Nanashi no Satsujinki wa Isekai de Kyou mou Warau Chapter 1

Nanashi no Satsujinki wa Isekai de Kyou mou Warau Chapter 1

Unreasonable Death

Sniper duty is assassination, covering their ally on the front line, or scouting the enemy territory, it’s a lot to do.

Which is besides scouting the enemy front line, and because it’s always affecting another people life it’s never easy but not for me, I’m always smiling.

the range is 1000. The criminal that standing up in the building is only 1 person. Looks quite coward because he always walking and taking a hostage with him.Wind speed that leads to the east is 4.

Then my handheld communication begin reverberating. Is the firing permission had finally given? I reply to the telephone call.

[thanks for waiting, I got the firing permission]

[You are late! Did you know how much I smoking!]

[Ara? Are you smoking?]

I lied about the smoking. It’s the custom to left the cigarette and sell it to the worn out soldier but, sometimes there is time that I want to smoking too. Because its looks cool.

[is it alright to shoot the head?]

[I didn’t take that permission. Can I request you shoot the shoulder?]

It’s nothing with this level of condition. With my arms,  and I had this SRR81+. I reply with roger, I begin sprawling and setting up my SRR or sura-san for the nickname.

[The timing for firing is from there. With 3 count, they will rush together with your shooting timing]

[Roger. Today too I depend on you sura-san]

I held tightly the bipods, I have to shoot with 1 bullet. My mission this time is basically shooting with only 1 bullet.

And if it miss… no,to basking with a nervousness is no-no.

I already know where I must aim, but while waiting my nervousness to go away, the criminal suddenly got up. Then when in the window he looks getting up, my count down begin.

My mouth shape become like a crescent moon, like fish mouth that had been hooked up.

[Count. 3, 2, 1, 0!]

Bang! The sound that irrepressible by earphone strike my eardrum.

The shot bullet, slip through the woman hostage and hit the criminal shoulder, it’s like being absorbed by the shoulder.

In that instant the riot police quickly seize the criminal. The movement is like an example of baptism.
[The impact had been confirmed. It’s beautifully shot straight into the shoulder. As expected Mechanical Soldier (read as Automata)]

Mechanical SoldierAutomata

[Please stop it. To call me with that name is waste]

I don’t like that nickname.

[Isn’t it. The second name that you really like is]

[Laughing Grim Reaper (read as Smile Reaper)]

Laughing Grim ReaperSmile Reaper)

As I heard that I’m smiling. Attached to my shoulder, the emblem of laughing grim reaper that look like it mouths will split apart is the cause of it.

it’s about the nickname but, it seems like my fault too. I should know my self-consciousness but…

From my colleague story, even in a dangerous condition, even when my close friend is dead I always smiling.

Even if it become rash I’m smiling. Then when I snipping my enemy, until the end of his/her time I take him/her to the next world with my smile. And there no more reason other than that.

Then with my love gun SRR81+ alias sura-san we’ve been together more than 10 years. (by the way, now I’m 17 years old). *you have gunning from 7 F***ING YEARS OLD!? S**T MAN, DID YOU SHOT YOUR FAMILY?!)

Fuu, I’m taking breath while standing up and suddenly it become cold. Believing my intuition, with all of my strength I jump horizontally.

Pissu and there is a bullet shot to the floor. I hid the portable communication in the cover to make report to my superior, but once again I feel chill at once from the portable communication position, I turn away my head and the blood thirst is from opposite of the sniping point.

While I’m thinking there are several person as my opponent, I jumped to the indoor. But before I’m entering the indoor, I’m witnessing something impossible.

While opening the door, I saw a small pattern that it will emitting a light.


I have a vision where that light will penetrate my head, so I enter the building at once while doing a sliding. As my expectation the bullet of light is making a passage on the last position of my head. After the light is lost, there is no sign of danger. it seems that after that 1 one shot there won’t be next attack.

(How in the world that thing on that place, I have to understand it now, if that light is the existence that like a sniper that mean…)

My though had been interrupted. My left thigh had been shot with that bullet of light.  That pattern had been made right under my body.

(It had a freedom to attacking from anywhere! Isn’t it a foul play!)

An impatience give birth to an instant opening. I miss the formation of the pattern right in front of my eyes. I can’t evade it. My thought had given a judgment like that for the last decision.

I try to slash the it with my knife. How to break the wall of pattern that can bend the bullet is to tear it to pieces.

(I’m finished. Is it no good?)

But, I still have my consciousness. How to break this pattern and make the bullet misfires.

(If it’s like that!)

