Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 7

Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7[]

Now 3 people know about this. The 3 are Yuka, Rin-ichi, Mukomi-san.

They're all girls.

Knowing the secret that I can become a girl.

And one only found out by chance.

But come to think of it, how did Yuka know, it feels like she knew it since earlier.

How should I put it?

Yuka is smart, maybe even smarter than her brother.

Eh, at any rate, I can overcome this.

"As I thought it's Jin-ichi."

"Ah, it's like you already knew..."

"En, I guessed it..."

"It was a guess?!"

"En, it was a guess."


I recognize that Yuka is not just an average type of smart.

No, she's very sensitive to these matters.

For example, those incomprehensible things that are abnormal events. No, she's even better than the experts at discerning mysterious events like this.

Furthermore, she has an interest in these sorts of things.

"Because recently the female students have been saying something."


Idle talk is turning into rumors.

"A boy hit by a shooting star can become a girl."

"This is being circulated in the female students?!"

The happiness gained from the rumor was the same as that gained by standing underneath the ‘X’ formed by the intersecting contrails of two airplanes

An ordinary rumor.

But this is totally unlike a rumor among girls, it seems like this knowledge should only be among the boys.

Yuka nodded her head, but then raised her finger, shook her head and said:

"But the original version was that a girl struck by a shooting star could become a boy."

"The two are nothing alike!"

One is a girl, one is a guy. The sex is different and the result is nothing alike.

I held my hand to my head.

I'm feeling depressed.

But for Yuka to be able to reflect on it so soon.

This is one of her intellectual strengths.

"Come to think of it, Jin-ichi has become very short~"

Yuka rubbed my head. Seeing the taller than me Yuka, I was helpless. With how I am now, I can't oppose her.

"Ah... I'm speechless..."

"And your hair is so long"

Yuka kept stroking from the top of my head to the bottom, fondling my entire head.

This long hair seems to draw people in.

At least that's what I feel.

In any case I also liked long hair.

I also liked the color which is sky blue.

I feel like I've become my ideal girl.


Am I also a lolicon?

"I've heard that one also becomes their image of an ideal partner. Does that mean Jin-ichi is also a lolicon?"

"What you heard was definitely bogus!"

I've never acknowledged being a lolicon.

That type of perverted lolicon.

Lolicons are all perverts.

"Having become like this, your ability to ridicule hasn't lowered, but there's no harm."

“Don’t say a word about how it’s similar to Rin-ichi!”


What kind of joke is this?!

The first number is attractive! Why does it have to be multiplied by 0?! Why?!

"Ah, Rin-ichi already knew it?"

"En, I already told Rin-ichi about it yesterday."

Ah, now that I think about it that night...

It really was frightening, especially that instant when the blindfold fell off.

Sob~ haven't forgotten it even up till now~

Still it's calmed my mind.

How long has it been since I saw Rin-ichi's naked body?

Though it was a girl's body, in the capacity of a brother and sister we bathed together in the past.

But how long ago was that?

Probably up until Rin-ichi became an otaku.

Suddenly one day she said "I'm not bathing together with brother anymore, or else I'll be considered a bro-con!" At that time I think she was 10. I was 11.

I remember was at a loss for a period afterwards.

Afterwards, Rin-ichi never called me onii-chan again.

Otaku, the root of all evil.... (万恶的御宅族……)

I suddenly felt the feeling of sin.

Come to think of it, an adolescent having an interest in his sister's body.

Even if her chest is flat, to have that moment imprinted in his memory.

In fact, it was imprinted so well that if someone were transplanted with my eyes, they would be able enjoy a high definition view of that scene.

I suddenly feel like I'm a pervert.

"So it's like this, huh."

Yuka said as such.

She followed with:

"Then why don't you go in? Onii-chan seems like he wanted to see you."


I couldn't deny it.

Fuyuha is a lolicon.

Calling him a pervert would be too rude.

After all he helped me as a friend for many years.

But aren't all lolicons generally perverts?

Don’t tell me it’s like what’s shown on TV. How does it go? Let’s see, after having been exposed to enough loli-like characters, normal people or weirdoes (I’m not going to say who) end up desiring something more. What happens next is that they’ll search high and low for a 3D loli, carry out cruel, immoral, and savage acts after *****, and then discard the corpse, right? (There’s precedence for this, consult the Miyazaki Tsutomu case) This kind of thing, it’s impossible for me. No, in fact it might be because I refuse to do it. 难道真的和电视上说的一样,看了相当多了萝莉类同人通常向或是同人糟糕向(作者我不解释),然后无法满足,到处寻找三次元萝莉,实行残酷无德的暴行后*****,然后弃尸?(有现例,参考宫崎勤事件)这种事情我是不可能干出来的。不,或许说是我不会做出来的。

Fuyuha would also not be able to do it.

