Lost Phantasia: The World of Azuregard Chapter 2

Lost Phantasia: The World of Azuregard Chapter 2


~Someone’s POV (3rd Person)~

[Have you found them?]

He ask the maiden knelling on one foot in her front.

[Not yet Headmaster]

[Is that so?]

The man let out a deep sigh. Looking at him, he seems to be in his mid forties, but aside from his age you’ll notice his well toned body. The Headmaster massaged his temples and turned onto his back. He walk towards the bookshelves where a single photo lies.

[You need to hurry, we need to get to them before the sorcerer of the “Dark Clan” does, if they found out that a decent of a “Lux Clan” remains I bet that they will also look for them, understand?]

[By your will Headmaster. But Headmaster, are you sure that a decent of that clan still remains? I mean that its been a long time since their clan had vanished from the world of Azuregard, and why do we need to quickly look for that person? Is there something special to them? Are they stro—]

She was cut off from speaking when the Headmaster spoke.

[Just look for them please, a time will come when you’ll be able to understand it. The only thing you need to do now is to look for them and bring them here at the academy]

[Ye-yes sir, by your command, do forgive the discourteousness of my demeanor]

The Headmaster just nodded and again let out a deep sigh.

[…You don’t need to apologized, I know that you’re curious about their capabilities as one of the strongest student of this academy, you just want to know his special talent. But even if you possess a high authority, in this academy I’m still the highest. Your father asked me to look out for you while you’re here. But—]

The Headmaster then smiled.

[…Do not worry, he’s a good person]

Even if she has some doubt and innumerable question spinning around her mind, she decided to depart and completely disappear like a bubble.
The Headmaster again looked at the photo and he took it out. There were two male youths, their arms around each other’s shoulder, you can see in the photo how happy those two were. He sadly smiled while looking at the photo.

[…I think by now he maybe be in his teens? I promise you that I’ll look and will take good care of him… Cleo]

~Lark Veliche’s POV~

*loud gun shots*…
Tsk. It missed, Haaaaaaa…. How unfortunate that it missed.

I’m now inside the forest to hunt for a deer or rabbits for supper. I stretched my arms because I’m getting numbed for being on all fours for too long. I then stood up and walked toward a different direction. It’s been a while and I haven’t even caught any game and I’m getting annoyed caused of it. I was currently looking for a hiding spot when something rustle from behind me. Immediately I hided in the giant roots of a tree to observe. Luck seems to be upon me, it’s a white— wait its that a rabbit? A rabbit with an azure tail as if it’s blazing with a green or blue color?! I don’t care about that detail, what matters to me is to catch that and bring it back home later. I’m sure that that idiot will again tease me if I don’t bring any game home.

I aimed the gun’s scope and and had my insights on the surroundings. I can feel my heartbeat and now I can only my own beating is what I hear. Concentrate.. concentrate.. concen— trate… I slowly pulled the gun’s trigger. But instead of my gunshot, a mysterious light had quickly glided toward my location. I quickly stood up then immediately jumped away. The light hits the place where I was hiding before and to my surprise the part where the light hits the tree was totally burned and destroyed. Shit that was close, If I was a little slower then I will be mourned by everybody. I surveyed the surroundings where the light that came toward me came from.

[Show yourself! Who ever you are, what are my arrears to you, why do you want to kill me!? Answer me!]

I said it while yelling. I surveyed my surroundings, then I felt another ball of light going toward me and I immediately evaded it. Tsk, This is getting on my nerves! Who is this moron that want me dead? I went out running away from there, but I felt that I was being pursued by that person. I stopped and again surveyed my surroundings. I closed my eyes and sharpen my senses. The surrounding noise slowly disappear. I sensed every movement from everything, I can even sense the movement of small insects. I tried to feel the surroundings if I can sense some suspicious movements and after a short while I found where that person was hiding.

I immediately opened my eyes and faced the direction where the person who want’s me dead was hiding. I aimed my prosthetic metal hand and chanted a spell to summon my “Gun de Sol”. It’s a type of weapon that uses magic and absorbs the sunlight as energy. It was classified as a “Legendary Weapon”. I then quickly aimed my weapon and it then released an intense energy toward that person. It hit the tree where that person was hiding, then I heard a scream of pain. I went near the location where that person was and then saw that it was a hooded person.

[Who are you? Reveal your identity and explain your reason why you want to kill me!]

They weren’t able to immediately answer as they were enduring the injury in their leg. Because they were getting on my nerves, I aimed my weapon at them and it slowly started to gather energy.

[So you wont answer huh? Should I just kill you then in order to end this?]

I told the person in front of me. I was about pull the trigger but I then froze on the spot while my eyes are wide open because of what I just saw. A woman with chocolate colored eyes, high-bridged nose, red lips and most of all her green colored hair.

[Yo-you have green hair…]

I silently said, I know she didn’t hear what I just said. As if my surroundings just stopped, my heartbeat was beating strongly. I was dumbfounded at her and the only thing that came out of my own mouth at that time was…

[—The fairy]