Shoya Kara Hajimeru Ai Aru Seikatsu

By Sasakisaki,齐成琨

Shoya Kara Hajimeru Ai Aru Seikatsu Chapter 1

Shoya Kara Hajimeru Ai Aru Seikatsu Chapter 1

Shoya Kara Hajimeru Ai Aru Seikatsu

The Lovelife Starts from the First Wedding Night

A noble’s daughter, Francesca, was to marry Theobolt, a knight accomplished in literary and military arts. Married on the first day they met, they head towards their first night as newlyweds…or at least they were supposed to, but he told Francesca, “I will not embrace you.” Rejected without knowing why, Francesca was hurt, and with tears flowing from her eyes she took hold of a sword. “Then please allow me to crush that cock of yours.” This is a story of the very sweet everyday lives of a newly married couple.


One day, a pair of a man and woman got married.

The husband’s name was Theobolt Surogu. (1)

He is the eldest son of the Surogu family knight lineage, a portrait of a man with accomplishments equally in both military arts and literary, which managed being the commanding officer of the number one elite knight unit.

Black hair, black eyes, with an excellent physique and fierce looking features that gave a sense of intimidation, and also his character was a little stubborn in some areas, but his honest personality was endeared by both young and old, and countless young woman shed tears during the sudden betrothal talk  he didn’t even discuss romantically.

Third daughter of the Rosetta house, Francesca became the wife of such a Theobolt.

Blues eyes as clear as the skies and golden hair inherited from her mother. Her beautiful smile eased all who saw it, and ye, for some reason, the loveliness gave a childish feel. Softly smiling and swinging her hair brightens the surroundings like the sun; if it’s a man they’ll express a heated sigh, and if it’s a woman they’ll hold admiration to the female.

Admiring the pet cat’s appearance on top of her knees just like a painting, a bouquet addressed to her reached the Rosetta’s house almost every day, speaking of her till the engagement.

The awkwardly honest knight and the soft lovely young woman.

The couple appeared in the  word well matched, and the image of vowing together in front of a father, seemed to be just like a scene of a dreamlike tale.

For this reason, everyone celebrated the beginning of two people’s new lives, praying from the bottom of their hearts that both of the  families and the two people’s future will be prosperous.

Even if the day when they got married was their first meeting.

Far from exchanging word until then, they only even met  each other’s with portraits.

Including the uneasiness in Francesca’s heart, everything unrelated was suppressed in order to go forward with the bridal night celebration.

It is so that she’ll then be normal among the nobles.


She went out to greet the bridal night like that. Naturally, even if it’s the first time seeing each other, it comes particularly natural,since they’re a couple………it was suppose to.

At least, Francesca was determined. For the sake of that, she put on a brand new nightdress and also kneadily applied perfume on her body. So that they’ll may sleep nude she warmed the room only a little, she also burnt fragrance to make the atmosphere, and since she didn’t know how loud her voice would rise, she also shooed people out. Every preparation was exact.

But then of course, if such enthusiasm doesn’t reach sense to the husband, Francesca wrapped over her small body with a blanket while waiting for him in bed.

Her appearance is certainly ‘A wife nervous before the first night’. No way would anyone consider she’s pulling an eagerly waiting hand.

A matter of course she was tense. Even if she was taught from different seniors in life and was prepared how much in various ways, the act from there ahead is uncharted territory. Francesca, who’s a genuine virgin, better yet she hasn’t kissed with a man, there is no way she wouldn’t be nervous.

Therefore, I’ll entrust my husband to lead everything……..she considered that. It doesn’t matter even if he isn’t experienced, because if the husband is clumsy,’A unskillful person loves hard’ which also made her heart throb.

But even so,

Aah, but even so,

Theobolt the husband turned his back as soon as he got on the futon with a flop, and said only a single word, “Sleep.”

Francesca was wide eyed. Her head shifted once to the right, a second time to the left, tilted her head while a question mark floated overhead, and finally raised in a small voice,”Eh……?” But still, the back of Theobolt doesn’t follow.

“Um, Theobolt-sama…….”

“I am exhausted from today’s ceremony. You should also take an early rest.”

“Yes, but it’s bridal night………”

Saying so, Francesca extend her hands to Theobolt’s back and gently shook his shoulders……but she stopped and unintentionally withdrew her hand in a hurry, since his eyes looked extremely cold. Let alone withdraw, to escape his eyes she also pulled herself and took distance from him.

No matter how, those aren’t the eyes pointed to a wife. And, it’s on their bridal night as well.

“Theobolt-sama, because you and I are a couple……”

“It’s detestable, but I’m not willing to embrace you. Tell me if you don’t want to share a bed, I’ll lie down on the sofa.”


What does that mean? Francesca turns her eyes to his back.

“Um……perhaps, was this marriage reluctant?”

“No, I didn’t say that.”

“Is there another person you given your heart to?”

“There is so such partner.”

“Am I not worthy of embracing?”

“Nooo, it’s different.”

“If that’s the case, why won’t you embrace me?”

When given the last question to his reason, Theobolt’s answers suddenly stopped.

For some reason, or without a reason, he just didn’t want to embrace. Not being able to draw a guess to his thought’s from this very poor first conversation exchange just after they got married, tears gathered in Francesca’s eyes.

There is nothing more cruel than not embracing a woman on a bridal night, she heard so at a tea party.

Whether it’s a political marriage profit between the houses, even if having a child is the purpose of this marriage, no matter how much nonexistent love is there, to become a couple a man and a woman are expected to surely carry out the first night. Thus, she was told by the seniors in life that it was the way it goes and love was born from there.

