I Can't Write Any ‘Below the Neck' Love Scenes 古玉闻香

The man started kissing his way down his lover’s neck.
Xiao Shou: Don’t go below the neck! It will get locked!
The man stopped one inch below the neck.
Xiao Gong felt a little relieved. It seemed that one inch below the neck was allowed.
But Xiao Gong’s lips were stopped and went back to the original place.
No, it got locked.
Because of the rule that prohibited “any love scene that goes below the neck,” Ye Ming’s story was locked. Just when he was feeling quite depressed about it, his own manuscript that he was still writing suddenly rose up against him.
What the? The second male lead complained that the “action” was too slow and refused to play his role anymore? In a rage, Ye Ming decided to transmigrate into his own novel when he was given the choice.
He transmigrated into the home of the villain BOSS’s main henchman before the henchman turned evil. Ah, this henchman was so handsome! Feeling guilty at writing such a miserable story for this person who lacked warmth from his childhood, Ye Ming wanted to shower him with fatherly love.
The problem was, this cultivation novel that he had written suddenly turned into a BL novel, but the rule that prohibited “any love scene that goes below the neck” was still in force!
Note: In China, internet censorship is quite strict. Thus authors of the web novel websites in China cannot write any detailed smut scenes. If they do, their work gets locked.