Murabito Desu Ga Nani Ka? Shiraishi Arata

Iijima Ryuuto was reincarnated into another world as Lute Macklen. The most appropriate occupation for his stature after reincarnation was a villager?! Even his house was just of a normal farmer and obviously poor. In this world where goblins and dragons exist, there was a lot of stories about adventurers and mages. However, here, the occupation of a person is greatly reflected in their status, Ryuuto could not really expect to be OP. This is a story about Ryuuto becoming the strongest, despite being a villager.
Alternate Synopsis:
Our protagonist was reincarnated in a world with goblins and dragons….but his optimal job is “villager”. Using the cheat “get one chance to redo life after death” he will show you what a villager can do.