Sanzen no Souru Supina Ayumu Roji,蕗字 歩

Ashley, the young holy knight whom was appointed the task of recapturing relics, meets with the Princess of night demons that was trapped in the Eternal Night, Shion, and the forgotten ancient Earth spider, Izuma. The spark from that encounter caused a flame that would change history. A powerful enemy awaits–Overlord, wriggling in an enormous conspiracy, leaving the heroes to rely on the manifestation of their own will, a “Spindle”. And, what will be the outcome of the repeatedly intertwined love, how will it conclude?
When the holy sword: [Absolute Rose] illuminates a tough path to the Radiant Soul Spinner, a “thing that spins souls”――Can the mystery be solved?
This is a tale of fantasy, while also at the same time, a sacrament of the “soul”.