The Black Cat Prince Kawatsuta Maki,河津田 眞紀

A story that started with an “I hate you,” and ends with a gentle “I like you”–
I’m Fiorentina Caramellat, an orphaned 16-year-old girl.
One of my pride and joys is my ability to heal any injuries.
I’m a little insecure about my red hair and eyes.
Right now, the Kingdom of Istrada, where I currently live, is in the middle of war.
Being gravely injured, I helped the enemy soldier, Louis, and set the wheels of fate turning.
Yes. All because I met him.
Bewitching, and capricious — like a cat.
Black-hearted, that person–
Oblivious do-M girl x wicked do-S prince, a seemingly serious love-comedy fantasy–