Nanashi no Satsujinki wa Isekai de Kyou mou Warau Chapter 2

Nanashi no Satsujinki wa Isekai de Kyou mou Warau Chapter 2

Standing in Another World

I’m already dead. Its the reality. I want to think that it’s just a dream but,

[This scenery is just like a dream]

When I open my eyes, I’m standing on the meadows. There is nothing on my surrounding. Truly unavoidable prairies www. (In japanese, www is grass or LOL)



I utter it with a sad feeling. It seems Sura-san had been died in that accident. My tears flowing as I recall it. *He really write it as a person, not as a thing, and yeah his girlfriend (sura-san) had been died

My combination with Sura-san had been more than 10 years. For me to standing here now is thanks to Sura-san too. To say that Sura-san not being together with me now is… I can’t stop my tears.

[When you woke up, I have been thinking why you suddenly smiling while crying, naa Master] *got youuu

[Shut up! Damn you!]

Is it substitute, but there is a little girl wearing a japanese clothes while she use Sura-san name. She called me master, but I’m not remembering ever employing her.

[Master, more or less I know why you have been surprised with my appearance, but I’m your beloved rifle SRR-81+ you know?]

[Like I believe it! Sura-san is matching with it’s black film and it’s a cool rifle!]

[So I had that image in your head…. Please stop smiling while crying..]

After I inhaled my dripping nose, I begin grasping my situation.

[Is this another world? I can’t believe it]

[Is that so? Maybe there is a timeslip before, for now don’t talk it to anybody]

Then, the wind begin blowing and the shaking grass making sound.


But, in the middle of it there is something else. It’s like a scream, it’s like the sound of war, let’s concentrate and pick the sound up.

[There are 15 people. There is 1 people that had been surrounded and the other 14 are attacking. All of them using iron sword.]

[As expected from Master, to know that far just from that sound… could we save her/him?]

[Let’s save him/her. He/she is the first human that we meet in this world.]

But now I don’t have Sura-san, it’s not like that I will fight in close combat without any weapon…

[Then Master, please equip me]

[Equip? What are you saying?]

[You don’t know about that too? Master, please say status open]

As I’ve been told, I’m saying status open. As I’ve been said that, there is a thin board showed up in front of me. This is the content in the board.


Name : No Name

Race : Human

Age : 17

Level : 1

HP : 50

MP : 50

Title : Nothing

Maybe to say it in single word, it’ a game. I never play it, but I had seen someone play it before. This what they say a RPG game.

[ I know that you want to admire that, but now there is no time for that. Please scroll that board horizontally.]

I scroll it horizontally and there is the equipment list.

[Please tap the main weapon. Then select my name as your main weapon.]

I tap the equipment, and there is SRR 81+ as my weapon choice. And then I quickly equip it. When I think that some substitute aircraft coming out from somewhere in the hangar, suddenly there’s a light from the girl beside me, starting from her legs, she is becoming lights particle and gathering around my body.

I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s shape become a little like rifle.

[It can’t be, things like that is…]

When it’s finished, no matter how you look at it, it’s SRR81+. Slowly from my eyes, I feels hot thing.

(With this, did you believe it)

[Is it… Sura-san?]

(Yes, it’s Master favourite SRR81+ for 10 years)

[Sura-san…. I….]

Now I’m feeling guilt to Sura-san, but

(What you have to do for now, it’s not that Master)

As expected, even it had a human form, even it could talk, it’s still my partner. I said sorry and smiled bitterly.

[One down. Target change from 14 to 13. Target distance under 300. Wind to the east 1]

(The bullet is from my MP so you don’t have to reload)

I said roger in my heart and putting up the bipod.

(First load complete)

[Please take care of me for today top, Sura-san]

(Me too!)

Together with her voice I pulled the trigger while smiling


It’s a pinch. I came here to subjugate goblin in the surrounding, in the begining I only hunt 3 goblin and it’s going well but now I’m surrounded by 10 or more goblin.

When my HP and MP had been depleted, the unmindful goblin begin to attack me.

[Wind Blast!]

With first level wind magic, a technique to hit the enemies with wind bullet, but because my concentration had been disturbed now it become sudden gust of wind that hit the enemy.


As the goblin faltered, I use that chance to hit it with my iron sword. Because there are a lot of goblin, I didn’t notice one of it approach me from behind.

(Chichi-ue, Haha-ue, please forgive me to die before you!!)

I close my eyes as the attack comes to me. But, no matter how much time passes that attack never came. A little late there is bang, a sound of explosion reverberating.


I open my eyes while feeling afraid, the goblin had been dead and its head had been pierced by something small.

Furthermore, the firing has been continued in no time, bang bang bang bang! While the sound reverberating, there are another goblin died.

bang bang bang bang!

(Wha, what is this magic?! When there is a sound, another goblin died?!)

The goblin become confused and try to run away but, they can’t. All of them that tried to run away, their head had been pierced from behind, the one that approach me too their head had been pierced.

With that spectacle, I become dumbfounded and I can’t do anything except standing.

Then, when the sound stopped, all of the goblin in my surrounding had died. In mere dozen of second, it was a miracle like event.




Bang the sound reverberating. As had been told by Sura-san, it seems that my eardrum had strengthened, I didn’t realize Sura-san’s loud sound when fired the bullet.


(Hit, as expected from master)

[There’s a leeway for me and Sura-san for enemy this level!]

As I command the equipment cancellation in my heart, Sura-san turn back into a little girl in japanese clothing.

[Then, let’s go meet the first human in this world]

[Un, let’s go]

As soon as I reach that place by walking, that girl didn’t take any single step from her original place, still in fall on her back position, and stared the terrible scene with her lifeless eyes.

[Ya, you okay? It seems a little dangerous situation so I helped you a bit]

She just stared into nothing and didn’t respond me. She had same age as me. From that battle, is it from noble family or a beginner commoner there is no different. Because she still didn’t recognize me, I try to touch her shoulder.

[Hya, wh, wh-what are doing so suddenly]

[Nope, I’m already called you, but… Are you alright?] (Want to write are you daijoubu? LOL)

[I, I’m okay. Thank you for helping me. Thank you]

To properly say thanks to me, what a good child.

[But, what is that? I never seen anything with that shape, then that magic is…]

[Rather than that!!]

Because it seems that she didn’t panic, I’m raising my voice, and she become timid.

[Rather than that, I want to get my remuneration for saving you]

[Re-remuneration? Ha! Wh-what do you want? I-I won’t give my body!]

[Can I hear the reason why you think that I want your body?]

[Because you are grinning, then you bring a little girl, then, I feel that you see me with such unpleasant eyes]

I hold my brow. Beside me there is Sura-san following me, she is near my elbow. Please leave me alone..

[I don’t need your body, and I need something beside money. What I need is information…]

What I need is a tension down for now.


[Yeah. We are a little ignorance about this world. Because of that I want an information even if its only a little bit]

[O-okay. I will answer as long as I know it]

[Is it okay we talk about it while I escort you to your home?]

[Yes, it’s okay… Forgive me for a lot of thing]

[Please forget it…]

It’s first for me that someone meeting me for the first time had a negative impression like that, so I feels defeated in deep of my heart more than I think.

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