This is the Lively Dandelion House ~Landlord's and Tenants' Rent War~ Prologue

This is the Lively Dandelion House ~Landlord's and Tenants' Rent War~ Prologue

Prologue, The First Magic is From a Job Ad

The Dandelion House… Seems to be anywhere, but is nowhere, an uncommon apartment.

In a rural town separated from the urban centre, a small girl wearing an out of season parka and putting on its hood stopped her feet in front of a bulletin board after finding a really deplorable with bad taste leaflet on it in the shopping district’s main street.

“Nii-sama! It’s terrible!”

“Silk, aren’t we, who are under the blazing sun, being adrift in the streets and drying up completely, the ones for who it’s terrible?”

“Look! It’s even more terrible than that time when a sexually excited amazon-ish Gorilla with golden hair worn up and arched back wearing a white kimono suddenly fell from the sky and gave a banana with pubic hairs to Nii-sama!”

When the petite girl called Silk put her hood down, the petty bourgeois striding in the main street… Especially the men, became temporary paralyzed.

Of course, their line of sight was gathered on Silk.

Look, if you listen carefully, you can hear it.

“Uoooo, cute!”

“I, I can’t stop drooling!”

“I could live with just her scent and three meals a day!”

Hey hey, you damn perverts, don’t look at my little sister-like with those eyes!

In the midst of these obviously dark beasts (people) was the fascinated Silk with her damp eyes transparent like sapphire.

Contrary to her flat chest, she was making an appeal to me “Here, look, look” using both her hands with perseverance, resulting in a lovely gesture not feeling unnatural at all.

Urgent Recruitment.

・Manager of the rent collection.

・In a dormitory, a six tatami mats room, toilet and bath separated, kitchen is shared.

・No age restriction.

Confidence in your efforts, energy and willpower is welcomed.

・The salary is a commission system.

“Nii-sama, a meal! We can get a meal. In that case, we have to do it! It’s rice, a residence where we can live in stably, it’s the chance to escape from poverty and hunger, we can say good-bye to the refugees life!”

“With this timing… Perhaps it’s another trap?”

To the doubtful me, she pressed her supple index finger against the tip of my nose and she expressed “I won’t permit such selfishness!” while looking at me with determination.

“Let’s go there!”

With a “Uun”, standing on her tiptoes, Silk stretched her height and teared off the recruitment ad from the bulletin board. Then pleased with herself with a complacent smile on her face, she hugged the leaflet tightly.

I sighed.

With a sadistic smile, I looked up at the sky and made a wish.

“God of Fate, please, stop giving us a series of disasters” (TLN: Literally Seven Misfortunes and Eight Pains)

As I was whispering, Silk suddenly pulled my hand.

“It’s a waste of time if you only think! Nii-sama… No, Rin-kun Nii-sama is a really careless and stubborn person but I will always be here. So let’s enjoy our life in a new work place with peace of mind from extreme poverty!”

“Don’t say things like the God of Poverty!”

“Please, don’t say such a rude thing; I am different from the God of Poverty who has no moral sense. My proper lineage is a God of Extreme Poverty”

“It’s the same!” (TLN: Rin speak in Kansai-ben when he retorts)

Is it fate, of perhaps it’s the prank of God… Thus, it has been decided that Silk and I would use this chance to settle down in the Dandelion House. Far from one or two peculiarities, the rent collection war against the tenants crossing over human intellect raised its curtain.