Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 4

Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4[]


Mukomi looked really surprised, her mouth was opened but she couldn’t say anything.

“Azumabashi… Kun?”

“No, no, this is…”

If it keeps going on like this…

Bad, no, it’ll be really bad.

This is worse than jumping off of the Empire State Building.

If this horrible horrible situation is a trick by God, then I’m sure God is not a benevolent thing.

“I’m sorry!”

I just yelled, then I grabbed my backpack, and ran towards the door at full speed. My hair also started dancing because of the speed. I’m sure I look anything other than good.

“Wait a moment…”

I think Mukomi just said something, but I didn’t slow down, and kept on running.

“Ha… Ha…… Ha…”

This body is too weak, I was already gasping.

That was super unlucky.

Not just normal unlucky.

Getting hit by a shooting star was unlucky enough. I even turned into a loli. After I turned back, I thought it was over, but now I just turned back again.

Unlucky unlucky.

And it was right in front of Mukomi.

Super unlucky!

“Where am I…”

While both of my hands were holding down my knees because of tiredness, I raised my head. Then I realized that I was in the school’s bathroom.

I was just running and running, I don’t know how I ended up here.

“Bath… Bathroom?!”

It can’t be male’s bathroom right?

I normally go to male bathrooms… wait no! I always go to male bathrooms, no matter how you put it I’m still perfectly normal guy, going in a female bathroom just because I can turn into a girl? Then I'm a terrible person.

“Hahaha~ And that too~”

“Oh crap…”

I can hear a male student’s voice, and it’s not just one. It’s from outside the door, they’re probably going to come in.

I have to hide.

“Speaking of which, I heard the shooting star landed in this city like, ‘shoooooooo!’.”

“I don’t remember it making a sound.”

I quickly hid in one of the toilet seats, and closed the door. I don’t think they spotted me.

I could hear the conversation between the two students, I think they’re talking about yesterday night. About the goddamn shooting star, I still hate that star from the bottom of my heart. If not because of that star, I would be enjoying my delicious breakfast lunch and dinner…

“And, they said they didn’t find any remains.”

“Yea, it was on television.”

“Could it be a UFO? On Earth? I also heard that an alien appeared, it has really long hair, but not very tall.”

I’m not an alien, and it’s not my fault that I’m not very tall…

This incident has probably spread out all over the city, TV stations are trying to earn money through this too. By the way I saw the park was closed down this morning. I think there were some professionals in there doing experiments. The problem is that the star doesn’t have any remains. A shooting star landed right in front of the eyes of a few thousand people, but no remains, departments related to this is probably really focused on it.

But, the victim was me…

“And, according to the internet, that alien’s height is very similar to that of a normal girl, and has very long hair~ She must be a princess from another planet~”

I’m a princess from another planet? That’s impossible. And, was there any pictures taken? Or else how did they find out my height and body size. When did they take them?

“I think it must be fake.”

Oh, I think I’ve heard these voices somewhere before.

And then, for whatever reason, I slipped.

Yes, very unluckily.



The door was pushed opened by me. And because of inertia, I had to run forward a little, and rebalanced myself.

But then, I have been seen by those two students, very clearly.

“This… this is the male’s bathroom right?”

“Uh, yea…”

Sweating, I raised my head and stared at both of them, then I realized that they are both students from my class.

Unlucky, too many unlucky things have happened one after another. Maybe I too have Imagine Breaker? (From LN Toaru Majutsu no Index)

And, it’s already so late, why haven’t they gone home already?

“Kind of short… Long hair… Could she be…”

This person is called “The Best Side-Character” by the whole class. His name is Kabasuzu Shizuhi (樺涼靜陽), this name doesn’t fit him at all, he’s not quiet (靜) at all.

After Kabasuzu said that, he actually started having a nosebleed. But he was just staring at me, he didn’t even realized that he was having a nosebleed.

“This girl is so moe…”

“Shizuhi, you OK? Your nose is bleeding.”

This is Kabasuzu’s best friend, what was his name again? Right… I don’t know him that well anyway, so who cares.

I just want to go home.

“I’m sorry!”

Just like before, I ran away again after I apologized.

“Ahh~ Her voice is very moe too~”

“She’s a strange girl…”

After I finally left school, I am on my way home.

The street I’m in right now doesn’t have a lot of people. And thanks to the sky that’s getting darker and darker, there are less and less people.

Unexpectedly I can finally have some peace and quiet.

After so many things have happened around me, I relaxed myself a little.


“How do I explain this to Rin-ichi…”

I moved my body around a little, lowered my head, surely this is not a body that Rin-ichi has seen before. This made me sigh again.

“Will Rin-ichi even believe it…”

Although my sister is a pure otaku, well of course I don’t dislike it, after watching a lot of those weird stuff, she can understand some of the abnormal things. But, who would believe that their older brother is a loli that’s shorter than them? I wouldn’t believe it, I’m sure Rin-ichi wouldn’t believe it either, since it just sounds impossible.

Well, maybe my clothes, or some of my belongings can convince her.

Oh by the way, my clothes after I transformed will actually become the size that fits me, but the design won’t change. And of course, I still have what I had in my pockets.

So that equals to, I’m wearing a guy’s uniform.

Thanks to that, the rate of getting stared at is 100% on the street. A part of that makes me happy, but another part just makes me want to cry.

Because young couples here would usually let their kids attend the high school here. The reason is because it’s close by, it’s convenient, and it’s safe. They saw a lot of the designs for school uniforms, that makes them know what kind of uniforms are for males and what kinds are for females.

