Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 1

Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1[]

“UFO? Shooting star? Or meteor?”

Ahh don’t bring up such stupid questions! Wait, that was me that said it…

Whatever that is, the point is, something super weird was falling down from the sky.

And it hit me right in the face while I was sitting on a park bench.

Dang----- I am so unlucky!

Is this a gift from God?

If I use the word abnormal to call myself, that will be odder than odd.

Of course, as a student that always shows up in class, the word abnormal has nothing to do with me.

And I’m not telling you that I have been staring up at the sky while sitting in class and using one hand to support my head.

It’s not that I’m procrastinating, I’m simply just waiting for the class to end.

This is what I usually do in class ,no wait, not usually what I do. That doesn’t sound right, it’s what I must do, why do I need to be humble. If you somehow see me studying and paying attention in class, then I wouldn’t call it a reality but a miracle if I ever did.

In comparison, safely getting through life normally with leisure, I think most people will agree me.

I am no exception, living a normal life with no problems and stress-free as much as possible, it is the best.

“Nice weather…”

My name is simple, just like a normal name made up with four kanji, Azumabashi Jin-ichi (東橋進一). Not like those three kanji last name or three kanji first name, or even one kanji last name, like China. it’s just a normal two kanji last name two kanji first name’s kind of name.

And of course, the high school I’m going to right now, is just a very normal high school. Those expensive private schools can go die.

Although I know my family is not normal, I do think that I myself is a very normal person.

But, what makes me “proud” is that, my father is the CEO of a very successful company. You can say that he is very rich. But the sad thing is, my family is not generous about money, so that became my insurance of being normal.

And my dad didn’t send me to an expensive private school either, so I can proudly say that me, Azumabashi Jinichi, is just a normal and ordinary highschool boy.

The money I can spend is not a lot, but it’s still just a little more than that of a normal student, but I swear, it’s just a little, no way I can show off or buy other people’s lunch, because I am still “poor”. Well, in a certain way...

I don’t want to become famous and cause attention my way, so much so that people will say, “Oh, you talking about that one dumb person that got famous because they leached off their family?” type of person. I just want to be normal. So I actually yelled out something like “Normal saiko!” (Normal is best!) once in a crowd which was extremely stupid and contradictory to my beliefs.

In the end, because I did a lot of stupid things, I’m living a normal life.

“Ahh~The weather is so nice~”

Everyday is the same, living a happy school life, and I just want some peace and quiet.

“Seriously, if you are like this everyday, you can never be as successful as dad~!” a UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) next to me quoted, wait no, it’s just a thing.

And this thing is my sister. There might be people telling me that calling your sister a “thing” is bad or weird. But, this is something unavoidable, don’t judge her by how she looks.

“You might actually turn useless~”

Sometimes she is just horrible.

“I know, I know.”

“You know, I’m not actually caring about you, I just want dad to have an outstanding son~”

My sister has a natural loli body, and she has a very cute face. If only she doesn’t have such a rotten personality, it would be so much better…

“I think this is enough, I know that you are just pretending.”

“But I’m not pretending~”

“Being a tsundere is useless against me!”

This thing is actually an otaku, and surprisingly it has a lot of common interests with other otakus.

She just watches too much of those tsundere lolis in anime, that’s why her personality turned out like this, wait no, pretended to be like this. As a brother I have no way to help her, because I normally avoid her like a plague.

“Tsk, you’re no fun.”

Right, my sister’s name is Azumabashi Rin-ichi (東橋鈴一), she is my blood related sister. Is blood related bad? I tell you, I’m not a siscon! you will never find those forbidden incest sibling love stories here! Never!

“So Rin-ichi, how’s class, did you pay attention?”

If you pay attention to me and my sister’s name, you will find that both of our names have the kanji “ichi” (一) in them, I think it’s because our parents are still prepared to have more kids, that’s the reason. I guess if I have a new brother or sister, he or she might have the kanji “ni” (二) in it... Sometimes my parents just need to back off....

“Hmm, who was the retard that stared out of the window for the whole class?”

“Don’t change the subject around at me like this! Also how did you know!?”

My sister’s actually not the same age as me, sophomores’ classrooms are suppose to be downstairs.

“Please… Can you just go back?”

Rin-ichi really likes to come to my class, and also really likes to spread weird rumors about me that I don’t even know, this actually concerns me a lot, if she can change this bad habit, my popularity might not be this all time low…

As a person that have average looks and average grades in class, I make bad impressions on others from time to time (usually from Rin-ichi’s rumors). And I really don’t have many friends.

“Ahh, it’s late, I'll get going.”

Rin-ichi checked her watch, checked the time, and then realized that she has less than one minute before her next class starts. In the end she hurried out of my classroom.

