Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 3

Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3[]


This time I don’t look bored, instead I look like I’m dying.

After experiencing the “Change to a Loli~ One Night Trip”, I was already very tired, now I’m experiencing “Get hungry! No Breakfast No Lunch No Dinner, ‘Stomach Dying’ One Day Trip!”, I can’t anymore…

“Ahhhh… So hungry…”

I’m hungry like a zombie, I don’t even know how many times my stomach has complained to me. There hasn’t been anything in my stomach for a long time, not even water.


I’m complaining from the bottom of my heart, the reason is because Rin-ichi didn’t prepare breakfast for me, not even lunch.

It is only morning, and I’m already like this. Don’t even talk about the whole day, I don't think I can even live past noon… I’ve finally felt how homeless people feel.


Whatever, at least I live in a family where I can never starve to death. I can endure a few days of hunger.

I can do it.


I can’t do it…

How is this possible! I’m a young teenager! It’s illegal to intentionally let an underage person starve! Do you not even care that your son is about to die in the hands of your daughter? Mom, dad…

Rin-ichi, do you even care that your brother is about to starve to death?



Rin-ichi has just appeared next to me and made me jump, again.

“You know how to read minds?!”

“Just a little.”


Jabbing at my sister has became my daily routine. Is Rin-ichi even tired of it? It’s like this everyday, I can’t even anymore…

“It’s already recess.”

And I was just lying on the table because of hunger, now it’s already recess.

“What? Did you hallucinate because you are too hungry, Jin-ichi?”

“And who’s fault is that!?”

“Looks like Jin-ichi and his sister’s relationship is as good as always.”

“Does this look good to you?! ...Huh?”

I just found out that a girl was standing next to me.

She has long hair, but it’s tied into a twintail style, and each tail has a ribbon tied on it. She’s just a little taller than Rin-ichi, but she’s also very cute.

She’s Fuyaha’s sister, Sasayama Yuka.

“So Yuka came too.”

“Yup, Jin-ichi-kun.”

“Tsk, your attitude just change when you saw Yu-chan.”

Rin-ichi turned her head, complaining because of God-knows-what reason.

“Jin-ichi has always been a twintail-con, right, Yu-chan?”

Rin-ichi and Yuka are best friends, probably because Fuyaha and I are best friends too. Because of that, Rin-ichi and Yuka’s relationship is really good.

And, Rin-ichi like to call Yuka “Yu-chan”.

“How can I possibly be a twintail-con!”

“If Jin-ichi is a twintail-con, then having this hairstyle is not a waste after all, heh heh~”

“I told you I’m not a twintail-con… By the way Yuka, is there a reason why you came over to my class?”

If it keeps going on like this, I don’t think it’ll end well, I should probable change up the conversation a bit.

“I actually came here looking for onii-chan.”

“Really, Fuyaha was like a completely different person this morning, he was spacing out from time to time, god knows what he was thinking about.”

When I said hi to Fuyaha this morning.

“Good morning, Fuyaha.”


Fuyaha is using one hand to support his head, staring at the blackboard, with his expressionless face.

“Fuyaha? Hello hello~”

“Ah? Oh hey, good morning, Jin-ichi.”

And that was 10 seconds later.

That reaction was very rare for Fuyaha.

Speaking of which, there was only one other time when Fuyaha was like this. That was when we were still young, I brought Rin-ichi over to Fuyaha’s house. That was my first time bringing my sister in front of Fuyaha, and the next day he was just like now, spacing out. But it wasn’t as bad as today.

“Is onii-chan still like that?”


I peeked at Fuyaha, he’s still sitting on the chair, one hand supporting his head, spacing out while staring at the blackboard. Seems like his soul is already in Las Vegas.

“Onii-chan has been like this since last night.”

“What happened?”

Can it be that, because I transformed into a loli last night, I ran to Fuyaha’s house, then Fuyaha just randomly started shaking. Is he having a rare disease?

No way?...

“Oh, it’s probably because there was a cute girl came to my house yesterday.”

What? It was my fault? I’m the cute girl she’s talking about?

“Wha… What cute girl?...”

“Oh, that, her blue hair is so long it can touch her knees, and it's straight too. She was very cute, and I think she know my brother, she also called my brother by his first name.”

Yup, she’s definitely talking about me…

“But how does that relate to Fuyaha’s condition right now?”

Is he allergic to long hair? …Yea, I don’t think that’s possible…

Maybe blue long hair? ...There can’t be such a weird allergy…

Allergic to lolis? ...when...There are so many lolis around Fuyaha, no way, no way.

So what’s the reason? Ahh I don’t understand…

“You don’t know?”

“Know what?”

Yuka looked at me with a face of surprise. It seems like I should know this. But I really don’t, Fuyaha never told me anything.

“Onii-chan… Didn’t tell you guys?

“Tell us what?”

Yuka looked at Rin-ichi, Rin-ichi just shaked her head.

There’s no leads to anything about this weird case. I’m just very confused right now.

“So he didn’t tell you… Well whatever, let’s just let him tell you himself in the future.”

“Oh… OK then…”

Rin-ichi answered that, I still don’t get it, what did Yuka want to tell us?

“Right, I won’t ask more then.”

Well, asking too much about other people’s privacy is not cool anyway.

“Oh no, class is about to start, lets go, Yu-chan.”

“Alright, bye, Jin-ichi kun.”

