Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 6

Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6[]

This is not normal, this is not normal at all, I told myself.

Whenever I think of my ability to “Change change change, turn into a XXXX”, I get goose bumps.

Ah, so scary.

I should just enjoy my life of a guy during daytime as much as possible!



Fuyaha appeared next to me, he looked just like the ghost from The Grudge (forgot her name), scared me again… Hey hey, why’s the word “again” in that sentence!

“Wha… What?”

Fuyaha has been acting strange for 2 days straight, so him just saying hi to me like a normal person is awkward. Speaking of which, what happened to him…


“Seriously what happened?”

I forced a smile. Fuyaha definitely needed help from me. Although he’s good at a lot of things, there are still some parts that he’s lacking at.

For example, women.

This guy can’t do anything about them.

Against girls.

“I looked for the whole night yesterday and I still can’t find it…”

“So you still haven’t found it huh… Hey, what are you talking about!”

So, he just can’t find something.

Although I don’t know what.

“I didn’t meet her…”


Didn’t meet her?

Her? Who’s her?

He is talking about her? A girl?

He went out at night, just to look for a girl, is Fuyaha’s brain damaged?

I don’t remember any girl that owes Fuyaha money… No no no, that is impossible. Fuyaha is not too nice to the point of lending out money to random people...

“What do I do? What do I do? Jin-ichi, I couldn’t find her anywhere. There’s no student information of her in this school either, so I went out yesterday to look for her, but I still couldn’t find her…”

“So I’m asking, who is that girl you’re looking for…”

No wonder why I didn’t really see Fuyaha that much yesterday, he went searching through student records…

Well, Fuyaha is pretty much a student council member anyway, so looking up the student record shouldn’t be hard at all.

Of course, this goes the same with Fuyaha’s sister, Yuka.

Is there something these two know about the school that normal people shouldn’t know about…

“He’s talking about the girl that appeared 2 days ago.”

Oh, me.

Wait! Why is he looking so hard for me!

“Wait, why are you here, Yuka?”

“I’m here too.”

“Ah ah ah ah!!!”

I fell from my chair.

In front of me is the sister who likes to abuse her brother, Rin-ichi.

Ah ah----------- I won’t live long…

“Jin-ichi, why was your reaction like this when you saw me?”

I sat back on my chair.

“Um, conditioned reflex.”


Pa don!

She made contact twice with me in such a short time, it should be very hard for normal humans.

Her skill level is God-like!

“Ow ow ow ow… Who would use a textbook to smack her own brother off of his chair!”


“Don’t say that like it’s a normal thing to do!”

My sister apparently doesn’t think that she’s a sister.

But at least she gave me a lot of chances to jab at her.

You can say she still has some good things left in her.

“I didn’t let you jab me on purpose~”

“Stop pretending to be a tsundere!”

I didn’t say anything.

“Ha ha~”

I just realized that Yuka has been laughing with her hand covering her mouth, it’s a very cute laugh.


“Jin-ichi-kun and his sister’s relationship is as good as always.”

“This look good!?”

Why do I feel like this has happened before… Whatever.

“Hnn, me and Jin-ichi’s relationship is not good at all~”

“I don’t even want to jab at you anymore…”


Once Rin-ichi appears, the atmosphere quickly becomes different, in a good way.

Rin-ichi can really change the atmosphere.

“Yuka, breasts… No! If you want to look for Fuyaha, he’s at…”

“What about breasts?”

No no no! That’s just a typo from the author, how does that relate to me? Rin-ichi why do you looking at me like that? Yuka why did you say that while smiling? Why why?

“No, nothing…”

Talking about breasts, lets just talk about it right now.

I looked at Rin-ichi, Rin-ichi too looked back at me curiously.

Undeniably, Rin-ichi has small breasts, enough said.

Yuka, is pretty normal sized.

“Yuka is actually a rare case that has a loli face with big boobs!” , that’s not possible. Yuka’s size is very standard.

Mukomi-san… About the same as Yuka.

Something like that.

“Where are you looking at Jin-ichi?”


Because I thought of Mukomi-san, so I looked over at her direction. Now I got yelled at by Rin-ichi because I was spacing out like that.

I just remembered that Mukomi-san actually saw me transformed before…


I forgot…

“You’re staring at girls again…”

“No! I wasn’t!”

Rin-ichi is still here, I should be careful.

“Onii-chan, still found nothing?”

“Ah, yea. Can’t find anything.”

Yuka is already talking with Fuyaha.

It’s the topic from before.

An incredible loli went to his house.

