Master of Science and Technology

By Great Sleepwalker

Master of Science and Technology Chapter 3

Master of Science and Technology Chapter 3

Outside the great Mountain of Yu Qing, were four old Taoists. The head of the family Wu the Immortal. Next to Wu the Immoral is the old man with a crane-haired body. He is the only elder of Yu Qing dynasty and the only Yuan Ying Master. His name is Mo Ru and the signet on his jade is Hu Shan-the keeper of the Mountain.

Well-mannered and cultural, but useless in battles Jin Da Sheng, Another is an old woman named Luo Jin Niang, all of them are the masters of Jin Dan. They are heads of Yu Qing dynasty, representation of Yu Qing power, what a shame!

Thinking about the times, when Yu Qing dynasty was at its peak, Yuan Ying branch of the dynasty was providing powerful monks. Jin Dan masters were honorable warriors. There were thousands of disciples, and they also had thousands of disciples. The numbers of outside gatekeepers were countless. Immortals? Monks of Yuan Ying branch? There were thousands of them back in the past. But now, only a few remain.

Four people stood outside the big array, watching the fog rolling inside, with scared and unhappy faces. The strength is low, and the courage is small. In their view, no matter what changes have been made to the Great Seal, what is coming out is not going to bring joy and happiness to Yu Qing dynasty. 

However, at that moment, the fog in the big array suddenly split into two separated lines, and an ancient Taoist slowly came out of the fog. This old man was wearing a crown of Mo Yu, and black robs.

(Jahve:- Mo Yu= made of black Jade, the omen of bad times) 

Is he...?! The four people were stunned. Although they were countless decades apart from that man, they are his relatives.

When they first started to Lian Qi, during the worshiping of elders and stories about the glory of Yu Qing, they heard his name countless times.

One of the most indifferent paragraphs was telling stories about the times when Qing dynasty started to shrink, times, when the great ancestors created Xuan Yuan Dao (basically the Taoism itself -Translator's note) and the times when shocking battle affected the Yu Qing dynasty. Therefore, when they saw the person that appeared in front of them, they changed their faces, because the person is a legendary character of Yu Qing clan...

"Are you... Xuan Yuan the Creator?!" 

The four people did not have the slightest suspicion, not only because they had seen the portrait of him countless times, but most importantly, the soul lamp of the Founder had never really been extinguished for thousands of years.

Xuan Yuan the Creators old face changed, he was so angry that his image became as black as his robes. Wu the immortal and the others got scared, as they saw a Darkness itself! When Yu Qing dynasty started to decay, Jin Dan masters were Yu Qing's last hope! People were waiting for a great warrior. But he never appeared.

(Jahve:- Basically, the place where the new Buddha-like entity will be born)

"Speak, when I wasn't around, what happened to the dynasty?" Xuan Yuan's old voice was full of anger, and all of them could feel it. The sound was as loud as a volcano that was ready to erupt. Although he was putting in a lot of effort to sustain his physical form.

Thinking about the era in which the Creator came from, Wu the Immortal and others were not surprised by the attitude of the founder at all. The huge family fell apart like this, no one could ignore it! 

But the sins were made not only by Wu the Immortal and others.

The four people immediately fell to the ground and cried: "The disciple is guilty!"

Then, Wu the Immortal told him about the major events that happened in Yu Qing dynasty over the past 10,000 years. Of course, they were all brief, just a general description.

All in all, the history of Yu Qing dynasty for thousands of years is a tragic story of a skydiver without a parachute, a free fall event. Because of the heresy, because of the other clans' suppressions and exclusions, there were several splits in the main branch, the tragic results of the past were the key to Yu Qing's fall.

Xuan Yuan the Creator was getting angrier while Wu the Immortals spoke.

"If only I had a chance to go back in time when Yu Qing was prospering, I would find those who were guilty and vaporize them! I would take back everything I gave and everything I taught! I would kill those who did this to my dynasty!"

"You! The brat standing in front of me, do you belong to our clan or are you just a pathetic mortal?"

It is a pity that Xuan Yuan the Creator is the same as Yu Qing dynasty, weak and fragile. Xuan Yuan the Creator glanced at them. He knew that Yu Qing dynasty fell into dirt not only because of Wu and others.

"Hey, get up" Xuan Yuan the Creator sighed. He didn't say anything blaming.

When the four men stood up, they turned to the big array and said, "Kid, come here."

Wu the Immortal and others waited for the Creator's reaction. He is surprised that there is somebody else in the big array.

At this time, Ye Zan, wearing black nano battle armor, came out.

He originally planned to wear his mech suit to show off, but Wu The Immortal and others have destroyed the first impression of his magnificent hi-tech equipment.

 Xuan Yuan the creator's said: "I am spitting on your bloody turtle shell! Try to wear my spit now, you moron! You think you can hide inside this tank?!

"What does "spit on my shell" means?" Said Ye Zan.

"Gross, can you not be so disgusting?!

 However, Ye Zan does not doubt those words.  He knew that the power of the old man's words is probably enough to destroy the stars.

Therefore, Ye Zan took the mech off, and appeared in front of Wu the Immortal and others, wearing only a nano combat suit.

For Ye Zan, nano-combat suits are very common, but in the eyes of Wu the Immortal and the othersit was shocking. The nano combat suit is a composition of a bionic muscle group and an alloy exoskeleton. It has a built-in smart assist system and is powered by a micro-nuclear battery. 

Some of the external intelligent configuration appearances were gross in the eyes of Wu the Immortal and others. It is like seeing a skinned person coming over, but the body isn't covered in blood.

"This is my disciple. I found him in the outer realm!" Xuan Yuan the Creator pointed to Ye Zan and said to Wu the Immortal and others.

"Outer Realm"?!

Outer Realm is outside the realm of Shenhua, but no one knows which one. Just in this world, there are three thousand domains that are apart of Shenhua. Wu the Immortal and the others are stunned. It is impossible to think that Ye Zan is from another world!

After listening to the introduction of Xuan Yuan the Creator, Wu the Immortal and others quickly greeted Ye Zan, and shouted: "The disciple shall be called the Great Master from now on."

Xuan Yuan the creator's generation is too loyal, even if Ye Zan is his disciple, Wu the Immortal and the others should call him teacher… no, master... great master. They will call him great Master. Otherwise, Xuan Yuan, the Creator might kill them. This Ye Zan is familiar with Xuan Yuan himself. So, they should obey.

Looking at four people laying on the ground, Ye Zan felt uncomfortable. He quickly said: "Oh, please, please, how can you say that!"

In the world of science and technology, at least on the surface, everyone is equal, and there is no such etiquette of worshiping others. Both the old and young generations are not worshiping the elders like this, and not using worshiping at all.

When they stood up, Xuan Yuan the Creator said with a deep voice: "This kid will be handed over to you first, take good care of him. After I return to this realm, you will receive new orders. In addition, no one should know that I have returned! Understood? It shall not be publicized." 

"Disciple understands!" Wu the Immortal and others quickly responded.

Although Xuan Yuan the Creator did not say it clearly, Wu the Immortal and others saw that Xuan Yuan's condition was not good. They do not dare to ask what happened to him for the past thousand years. They also don't want to ask about that disciples' identity. Apparently, he has great power. Xuan Yuan the Creator said that this Ye Zan is his own disciple. So, in the future, he will be sitting on the Yu Qing throne, and Yu Qing family will be able to regain its strength.

"Go." Xuan Yuan the Creator said one word, and then he went to the big array. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared in the fog. Ye Zan was standing there, with a tricky smile on his face.

"Oh, great masters, please take good care of me." Ye Zan said with a smile.