“See ya, Rin-ichi, Yuka.”



Dammit Rin-ichi, you came over to talk for the whole recess, and still didn’t even bring me anything to eat.

Oh God, please just let me live through today…

Lunch break.

Of course, this is usually my happiest time.

But… Now it’s the worst time.



My stomach is starting to complain again. But I have no way to satisfy it. I don’t even have a cent on me, so buying food from the cafeteria is impossible. Because this morning, Rin- ichi took all my money.

“I need… Fooood…”

Every other student brought out their lunch, bento or bread from the cafeteria.

The more I stare, the more I want to eat.

I’m about to die…

“Ah ah ah… Stop making sounds while you eat~”

The sound of chewing and swallowing…

“Ah ah ah… Stop letting the smell escape~”

The smell of foods and drinks, and that goddamn creamy smell made by them cream buns.

I can’t hold it anymore!

If this keeps going, I’ll go crazy!


I put my last hope on Fuyaha, while slowly staring at him.

Nothing has changed.

Fuyaha is holding his chopsticks with his right hand, holding his bento with his left hand, and doesn’t look like he heard anything.

“Ah ah~ Fuyaha, can you just give me a little…”


“Hello hello? Fuyaha~”


He’s still spacing out, he has became the god of spacing out, so he didn’t react to anything I said.

My only hope is lost.

Looks like I will die today.

I laid my head on the table. Trying to go to sleep.

“Excuse me, Azumabashi-kun, you want a piece of this?”


I pulled my thought from the hell of hunger. Raised my head, and saw a very good looking bread.

“Azumabashi-kun, didn’t bring bento today right? If you don’t mind, please eat this.”

It’s a clear and beautiful girl voice, so I looked at the direction of the voice’s owner.

She’s my classmate, Mukomi Natsuka (向日未夏果).

Natsuka is not like Rin-ichi and Yuka who have medium long hair, but has a long black hair just reaching her waist, and the hair on the side of her ears are pretty long too, you can say it’s very beautiful. She’s not as cute as Rin-ichi or Yuka, but she has another feeling of prettiness, so she’s fairly popular among guys.

“Oh it’s Mukomi-san, thank you, but I think it’s bad to take other people’s food…”

We don’t know each other that well, and Mukomi is also popular, if I take her stuff just like that, I might get killed…

“No problem, no problem, Azumabashi-kun is already very hungry right? That’s bad for your body, go ahead and eat it.”

“OK… Then I’ll eat it, thank you so much, Mukomi-san.”

“No… No need to thank me, taking care of classmates is… is very normal…”

For some reason Mukomi’s face is starting to turn red, and what she’s saying is on and off. I Don’t know what’s happening to her.

“You OK? Your face is pretty red.”

“I’m OK I’m OK! Ah ha ha… Ha, then… then I should go…”

Mukomi just ran away after she handed me the bread.

“What a weird girl…”

Never thought my class would have such a weird girl… But, who cares, she’s nice enough to give me food, I should start eating.

“Finally some food…”

I’m so happy, I think I can now survive a day like this…

School’s over~

All classes have ended, I’m finally free.

Although I’m still hungry, it’s still much better than during lunch.

Never thought I could hold out this long.

“Ah ah~ I should really thank Mukomi-san~”

Mukomi’s help really counts. it’s her bread that prevented my soul from reaching hell, or else I would have been discarded from this cruel world.

Thank you.

But the good feeling didn’t last long.

“Azumabashi-san, please come to the office.”


My class teacher looked at me with a smile, telling me that at the front door.

Did I do something wrong?

“Ah… I’m back…”

In reality I just got back to my classroom.

I got yelled at by my teacher thoroughly, the reason is because I had slept through the whole morning.

“I didn’t sleep, I just didn’t have any energy because I was really hungry…”

Complaining now is useless as there’s nobody in the room.

I packed my backpack, getting ready to leave.

The Sun was about to set, light was shining in the classroom, this was a pretty good view.


The time when my teacher started yelling at me was about 17:15. It’s good, I didn’t get yelled at for an hour…

But 40 minutes is still a long time…

“I should get some rest when I get back home…”

“Oh no, oh no… Huh? Azumabashi-kun?”

When I was about to leave my classroom, the door was suddenly opened by a girl.

Then I saw her face clearly, she’s the one the saved me during lunch today, Mukomi Natsuka.

“Mukomi-san? It’s late, did you forget something in class?”

“Yes… Yea! Azumabashi-kun… I did forget something. Did you forget something too?”

“No no no, I'm just done getting yelled at by the teacher…”

Nothing to be proud of, getting yelled at by the teacher, will anyone be proud of that?

“O… OK…”

“Yup, so, I need to go now. See you tomorrow, Mukomi-san.”

“Right, see you tomorrow…”


My surrounding suddenly started to shine.

“What… What’s happening?”

No, it’s not the surrounding that’s emitting light, the light comes from me.


Because of the strong light, Mukomi had to cover her eyes, but then she fell, and sat on the floor.

“Can this be…”

That I’m turning to a loli again?

And right in front of Mukomi?


It was a familiar voice.

“Are you Azuma… Bashi-kun?...”

Mukomi was staring at me, she could barely say anything.

“No… This is…”

I raised my hand again.

It was a strange yet familiar hand.

The long hair was dancing around because of the wind coming from the window.

“No… No way…”

Miracle happened again.

I have once again turned into a girl…