Hey… Isn’t that me…


Yuka looked a little down. She’s such as good example as a sister, so thoughtful of her brother, it’s rare on Earth now… The person next to me is a good opposite example.

“Huh? Looking for what?”

Even Rin-ichi asked about it.

It’s normal for people to be interested about things like this.

It’s just like who who who is going out with who who who.

It’s just normal human curiosity.

It’s normal, that’s why news can exist.

Right, our school also has a club called news club.

That’s a terrible place…

“An incredibly cute loli.”

“An incredible loli?”

Rin-ichi looked at me.

Hey hey. why are you looking at me?

I’m a guy.


Goose bumps…

“An incredible loli also came to our house yesterday~”


“What? Jin-ichi-kun.”

“No, nothing…”

Rin-ichi definitely did this on purpose.

With bad intentions…

She’s planning something, she’s definitely planning something.

This is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad.

This is bad…

“What? Rin-ichi-chan, please tell me what happened yesterday night!”

Fuyaha suddenly grabbed Rin-ichi by both her shoulders. With a serious face.

Fuyaha is full of excitement.

First time seeing him this excited.

It’s like getting told you don’t need to line up in order to get into Comic Market…

“Oh… OK…”

“Ah… That’s all I know.”

Although Rin-ichi said it on purpose.

But she didn’t tell them that I’m the loli they’re looking for.

Rin-ichi is still very cute like that.

Fuyaha just asked something about me, right, it’s my other form.

Things about my other form.

Like how I look, and my clothing.

And reached a consensus.

About why she was in my house (this was a little hard), Rin-ichi said she’s our faraway relative.


“Will she come tonight too?”

“Yea, she will.”


I know why Fuyaha asked this.

“Then would you mind if I come over tonight?”

“No problem.”

This is just sad.

“Will Yuka come too?”

I asked.


Yuka smiled.

That means.

Fuyaha is coming over tonight.

Yuka is coming too.


I should prepare something for them then.

I should think about it.

I really shouldn’t!

I have to appear in front of Fuyaha and Yuka again in that form…

I can’t…

No, I don’t want to face anymore people in that form.

I hope I won’t get turned again…

Rin-ichi and Yuka went back to their classroom.

Because class already started.



I forgot to ask for food again…

Ah, I held out like this till lunch time.

Am I hoping for someone to give me bread again?

Of course.

But, hoping for Mukomi-san to give it again, I think that’s impossible.

Because she saw something.

Something about me.

You can say it’s a secret.

It just can’t be told to anyone.

I hope Mukomi-san won’t tell anyone.

I held out till lunch with that thought.

This is hard…

So you can say this is not just hunger, but super hunger…

I haven't eaten a normal meal after all the strange things happened, this is too cruel!

I don’t even care anymore if I could have breakfast or not.

But telling me “because I didn’t make Jin-ichi’s breakfast, I forgot to make you lunch too”.

What kind of excuse is that!

This is just telling me that I can’t have lunch!

This is too cruel…

“I now live my life through hunger…”

If I’m full one day, then that’ll be a miracle!

But, if I make Rin-ichi mad for 2 times straight…

Then it’ll be worse than the end of the world.

I just hope I get my money soon…

My main motivation now is my mom and dad coming back every month. Because then I’ll get money! But Rin-ichi always take most of my money. She says it is to limit my money usage, Rin- ichi basically gave me another lock.


What is the meaning of poor?

No food, no money.

Right, both of these things happened to me.

“This is sad…”

I put my hope on Fuyaha again.

“Fuyaha… Please give me some…”


On Fuyaha’s seat, there is nothing.

Not even nothing.

He’s actually not even here.

“Hey! That’s on purpose!”

No target to jab at.

This is the same for 2 days straight, unlucky…

Maybe now I should look for homeless people, we’ll be best friends.

Enough said.


What a strange feeling, feels like there’s someone staring at me.



It’s Mukomi-san.

But when I looked back at her, she turned her head back, obviously didn’t want to look in my eyes.

Hey isn’t this too obvious?


Then she turned back her head again looking at me.


When she saw me looking at her too, she turned her head back shyly, again.

This repeated twice.

Mukomi-san is obviously very interested.

About yesterday.




I dropped my head on the table…


Too hard…



I fell on the floor again.

Mukomi-san, how do you walk so fast.

I remember there being some distance between the two of us. My seat is in the back next to the window. Right, being next to the window is great, it’s easy to stare at the sky.

“Azumabashi-kun, are you OK…?”

“I’m OK, I’m OK.”

I climbed back up, and sat on my seat again, don’t know why but I’m feeling very satisfied.

“This… do… do you mind…”


Rice ball from the market.