That type of thing.

"Onii-chan wouldn't do that type of immoral thing."

As if knowing what I was worrying about, Yuka said as such.


Yuka's words relieves me.

I also don't think Fuyuha would do such immoral things.

"That said..."


Is there something else to say?

"So cute~"

Yuka suddenly hugged me.


Shocked and unable to react I couldn't evade.

"It's unbelievable for Jin-ichi to have become such a cute girl"

"Sob... saying it like that... it's not like, it's not like I could help it..."

Being hit by a shooting star, it's not like I did it purposefully.

Being hit, was it something I wanted?


"Alright, why don't you go in."

After releasing me, Yuka walked in.

I also followed her in.


"Yuuka/Yuu (nickname), did you meet Jin-- no her at the entrance?"

"You don't need to hide it, I already know."

As soon as Rin-ichi saw me, she sighed.

Why are you sighing?!

It's like I'm like garbage!

"You.. you... You you.."

Fuyuha looking at me stuttered.


He's going to explode...

With a smiling face I said:

"Long time no see, Yuka-chan also..."

Looking at Fuyuha.


He's in a very excited state.

Was he looking forward to my saying his name that much?

No wonder he was so excited that he was trembling last time.


Unfortunately, I don't want to say Fuyuha's name.

Sorry, Fuyuha.

"Iwayama-kun." //“乐山君。”


Fuyuha's expression stiffened.

Not only his expression stiffened, his body also stiffened.

Like a 90s era manga, it was like black vertical stripes appeared on his face.

His eyes covered, his mouth gaping open.

He's probably shocked.


"Iwayama-kun, what happened?"

Adding oil to the fire.


He rushed to a corner and squatted.

Facing inwards. Sob~ It's like he was surrounded by some unknown things that were giving off a despair-like feeling...

It seems like he was at a loss.

"That's no good, Ria-chan you shouldn't bully onii-san like that"

Yuka said.


Ah, who's Ria-?

This extremely european-sounding name.

Apart from this brother-abusing Rin, the pony-tailed Yuka, the lolicon Fuyuha, and the regressed to loli Jin, who else is there?

"Oh, Ria as a name is not bad."

Rin-ichi why are you agreeing?

Not knowing the circumstances and randomly agreeing?!

Come to think of it, who is Mariya?!

"Your name."


Did I mishear?

It looked like Yuka said it.

The wind isn't that loud?

Why did I mishear?

"Ria-chan, pleased to meet you."

"Pleased to meet you Lia-chan."

What "Pleased to meet you?" Haven't we known each other for many years?!

If Yuka purposefully gave me such an idiotic name.

I guarantee there's no one else in this world the same as an idiot like me.


I'm a guy.

Where did this western sounding name come from?

Yuka, did you plan this?

"Azumabashi Ria, this name sounds good."

Rin-ichi rubbed her chin and nodded her head.

Don't agree as you please!

I already said it twice!

I don't care if it sounds nice, it doesn't suit me.

An adolescent boy wouldn't be happy with a girly-name. Mainly, I'm not happy.

It's even a western-sounding name. I'm an ordinary eastern teenager.

Even if it's a girl's body my mind is still male!

"En~ worthy of idiot Rin-ichi's name."

What about it is worthy!

Being called idiot like that is rude, oi.

Could it be that I'm a trash brother in Rin-ichi's eyes? Is my appearance really so low?

Even though, I haven't reflected on my appearance in front of a mirror before?

But is my appearance really so disappointing?

I don't want to continue with this line of thought.

Probably because I was hit by a shooting star.

All of it is from that.

It's all from me becoming a girl.

The starting point.

That's why so much has happened.

Fuyuha being a lolicon, the original me shouldn't have known.

My evaluation of Fuyuha has probably fallen a lot.

Because lolicon is definitely not a good title.

Speaking of lolicon, regardless if it was the president of a major banking company, a cashier at a grocier store, an ordinary housewife, or some ordinary person you'd find on the road. If you asked them all about lolicons they would all have the eyes as if seeing garbage. It's much worse an insult or discrimination than being an otaku.

Even for those born in the 90s they will discriminate against lolicons more than racial discriminaton (?).

Lolicon is a term universally recognized by society as negative.

I'm no exception.

Even my thoughts probably have already manifested such discrimination.

I don't like it like this.

I think I won't become like this in the future either.

I've always thought what's so special about lolicon.

I'm indifferent to it.

Even though my sister is an otaku, I've never complained about it.

In summary.

I don't hate otaku.

For me it's like anime, so what? 就是动漫什么的。

Well at least I hope.

But for having obtained Lia as a name.

I don't like it one bit!

Why? Why give me such a girly name?

I brought this on myself.

I carelessly let this become my name.


Yuka looked toward her brother.

Unfortunately Fuyuha still has that dead atmosphere around him.