I open the door vigorously and getting outside. Rather than in the inside of a secret room, if I used sura-san on the outside, my survival rate will be increased.

In the other word, it’s that. A typical aiming game. The target’s small pattern with 10cm diameter. It’s possible it can be formed in anywhere. There is no other way.

I’m standing up while bring sura-san to my shoulder. I didn’t talk about giving up, committing error, or anything else, just standing up.

[let’s go do it, Sura-san]

Than my mouth that always smiling become normal. And than my eyes become truly like a machine, the eyes with sparkling felt before already can’t be found. Only to become a full silent killing intent.

I feels passing through suji-san’s dark blue fiber. I don’t know what is this phenomenon but, right now I feels that I’m becoming one with sura-san, count this as unification.

I’m who inserted the magazine is silently sharpening my souls.


Shoot the target, for the shooting direction is 360°. Target is full of opening. I decide to break the standard of judgement in his head and make him giving up. I’m quite impatience. With intuition he evade the bullet, and even with his legs had been shot he’s still shown his smiling face, as a result it make me a little bit angry

But, it was over. His eyes already didn’t reflecting any vigor, only standing up motionless. With this the plan is complete.

I attack him with a soundless bullet, but he bring down his neck horizontally evading my attack. Again with his fortune. He’s still there motionless.  And I formed the next magic… but,

Bang! the sound reverberating, it’s becoming misfires.

The general idea of “magic” to become misfires is nonexistence. And if that happen what in the world…. no way!

Target both hands is dropped loosely and still standing upright, but the direction that he face is changing.

This time while I observe the target, I will attack him once again. And then…

With a great speed he pick up his rifle and fire it, shooting the 10 cm circle in the magic formation some time ago.

(What the hell! From the beginning of magic formation to shoot the magic it didn’t even take 1 second! And to shoot accurately!)

Even if I quickly formed another magic it surely become misfires. No, he obstruct the shooting.

(If it the case then this will e war of resource! And my bullet is infinity! And he must reloading his gun! And that is his opening)

But, whenever I attacking he is never reloading. Like always, with a no vigor eyes and an action like a machine he is defending my attack.

Suddenly, I feel chills on my dorsal muscle. I look him 1 more time and he’s still with his no vigor eyes, but his mouth split as if a hooked up fish.

Sweat begin to flow on my forehead. Even I swept the sweat again and again, it’s still dripping, I look at my hand while feeling irritated.

It’s red. (*So you had blood HUH?! People die when they are killed you know, hmm so the protagonist is battling a human? not a god huh)

From there I starting to know that I had been sniped.

(There are plenty that says about Smile Reaper)

I’m awfully calm and while doing a bitter smile I’m cut off from my consciousness. The last thing that I saw is a mouth that split like a hooked up fish, the face of a grim reaper.


I canceled the unification after the target died.

[Good work, sura-san] (*did you like good work, or otsukare, please comment)

fiuuuhh, I take a breather. It’s a quiet close fight. When the last time I had fought to the death. A bullet that coming from 360º gave me a tension that I haven’t feels before. And there’s an enemy that I didn’t know where he was, if I can’t deal with it, it will be endless.

But, I’m surpass it. I with sura-san surpass it.

My portable communication begins ringing while I basking with a feeling of satisfaction. Come to think of it, I picked up the thing I already forget that I dropped it and its a call from my superior. Maybe my superior worry about my condition because I didn’t response them even if it’s just a word.

[Hello, I’m sorry. I’m a little bit captured in….]

[so….to. i. ka………]

[I’m sorry. it’s mixed with noise so I can’t hear anything..]

No, if I arrange this word.

Quickly leave that place. (* in Japanese it’s hayaku soko o hanarete)

Isn’t it. But, I didn’t feel any killing intent? Rather than that, while I ‘m thinking about the enemies before, about his special ability information, I lift my head to look the sky.


Za,[A plane falling to your position! Quickly escape from that place!]

I lift up my face and there is a falling passenger plane in the sky that wasn’t there before.

I’m dashing to the emergency exit. No, it’s too late. Is what I feel, so I picked up sura-san and jumped from the rooftop.

When I fall, it feels like I’m in the time that looks slow but also looks fast. What is god doing to me, I asked that while doing a bitter smile. In this time too I’m still me. I’m still smiling isn’t it.

I don’t know what is god doing. I don’t think about that thing.

In an instant I come in contact with the ground. When I face the god I will pulled my trigger. I wish that this bullet will reach the god. (*or maybe shot through the god)

At least it’s done, it’s a long chapter

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