This is the Lively Dandelion House ~Landlord's and Tenants' Rent War~ Chapter 1

This is the Lively Dandelion House ~Landlord's and Tenants' Rent War~ Chapter 1

Perhaps it’s a Trap? Arrival to the Dandelion House and the Frogs’ Tune

By nature, no matter how you see it, I was a normal human.

However, I’m only a little stronger than an ordinary person, and have a relatively slander but tough body who can resist diseases and injuries.

And a beautiful girl’s face you wouldn’t think a man could have.

I was often accosted by playboys in the middle of distributing tissues on the arched bridge of Osaka for my part time work; receiving invitations from the sex industry is nostalgic.

Of course, I am a Japanese man! Because I have a girl’s face doesn’t mean I am homosexual.

Only a little, when I was troubled by the traveling expenses, did I do ×× jobs which I want to put away from my memory.

However, I was a slave.

When I was little I was abducted by a slave trading organization then was sold as a slave.

After being sold I received humiliation every day.

Then, I met Silk.

Silk is a companion from prison breaking that residence.

She self-proclaims herself my little sister, but she’s a reliable comrade.

Perhaps, from the day we decided to escape, everything was prepared to guide us to the Dandelion House.

“Nii-sama, the address from the leaflet, our new residence, that right, the nest where we’ll be child making is here!” (TLN: In the first chapter it was “Nii”, now it’s “Ani”. I prefer “Nii”, so for now I will use it. We will see how it is in the next chapters)

“Silk, is there a worm in your head which lack common sense? If you let it mature, your brain will melt and disappear”

“Gufufu, as one would expect from Nii-sama, an extreme sadist. Nii-sama suffers from the lolicon disease and is inhumanly sadistic. Now now, if you really want me, then as thanks I will give you my warm panties which have my scent”

These perverted thoughts from Silk didn’t start now, so I let it go lightly.

But even then, if there were 100 persons here, Silk’s perverted face was lovely to the point that those 100 persons would turn their face.

Her characteristics were a small build like a japanese a little below 140cm, and her black hair were stretched until her waist.

Her figure was disappointingly slander, one who could be called a child figure.

Even if she was wearing poor worn-out clothes, she didn’t lose her charm.

600 years old and a self-proclaimed God of pover… no no, God of Extreme Poverty.

Such a God was, right now, from the hole in the outer wall of our destination, the Dandelion House, “Hihihi… It’s the inspection of the enemy’s position, is there no bad child?”, peeping while making a daring smile with her mouth.

“Silk, I’m going”

“Uu, to leave your precious little sister like this, if you turn it the other way, it’s an affectionate neglecting play… Uu, this agony gives a somewhat pleasant feeling”

“As it is, you’ll die and return to the heaven”

Giving a sidelong glance to the agonizing Silk, the ivy plants which looked as if they owned the place greeted me as I stopped in front of the entrance gate.

Although it’s the countryside where the soil is in excess, a big one-story house occupied completely one area.

At one glance, the maintenance wasn’t thorough and it clearly looked like a haunted house with a fishy livelihood.


“For now, let’s push this dirty intercom which collected dust”

“Gununu, there is a paper above the intercom which says 『If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it』.It’s plainly suspicious” (TLN: Literally Let the sleeping dogs lie)

“Yeah, that’s right, I think it’s definitely a trap”

I agreed to what Silk said while nodding, then I took her wrist and hit the intercom.

“Unya! That bastard dislocated my index finger! It hurts, take responsibility and make me your wife!”

“Don’t worry, Silk. There are sayings like 『Pain is like love』 or 『If your head is hit by tofu, you will become a masochist』 which are venerable words. You just need to practice a little” (TLN: Not sure for the first one 痛い痛いも好きのうち)

“Re-really? As expected from Nii-sama, you’re knowledgeable. In that case, I forgive you”

What a simple fellow.

Then, under the blazing sun, I ended up waiting for one hour with Silk, listening to the “ribbit ribbit” chorus from the frogs living in the paddy field.