"Eh, his feelings are still hurt..."

Sitting in the corner, facing the corner, arms holding his knees, it was obvious how big the shock was.

"It's all idiot Rin-- no, idiot Lia's fault."

"Don't say it like that..."

Putting it that way is too harsh.

To be honest, I didn't think Fuyuha's reaction would be so big.

Is this the rumored lolicon?

Wow... how exaggerated...

"Lia-chan what do you plan on doing?"


I feel like I'm in the wrong.

No, no, it's better to have Fuyuki recover his spirit....

"Fuyuha-kun are you alright?


After hearing me, Fuyuha turned his head over here.

His face looked like a girl after her favorite pet just died.

His two eyes still had tears glistening.

You're a man!

Are all lolicons so fragile?


This isn't adding oil onto the fire, it's the complete opposite.


"Right, Fuyuha-kun."

I purposefully let out a smile.

I admit my voice is attractive. At least that's what I feel.

The unknown things surrounding him disappeared, his entire expression returned...


So fast!

Faster than a car, no, faster than a bullet train... 比向日未,不,比夏果还快!

"You... You.. what's your name?"


He rushed right in front of me.

I rose both my hands.

Not only having a red face, he was stammering...

Ah- it's the first time I've seen Fuyuha like this.

Fuyuha, you can't judge a person by how they look....

"Azumabashi Ri, no... Azumabashi Ria..."

What would happen if he knew I was Jin-ichi?

I think he'd be depressed for many days; no, weeks, months, maybe even years...

"Ria is it, such a cute name."

Wah~ the beast in him came up....

Even if it is a cute name, I'm not happy at all.

Sorry Fuyuha, I'm not gay...


There's no helping it, I can only bitterly smile.


I can't get loose.

I couldn't bring my held hands back!


Fuyuha, you're too excited!

Hurry up and release me....

It's no good, my current strength won't work.

The Fuyuha in front of me whose eyes were sparkling didn't seem like he had any intention to let go.

If it goes on like this.

I have a bad feeling.

I'll need to ask for help...

Turning my head to look towards Yuka.

"Ah, I'll go prepare the water."

Why now?!

Why not earlier. You were just standing there watching the events unfold.

Also preparing the tea is not something you should be doing Yuka! That's what Rin-ichi should be doing!

Get back over here Yuka!

Like that, she left....

I looked at Rin-ichi.

Rin-ichi was viciously watching me and Fuyuha.

Rin-ichi, what's with your expression?

What did I do? Did I do something wrong?

I didn't do anything! I'm just being held by Fuyuha.

"Stop before you go too far."


Saying that, Rin-ichi suddenly rushed between us.

Fuyuha was startled and let go of my hand.

"Really, how long were you planning on holding....ah..."

After speaking halfway through Rin-ichi suddenly blushed as if a child who did something wrong and hurriedly left the room.

Ah, what's up with that?

I don't understand the situation.

"Tea's ready~"

At the perfect time, Yuka brought the tea over.

She really prepared the tea...

How did you know where the tea leaves are in our house! And the tea cups!

"Ara? Rin-ichi?"

"Ah, I don't why but Rin-ichi ran off"

"So that's how it is~"


"what's wrong with Rin-ichi? It seems like she was angry...."

Fuyuha as if not knowing what to do, looked nervous.

"If that's how it is, let's go back home onii-chan. We've already met Lia-chan."

"No wait... Let me do something first..."

Fuyuha didn't look like he wanted to part.

Do what?

Reluctantly, Fuyuha walked towards me.

I have a bad feeling...

Yuka suddenly grabbed Fuyuha from behind.

She pulled him towards the entrance with all her strength.

"No good... onii-chan... you can't do.... that kind of thing to Ria-chan-..."

It looked she was struggling to pull him...

That kind of thing? What kind of thing? ****, ****, or even ****?

I hope it's none of those..

"It's alright, just a little!"

"A little of what?!"

Not good, not good, I must hurriedly retreat.

What followed....


Yuka wasn't able to hold on, and he was released


Because of inertia, Fuyuha's body flew towards me...

Like a tragic story it happened...

What type of same-love 90s manga is this!

How did I become the heroine!

Fuyuha's body pinned me to the ground. Because of his weight, I couldn't budge.


Holding his head, Fuyuha lifted himself up.

As a result he looked directly into my face... of course not my original face...


Fuyuha became dumbstruck.

"Idiot Ji-no, idiot Ria, dad's on the phone..."

Coincidentally, Rin-ichi came over.

As soon as she saw, she stopped talking.

The timing was too perfect.


Curse you 90's era same-sex manga...

Lingyi = Rin-ichi
Youxiang = Yuka

Xiaguo = Mukomi-san

JingyiJun = Jin-ichi

Dongxie = Fuyuha

Liya = Ria