thing was instantly shattered.

That night, Xiaoyu sat on the bed crying till dawn, her hands never giving the slightest inkling of putting down those scissors. It was as if she couldn't even see me, like I was hiding under a table. However, I know, that as long as I dared to move, Xiaoyu would definitely stab me to death with those scissors in her hand!