“Uwa… I look androgynous now…”

With my appearance right now, I look like a girl however you look, but I’m wearing a guy’s uniform, and I’m a guy myself. That, unluckily, made the people start thinking if I’m even a girl… Ah ah ah~ I don’t even know myself!


Uwa? I have such catchphrase?

I can make make me fall for myself with such a cute sound! Did I do it on purpose? No no no, I haven’t fallen to the point where I’ll stare at the mirror and repeatedly saying “Onii~chan”, or just do those very “moe” poses, and get excited from saying “yamede~” in front of a mirror… That is impossible, I think I’m still at the stage of being very normal, although everyday I had to control my thoughts from the cute face of my sister's, I’m still just a very normal high school student, all I want is a normal life!

In the end I still walked back to my house, stood in front of the door, and didn’t know what to do.

“Normally, the smart move is to enter it.”

If I let my neighbors see me, they might think that I’m entering the house without permission, the police might be on to me. I better enter quick.

“I’m… back…”

“Is it Jin-ichi?”

I heard Rin-ichi’s voice right when I entered my house. When did Rin-ichi’s hearing get so good?


“Say something if you’re Jin-ichi… You are?”

Looks like I can’t hide anymore, Rin-ichi’s in the living room, looking right at me.

That’s right, Rin-ichi never saw me like this before.

“No… Well… I’m…”

“My brother’s friend?”

“Ah… That’s right.”

I ended up to be my own friend. No no, it can’t go on like this.

“My brother is not back yet, so please come in.”

“O… OK…”

Although this is my house, I feel very constrained…

Is it because my organs are different, so my feelings are different too?

It can’t be that complicated…

“You need something to drink?”

“Oh… Yes please.”

Since when have Rin-ichi turned this nice?

Normally, other than ordering me around, I had to do everything myself. Now she’s pouring tea for me. Is having a nice body and face that important? Was my face that bad?

Although I know Rin-ichi is this nice to pretty much everyone else, I’ve never experienced it.

You could say that, getting served by my own sister can never happen to me.

Was I too stupid?

Ah, maybe, people always say that I’m very slow.

“Why hasn’t Jin-ichi come back yet, it almost 7.”

“Ah ha ha…”

This is bad, this can turn really bad if I don’t come back soon...

Ain’t I already back!

But the problem is this body…

I accepted the cup of tea that was handed to me by Rin-ichi, holding it, I can feel the weight of the cup. My strength has noticeably decreased.

“Does he want to experience one more day of no food?”

Growl growl~


My body reacted itself when it heard the word food. I only ate a piece of bread today, that is far too little.

“Are you hungry? I have some food here, you need some?”

“... Yes please…”

There’s actually food. As a teenager that needs a lot of nutrients, I accepted without thinking.

Rin-ichi gave me a bowl of rice that was steaming. I starting eating like there’s no tomorrow when I saw such beautiful thing.

Ahh… First time thinking that it’s great to have a sister.

"Don’t eat so fast, I still have a lot. Looks like you’re really hungry. And Jin-ichi is not back yet, I was thinking to forgive him tonight and let him eat.”

Rin-ichi forgave me?

She really forgave me?

“But in the end he’s not back yet, and I haven’t eaten yet either…”

Rin-ichi hasn’t eaten yet?

This can’t wait any longer, I won’t be able to say it like this.

So I’m ready to tell her what happened to Jin-ichi. Even if Rin-ichi doesn’t believe me, I will make her believe me.




I got nervous at a moment like this? I suck so much!

“Yea? You want more food?”

“It’s not that…”


“It’s that…”

Come on, come on, I’m a man, I can’t get nervous right now.

“I am Azumabashi Jin-ichi!”

Ahh… I said it…

Why do I think that this is harder than asking someone out? Is it because I suck that much? If it’s really that, then doesn’t it mean I suck at having a relationship too…


“I’m saying, I am Azumabashi Jin-ichi.”

Rin-ichi show a face of surprise. She's not just surprised, but very surprised.

Who would think that a girl would randomly come to your house, then after she ate some food in your house, she told you that “I am your brother”. Stupid things like this, would anyone believe it?

“You’re my brother?...”

“Yea… Yes.”

But then Rin-ichi calmed down.


And showed a face of despise.

“You don’t believe me!”

“You do sound a bit like Jin-ichi, but, I will never believe that Jin-ichi has turned into a cute loli.”

Now that’s just hurtful… But I did turn into…

“But, I turned like this.”

I stood up, did a 360 degree spin. Showing Rin-ichi that this is not my body.

“I thought this was impossible too at first. It’s all because of that shooting star.”

“You’re talking about the shooting star yesterday night? So Jin-ichi really got hit… But, that happened yesterday… But..., but I didn’t see my brother… Is it really you?”

Rin-ichi is starting to believe it. Sometimes an otaku is easy to work with in a way.

“Yes it’s me.”


Rin-ichi suddenly jumped up, scaring me.



I answered instantly, this is muscle memory…

“So it is my stupid brother.”

You confirmed like this..?

“Well, whatever you turned into, in the end, you are still Jin-ichi, right?”

“Ye… Yes…”

I then have a really bad feeling about this…

This is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad.

“You dare to pretend as a cute girl, and ate right under my nose…”

This is bad…

“No food for you tomorrow either!”



Mukomi’s point of view:

Azumabashi-kun actually turned into a little girl.

What happened?

I don’t know, I have no idea.

Azumabashi-kun will turn back, right…?

I hope so…

Is Azumabashi-kun alright…

Rin-ichi’s point of view:

Stupid Jin-ichi.

Although I don’t know why he turned like this.

But, he made me worry again.

He was like this yesterday too, right?

Why didn’t he just tell me…

Stupid onii-chan…