“Bye… Sigh, finally gone.”

“Hey, you have such a cute sister being with you everyday, and you’re still sighing and not happy with it?”

“No, no, you know, the reasons.”

“Yea, I know I know.”

Sasayama Fuyuha (樂山冬葉), my classmate, also my best friend.

He’s popular, one part is because he is fairly good looking. He doesn’t look childish at all, just one look is enough to say that he is reliable. His appearance also makes the class thinks that “he is a good student”. Just standing next to him make me feel like my presence is a shadow due to his popularity…

“Well, being her brother must be tough.”


I laid right on the table. I’m sighing as much as I can, fretting about this unfair situation of mine to Fuyuha.

Fuyuha is the only person in class that knows Rin-ichi's real personality. I’m still not sure how the girls look at her, my relationship with the girls are not very good after all…

“But Rin-ichi is very popular right?”

That’s true, having a small body and a cute face, it means that she is a “loli” type in the otaku culture right? And she also knows very well how lolis act in animes. So she can be just like a present from God to them lolicons, but I know this is just on the surface.

Rin-ichi's hairstyle is actually the type that I like, long, but not too long, maybe just a little over the shoulders, next to her ears she ties a silvery-gray ribbon. I don’t really care that much.

The girls' school uniform is normal and doesn’t exaggerate. But the dress is not very long, just enough to cover the thighs. I remember that all high schools are like this. Elementary school is long skirt, middle school is middle skirt, high school is almost like a mini skirt. So it’s true that headmasters are all uniform-cons?

“You still remember that one time?”

Fuyuha smiled unnaturally, obviously he knows how miserable I was after “that” happened…

[If you want to go out with me, you need to get my brother’s approval first.]

I would’ve never thought, that Rin-ichi will say that to the guys that asked her out.

I also guessed the true meaning of this, because getting harassed everyday by guys is so annoying, she needed to share some of that feeling with her dear brother…

Wait, what was that? This mysterious feeling of horror…

Ever since then, I’ve been living a life of a fugitive in school. And I also learned how scary my sister actually is… though they’re all in the past now...

“Enough, stop talking about it already, I still remember it very well…”

Although it’s better now, sometimes I still get harassed by random guys. It’s so painful…

“So, how do you plan on spending today’s time?”

Ring ring ring ring ring----------

The school bell didn't give us any time for preparation, it just ringed like that, so every student went back to his or her seat. Fuyuha is no exception. But before he went, I said,

“I don’t know…”

“It’s late, you’re still going out?”

“Ah, yea, just taking a walk. I’ll come back soon.”

I like the feeling of walking at night. I also think that this is a good habit. Compare to staying at home doing nothing, I like walking more, the feeling of the night breeze is great.

If you don’t let me take a walk at night, I might get crazy.

“You’re talking a walk again…”

“Yea… If your brother doesn’t go out, he might die.”

“Really? Maybe next time I should try locking you in the house, not letting you out.”

Suddenly my blood pressure rises and my heart beats faster, if you don’t let me out I’ll really die!

“No no no… please forget that idea. Rin-ichi…”

“Just kidding. So, be careful.”


That almost scared me to death, if I am really locked indoor, my life span will decrease by 50 years!

Don’t talk about how an “older brother is actually scared of his little sister”, I have no choice. If I resist, my whole life is pretty much over…

I can only complain to myself…

“Dammit… Why was it not me that was put in charge of food…”

I think as a normal teenager, I should have enough nutrients. Yup, that’s how it should be.

“Dang, barely escaped again.”

Things like that have already happened multiple times before. Rin-ichi really likes to threaten me with food. And I was used by her a lot of times before. Like cleaning the house, which has pretty much become my daily routine.

Of course there were times where Rin-ichi was not in a good mood, the things I did for her… Better not talk about it…

“Peace and quiet feel so good~”

At night, there’s nothing here besides some noise made by cars.

I’m in a park near my house. It’s not huge like some American parks, just some trees effectively blocking out some surrounding sounds, it can get very quiet. So that’s why I always come here, and usually at night.

“This place feels the best at night~”

I found the bench that I sit on all the time, it’s in the deepest part of the park. I sat down and listening to the sound made by trees when the wind is blowing. I looked up at the sky and relaxed.

There’s not a lot of people at night here, there might even be none. And tonight there’s still nobody here. This park was originally made for children to play in. At night, the kids are gone, so this place has become a place of gathering for people that like to walk at night like me.

“So it’s 9 o’clock right now, right, I still have some time.”

But tonight there’s nobody around. It’s not because it’s late. It’s only 9 after all. “Whatever, being alone feels good too.”

Me, Azumabashi Jin-ichi has visited this place again!