“I was awfully nervous for the first night, but my husband treated me very kindly.”

“My husband was experienced from the start, since it was an intense nightlife. But, for the first night he kindly said,”It’s only you dear from now on.’”

“In my part, we both were nervous and it only was a great failure. Even now, I still laugh when recalling it.”

These girls were happy to talk about their bridal nights, and heartwarming to the point that you didn’t think they got married with meeting each other for the first time.

Therefore, surely when she also become like them, she thought that it would bring up love together with this honest knight. And, the first to that happy sort of future to Francesca, was to walk as a couple on this bridal night………

If that was to be denied, there wasn’t anything more miserable.

With a finger, she quietly wiped away the reflexive tears collected in the outer corner of her eyes.

When she once more turned around to Theobolt like that, his back was still turned with no sign that he’ll flip over half his body to face that way.

There also wasn’t a sign of hugging her close if there also was no sign of comfort with the words, ‘Don’t cry’on the contrary, as it was with keeping silent, it seems he’ll fall asleep in a few minutes.

Looking at his back, Francesca gripped her chest tightly. Grasping the thin nightdress that was prepared for tonight made wrinkles. At first, she intended to make it a light blue, but she got advice from a life senior,‘Bright skin colors looks beautiful’ and made it pink.

The made nightdress was absolutely necessary in hope he’ll think she was beautiful, and in hope he would cherish her………However, she didn’t discover his hobbies at most.

Several hours ago she laughed with a maid that it’s a strange story to dress up for the sake of taking it off.

He ruined everything.

Ridiculing at such expectation and resolution in a bridal night, and saying that you should sleep………

“I understand. Now then, please allow me to crush that cock.”

Francesca strongly clasped a fist, and in but a moment,the room went into a dead silence.

As one would expect, even Theobolt got up from something like that while looking slightly pale,”…….Francesca?” And―finally for the first time in this night―called his wife’s name.

But that doesn’t mean he hadn’t  heard it around, since it succeed to cramp his facial expression, but it was heard as unbelievable that thoughts couldn’t catch up despite hearing it.

But there also wouldn’t be a no way, after all, the single sentence that she shot off,

“Please allow me to smash that cock.”

It is that.

Once again, just to be sure,

“Please let me crush that dick.”

It was that.

“F, Francesca……what……?”

“It isn’t just pitiful that the likes of the wife has to spend a lifetime as a virgin while the husband is healthy. Therefore, please lose the cock for the sake of my honor. If my husband doesn’t have that function, then it will become the reason why I’ll spend a lifetime as a virgin.”

“W, What on earth is this conversation……”

“Now, please quickly spread your legs! Because I’ll smash it with a blow!”

“Wait! I request a moment!”

Francesca slides up a fist at the pale face of Theobolt, who retreats backwards to escape.

At any rate, Francesca’s eyes were a genuine sword in itself. Thinking of the time when he looked at the portrait’s gentle blue eyes that now is contained with vivid fighting spirit, even this veteran knight commander Theobolt, whom didn’t know how to show fear, had a cold sweat running along his back.

“F, Francesca…….calm down.”

“What should I hesitate about? Alright, I’ll call a doctor immediately. Since Theobolt-sama is a handsome gentlemen, surely you can endure.”

“……Miss Francesca, please calm down.”

“A wound on the husband and a wound on the wife, lets overcome this injury together!”

“Miss Francesca, I am begging you, so please calm down!”

To the force of Theobolt who seems to be even kneeling, Francesca also suddenly came to her senses as assumed.

And then, she felt ashamed of her own disgrace ’shameful appearance.’  She Blushed like a everyday charming lady in love.

……..The fist is still being held firmly, but Theobolt didn’t mind as much.

Still,they somehow regain their composure and sat on top of bed, facing each other.

“I mean, you don’t need to forwardly embrace me, Theobolt-sama……”

“A, Aah, is that so?…..Then please don’t make a fist at me.”

“Is something the reason?”

“……A reason? I cannot say……no, don’t establish a norm to my groin, since we’ll certainly talk about this sooner or later.”

“Sooner or later?”

“I beg you, not as of yet……”(2)

The voice of Theobolt, who muttered while looking down, is so small and feeble that it seems to doubt whether this was a brave general man. He should have heard that from any partner without even being afraid, but now his eyes turned away in order to escape.

What on earth is his kind of reason? Again, also thinking as a miserable wife that couldn’t get a confession, she clenched the robe tightly that was put on by Francesca’s shoulders.

The robe which Theobolt took off when it seemed cold. But, even such gentleness is no more than worrying herself to Francesca.

Who made it be cold?

Muttering so in her heart, she bit her lower lip to imagine the heat herself should’ve felt in his arms.

She was miserable like.

But still, she at least offered him the fist that she grasped softly. ―That moment, it goes without saying that with a start, Theobolt’s body trembled and he protected his crotch with a hand.

“……At least, a hand.”

“A, A hand?”

“If you said that you didn’t hate me, then won’t you at least sleep with locked hands?”

“A, Aah, I see.”

Assumed it wasn’t a smash, Theobolt breathed a little sigh of relief and clasped her hand.

Firmly, the thick, masculine joint. Wrapped up in such a big hand, Francesca’s eyes slightly narrowed with laying on the bed.

Naturally, it was useless to lie down. It was only sleep.

(1)(EN: This is just the most chuuni name I have ever read.)

(2)(TLNY: Probably has Erectile Dysfunction.)(E.N: countless brothers feel your pain Theo be strong be strong.)