Free Life ~Record of the Struggle of a Different World General Merchant~ Chapter 2

Free Life ~Record of the Struggle of a Different World General Merchant~ Chapter 2

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"…… Master, please get up quickly."


Inside of a room on the 3rd floor of a small house with a sloppily written sign that says "General Store: Free Life", right now, there was a man getting robbed of his irreplaceable warmth.

"…… Master, please come down to eat your breakfast. I cannot clean up until you do."

"Uuhh…. Give me back the sheets…… What time do you think it is……"

"…… It's already 9:00. It's past the time when normal people wake up."

"Saying it's nine in the morning…… That's when adults sleep you know……"

Swoosh! A shining white blade.

The sheets were torn off by the young housekeeper and, right now, the knife was thrusted towards a man named Takahiro Sayama.

Even though just this spring she reached the age of 20, she doesn't emit that middle-aged dreariness. Her hair was all over the place with cowlicks and it had grown out lazily to around shoulder level (probably because it was too troublesome to cut). In terms of what she wore, it wasn't sleepwear but a short sleeved shirt and some trunks.

The embodiment of slovenliness was now, with the tip of the girl's knife buried into the first layer of his throat's skin, raising the white flag.

"I got it! I understand! I'll wake up!! Geez…"

"…Is that so. Well then, I will carry off the comforter and sheets like this then. It'll smell if I don't wash and dry it."


I started to raise my voice to complain… but then the housekeeper's fast and sharp "I can easily cut off your head! Hahaha! What a disgusting fountain~!" knife made another appearance so I stopped. Everyone cares about their own life.

"…Well then, later."

"Yes, yes."

Quickly giving a bow, the housemaid left Takahiro's room. No matter how bluntly she dealt with the master, she more or less still has some manners. Putting her right hand on her left shoulder, and left hand behind her back then turning around and bowing. As always, an unusual bow never seen on Earth.

Right, "on Earth."

This is not the Earth that Takahiro was born and raised on. It's a different world "Earth." [1]

It has just been three years since Takahiro has fallen into this world that is very similar to Earth. One day when he was playing a Middle Ages themed VR game called <>, somehow he wandered into this world.

Different world "Earth." This world, branched off by the "possibility of another Earth" with magical powers, is the same established setting as <>.

People absorb magic contained in the atmosphere and living beings and level up. Through training everyday or assuming a job, skills are acquired. Thus, people protect themselves from ferocious monsters with their trained level and skills.

In such a survival world, Takahiro surviving up until today is probably solely due to his <>'s status adapting to "Earth."

Counter stopping at Level 250, even ordinary monsters attacking in a group would not give a single injury. Just by striking with a little strength put into it, monsters Level 100 or less would be blown into smithereens. [2]

Because of that, he was able to live until today, but――.

Since then it has been three years. Takahiro, who has realized that this is not a virtual reality of a VR game but a real world, sold some of his items on hand, and purchased a house. [3]

Thus, as the shopkeeper of "General Store: Free Life" now, he has been living by just barely scraping along in the Middle Class District of the royal capital "Gran Feria."

Even though he did various adventures around when he first fell into this world, due to a certain incident that almost caused him to die, "Humans, a peaceful lifestyle is the best" he completely became cowardly. For the time being, the signboard was hung, but "General Store: Free Life" wasn't a job that he was that enthusiastic about.

With the strength of Level 250, relatively anything could be done. Work, ~take on a job request occasionally~, have an afternoon nap idling about, or take a walk aimlessly around the market. While youthful at the age of 20, he should have been leading a life of quietness comfortably――but,

"…… Master. Today's request is, walking advanced district's Madam Harold's dog, middle class district's eatery 'Full Stomach Pavilion''s lunchtime assistant, and castle wall restoration work in the lower class district."

"Uoooooo!!? Why is there so much work!! I don't remember receiving these request!?

"…… I recieved them. When I entrusted it to Master, no matter how much time passes, Master would never go and get jobs, so."


Of all things, all were hard to refuse jobs. This small servant properly understood that Takahiro would refuse half-hearted jobs.

Madam Harold, the wife of a wealthy merchant, is highly prideful altogether in nature, so if she was refused, she would come to hate him. Usually she would walk her dog herself, but occasionally she would get tried and leave it to people (General Store, etc.). It seems like it's Takahiro's turn today.

If he refused to 'Full Stomach 'Pavilion''s job which is a three minute walk from here, he would not be able to eat food from that store for a while. It was cheap, large portions and delicious. Above all, there were little stores in the royal capital where cooked rice could be eaten. Takahiro uses it frequently. There was assembly nearby today, so due to the meeting, he heard that lunchtime would busy enough to die, but to throw himself into that is……

Castle wall restoration work, etc. were the country's important projects. The castle walls, that protects the town from monster swarm attacks twice, three times a year, would be easily damaged with that alone. The monsters, who are unknown when they might attack, will not wait for the castle wall restoration to be completed. If the urgent castle wall restoration construction work was refused on the appointed day, the government would keep an eye on him.

(…… It's useless, as expect I can't refuse……!)

It seems like even Takahiro, where giving up in any way is unbeneficial, cannot avoid work today. When swallowing the breakfast bread with coffee, clattering sounds were made and he stood up.

"…… Are you going out, Master?"

"No, it's not ten yet though? Lunchtime is from eleven. I'll be littering around in my room…… eek!?

Crack! Crack! When was it taken out? The servant took out the whip and striked the floor. Those pupils started at Takahiro without moving. From experience, if it he stayed her for another minute, he understood that the severe whip would make it that he would get get-well letters.

"I understand! I'll go! I have to prepare right, shitttttt!"

Takahiro thrusted in foot into the cleanly arranged boots at the entranceway (Takahiro's house is Japanese styled where boots are taken off after entering. The first floor's office is Western styled where boots are kept on when entering. Since he's a Japanese person), and a heavy sigh left him.

"…… Have a good day, Master."

"She let out an emotionless voice to his back.

It was the usual scene.

1. A long going concept is of this novel is that this guy slipped into a parallel universe called アース. Please take note that usually "Earth" is referred to as 地球. The whole pun and joke is that アース is read as how Japanese people say "Earth" in English and they he slipped into a different world called アース not 地球. I will be used quotes when the author doesn't use any starting with this footnote when he refers to アース and leaving it normal when he uses the regular 地球.
2. カンストした: This means "Counter Stop." If you ever remember a novel called "Kansutoppu," they explain the concept very well on their TOC that I linked. Otherwise, this basically just means the max for stats or levels.
3. House is referred to as 一軒家 which is a house, but often used when people divide their homes into a store downstairs and living quarters upstairs.