The Empress' Poor Quality Special Effects Sha Li Hai Shi,沙砾海市

Comrade Wu Sheyue, someone who excels in special effects makeup, makes movie props….and the logistics of a strong assassination organization.
One day, killed by the organization to be silenced and transmigrated into LongFu Country’s Prime Minister Manor’s silly and stupid Third Miss’s body.
Once she woke up, she finds out the mother of the body’s original owner has died and as a result the body’s original owner does not speak. Additionally, the legitimate and illegitimate sisters of hers everyday appears to have eaten gunpowder, and also the prince who comes to find fault with her, the black bellied wangye……. every one of them needs to be dealt with!
Doesn’t matter if in one’s own Prime Minister Manor there suddenly occurs a miracle, there’s still a bunch of green tea b*tches and white lotuses outside.
If there are no props I will make them, if there is no manpower I will make the move myself.
Don’t assume those evil-doers are fake, they really want a person’s life~