My heart yelled out. You know, this park is one of my few favorite places to relax in!

“Normal saiko~” (Normal is best~)

I raised up both of my hands, did a stretch and looked up at the stars. The feeling of freedom…

“What is that…”

As I look up over head, my sight caught one of the stars getting bigger. I saw it as I was in the middle of my stretching.

“A shooting star?!”

I jumped up because of my reflex, then I realized that my surroundings were getting brighter. The park at night is as bright as noon, my surroundings filled with light.

“This is not real, right?!”

A shooting star is going to land here?! That can’t be true, right?!

Getting hit by a shooting star? The chance is about 3.3x10 to the 16th negative power, just hearing this chance feels like impossible, but I’m actually about to get hit. And this chance is just if the meteor is landing on Earth, if we’re counting the chance of a meteor falling on Earth, how small could this chance be…

As you can see, I am so unlucky!

As I stared at the shooting star, fear and surprise struck me, I can’t even move my own body to get out of this place. In the end all I can do is just stand there and wait for the shooting star to hit me.

Because of the light created by friction between the shooting star and air is too bright, I had to close my eyes…

And then, without knowing what happened, I fainted...

Rin-ichi’s point of view:

“Oh… There’s a shooting star landing in the park.”

Through the window, there was a beam of light shooting down from the sky, hitting right at the park.

“Stupid Jin-ichi can’t be hit right…?”

Jin-ichi really likes to go to the park near our house, he can’t be in the park right now, right?

“Well, Jin-ichi won’t be that unlucky enough to get hit by a shooting star.”

I think…

Whatever whatever~ Let’s continue to watch my thing~

“Right~ Let's just watch my ‘Xxxxx Kagaku xx Rērugan’~”

Why did the monitor just go black?

“What happened? What happened?”

Pressing the Start and Reset button does absolutely nothing.

“A power outage?”


My surrounding was completely black, not a single atom of light. Even the street lamp wasn't illuminated.


I vaguely remember.

Not long ago, maybe just a few minutes ago, I was standing in the park, and I got hit by a shooting star falling from the sky.

How long was that ago, I don’t even know.

I looked at my arm to check the time.

I can’t see my watch. Because it’s a fluorescent watch, I should be able to see it.

“What happened? ...Ahh?!”

A very soft voice, it’s like it was made by a young girl. But it came from me.

What happened? This was not my voice.

Is this because I got hit by a shooting star? Did it somehow mess up my vocal cord? Or am I not even alive anymore? Ahh ahh… Mom in heaven, wait no! My mom is not even dead yet!

“Hello hello, my name is Azumabashi Jin-ichi…”

The voice was made by me.

But the voice still sounded like a young girl's.

“Hey, there’s my watch.”

I see a glowing watch in the dark. So I reach out to grab it.

“Huh? I Can’t grab it?”

I can’t reach it somehow.

I moved my body forward a little, so I can grab it. Then I realized that I was sitting on the ground.

“What really happened, my body feels weird.”

Although my voice was still a girl’s voice, I couldn't care less about that right now.

I supported myself with my arms, and stood up, just to realize that both of my legs doesn’t have a lot of strength.

“Wha… am I exhausted…”

So I tried again. I barely stood up, and I can barely control my body, shaking left and right.

“Waa.. So bright.”

I think electricity came back, the street lamps were lighting up again, houses’ lights were coming back one by one too. Because of the sudden light, I can’t really open up my eyes, so I raised my hand to block my sight.

“This is…”

Getting used to the light, I can slowly see everything.

First thing I saw, was my hand.

But the hand was not the hand I’m used to. It looked like a girl’s hand.

What happened?!

My hand now is a lot shorter than my hand before, my palm is a lot smaller too. I felt very strange. Then my brain told me, this is not really my hand…


My attention turned to a strand of hair that was resting on my shoulder.

“This is...?”

I put my hand to the back of my head and I quickly felt the feeling of hair. Straight hair that is kind of blue. And it’s very long, almost to my knees. But I don’t remember letting my hair grow this long.

“Could it be that, I traveled through time?”

I looked at my surroundings, nothing has really changed. This is the park near my house.

“Uhh… Why do I feel like the bench has grown taller…”

Then I realized. Not only the bench, everything around me felt a lot taller. Wait no, maybe it’s not my surroundings that grew taller, maybe it’s me that got shorter…

“No way…”

I had a bad feeling. So I quickly put my hands on my chests.

“No… Way…”

Through my hands’ nerve cells, a soft feeling came in… First, don’t ask me why I had to feel my chest first, that has an irresistible reason. Although not big, but I know, this is something only girls would have.

Enough talk, today is my first day of touching a girl’s chest, well, although it’s my own. But, this also proved one point.

I have.

Turned into a girl…