Ah, the bread has evolved into a rice ball.

“Thank you so much!”

“No… No need to thank me… About yesterday…”

My head hurts now.

How do I explain it? This is a serious problem.

“About yesterday huh…”

Of course I’m very thankful for the food these 2 days.

So I should tell her about it.

“That’s my superpower at night.”

I hold out my index finger, told Mukomi with a serious face.

My face should look very funny.


It doesn’t seem like Mukomi understood me.

“Ah ah---- How do I put it…”

I crossed my arms, thinking.

To me, this concerns me a lot.

To explain such an unscientific thing.

And it’s to a girl in my class.

I don’t know how to talk to girls.

No, we have no common interests at all.

Only when I’m turning in homework, or when my teacher calls me up, we might talk a little.

In the end, girls, this kind of species.

Concerns me a lot.

“I’m saying… It’s a superpower.”


“Uh… Yes.”

Mukomi nodded her head, although it doesn’t look like she understands at all.

“So Azumabashi-kun has this superpower, that can turn into a girl?”

“Yea, you can say that.”

At least Mukomi doesn’t seem too stupid.

“So can you turn now?”

“No, only at night…”

“Aww~ Really? Then I want to see it.”

Mukomi put both of her hands on my table, and her face zoomed in. (You can imagine it like Chitanda of Hyōka, their appearances seem to be pretty similar anyway.)

She looks very excited.

Her face is too close, so I looked away unnaturally.

“No, please drop that idea...”

Just Fuyaha and Yuka getting involved is annoying enough, if you add one more, I won’t be able to stand it. Plus if Rin-ichi saw me talking to Mukomi, she might ****** me…


Mukomi said.

She looks a little disappointed.

“Ah---- Tomorrow, how about tomorrow. I’ll show you.”


“Ah ah, yea.”

She’s excited again.

This is a big emotional change, are all girls like that?

Sometimes Rin-ichi is like that too.

Suddenly depressed.

Then suddenly happy again.

“Alright, then tomorrow night I’ll see Azumabashi-kun’s superpower with my own eyes~”


I’m rubbing my face.

“What is it?”

“Nothing, Mukomi-kun.”

“Ah, you can just call me Natsuka.”

“Wha? OK, Natsuka-san.”

Mukomi-san, no, what’s Natsuka-san planning?

Ah… I’m so used to being with Rin-ichi, whenever scenes like this pop up my first reaction is questioning it…

“Right, Jin-ichi-kun.”

Super unlucky.

“I’m back.”

Ah---- School’s over, I just got back home.

“Ah, Jin-ichi. You’re back.”

Not Rin-ichi’s voice.

“Ah, Fuyaha. You’re here already.”

Fuyaha is sitting on the sofa, holding a cup of tea that is for sure brewed by Rin-ichi, and smiling.

Yuka is also sitting next to him.

“But… Isn’t this too quick!”

Fuyaha you’re in the same class as me!

Why are you back before I’m back?

Did he skip the last class?

Rushed here with Godspeed?

Fuyaha you’re too excited…

By the way why are you so excited? Is seeing me (other form) that important?

Can Fuyaha be a…

“I just want to see her sooner…”

See you long lost sister?

No no no, that’s exaggerating… Fuyaha already has a sister.

Back to the topic, can it be…

Fuyaha is a lolicon?

This has a very high probability.

Or else he wouldn’t have looked for me so hard, and also spaced out for 2 whole days.

“So Fuyaha you’re actually a…”

“Yup, onii-chan is actually a… lolicon.”

Yuka intentionally lowered her voice when she said the word lolicon, only I can hear it.

“What are you saying? What are you saying?”

Then Rin-ichi also got very interested. So I quietly said to her:

“A lolicon.”


Sorry, Fuyaha, I didn’t mean to destroy your image.

“What are you guys talking about?”

“Nothing.” “We’re not saying anything.”

Me and Rin-ichi both said at the same time.

“Oh, OK then… So, when will she arrive?”

“Six… Six o’clock I think~”

Rin-ichi looked at the time.

I then looked too, and realized there’s only 3 minutes left till six.


I transformed at six yesterday.

I have to leave.

“Sorry, I got to go to the bathroom.”

Fuyaha and Yuka both said OK, then I quickly left the site. Ran outside the house.

“Aren’t you going to the bathroom?”


Yuka suddenly appeared next to me!

This is bad…


Just like yesterday.

My surroundings, no, it’s me. I started to emit light.

Shining everywhere.

My surroundings are growing taller.

Yuka doesn’t seem very surprised.

It’s like she already knew.

“I knew it was Jin-ichi-kun.”