Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 8

Incredible Loli Change Volume 1 Chapter 8

Final Chapter - The dark green eyed young girl[]

Did I eat something weird?

Or am I too tired?

"How could...."

How could there be breakfast? The sight of so many luxurious breakfast dishes on the table is an illusion, right?

"Ah... maybe I'm too tired."

Ever since that evening 3 nights ago, I haven't had a regular meal yet.

Without a proper meal, it was always leftovers scrap food that served as my sustenance.

That cursed shooting star, it had to have been purposefully hurled at me by some person. Regardless of who that person is, regardless of he's an alien that shooting star was horrible, the person who threw it must be even more horrible.

Also, how could that be a shooting star.

Is there a comet that can change a person's sex? What sort of high tech technology is this? Was it a stunt by aliens? Without having to do a sex-change surgery, being able to enjoy the body of another sex? It was definitely a big stunt, it could probably make lots of money.

But I wasn't happy at all, experiencing it myself. It's as I said earlier, I don't like it one bit.

No one be so happy upon becoming a girl that they wouldn't be able to eat or drink for 3 days.

At least, I'm not someone like that.

I was forced to not be able to eat or drink.

Having subsisted on scraps for 3 days, it was hard for me.

Going to school without breakfast, along with having to take boring classes.

It's inevitable that one would be even more hungry.

It's obvious that going to classes while hungry and taking in each word the teacher says is impossible. No, someone being able to do it would be weird.

Are you saying I should go out for breakfast?

No no no, this is even more impossible.

Would one's one naturally born sister be so stupid? Definitely not. That bastard took away my living expenses leaving not even 10 yen.

Come to think of it, with even ten yen what would I be able to buy?


The supermarket doesn't have anything lower than 100 yen, let alone something as luxurious as a rice ball.

I completely could not stand up to Rin-ichi.

Resisting would mean my entire life would be gone.

There's no such thing as a free lunch... yesterday was the same.

What happened that night, even now remains clear in my memory.

Fuyuha falling on my body.


Was what Yuka said at the time after it happened.

No, more correctly it was what Yuka said after Rin-ichi saw it.

Afterwards, Fuyuha was carried away by Yuka, nothing really happened.

Afterwards, Rin-ichi didn't say anything to me.

Absolutely nothing. She only gave the phone to me.

"Jin-ichi, daddy will be coming home in a few days, is there anything you need~"

Father is nice, this is true, right?

"Why aren't you saying anything, Rin-ichi.."

What am I supposed to say?

At that time, I was still like that.

My voice hadn't changed back.

"Yes.. I... understand...."

I used a rough voice to respond.

Surprisingly I wasn't found out.

"What's wrong? Jin-ichi your voice sounds hoarse, are you sick?"

"...No... no I'm not..."

It was difficult.

At any rate, this is how it is.

No matter how you put it, I didn't eat dinner. Compared to yesterday, today I didn't even have dinner.

Though I don't know why, no matter how you look at it Rin-ichi was ignoring me.

She wasn't talking to me and making me dinner.

Was it because my stomach was empty last night, that I'm seeing a hallucination in the morning?

This big plate of foods is probably an illusion.

I should go back to sleep.

To put it bluntly, I'm still too tired in the morning. If I call off, I think the teachers will understand.

It should be an illusion.

If I was on the road to school and start hallucinating, that would be bad.

For example, seeing a red light as a green light. I don't want to die in my youth.

"Sleep, sleep, I should send a text to the teacher..."


"Hey~ morning Rin-ichi. Help me text the teacher for a day off. I think I'm hallucinating."

It's a hallucination in the end.

Rin-ichi was wearing an apron, and holding a ... pot? At any rate it's a cooking utensil. Standing next to a luxurious dish, with her arms crossed, having a fairly impatient expression as she talked.

It was definitely an illusion, there's no way such a harmonious scene would be in my home.

My little sister wearing an apron, making breakfast, and providing for her great brother.

It's fake fake fake fake fake.

How could it be possible! This older-brother-abusing Rin-ichi could never do a thing like that.

"What illusion, hurry up and wash your face and brush your teeth, then come eat."


Hearing this, I opened my eyes wide.

Is it still fake?

Even if I examine it closely, the hallucination is not disappearing. My mental disease must be quite severe. I should go back to sleep.

"It must be an illusion... I'm going back to sleep.."



I suddenly felt energy.

It wasn't an illusion!

Otherwise, I wouldn't have this reflex.

Are the Himalayas still the highest mountains?

"To ensure your physical and mental health, you can eat today"


Physical and mental health? What does that mean?

"Not allowing Jin-ichi to eat so long in the past, I'm very sorry..."


Rin-ichi is even apologizing to this trash brother?

Impossible, Rin-ich must have some plan.

Based on my 15 years as a big brother.

Rin-ichi, is my younger sister.

She's currently planning something nefarious to bring me down.

"Alright, stop standing there idly hurry up and eat or else you'll be late."

Was the food poisoned?

Using the chopsticks to pick up a vegetable.

I stared at her.

No, this image.

"Ugh, Jin-ichi if you won't eat, then I won't let you eat!"

"Yes! I'll eat!"

Rin-ichi looked like she was getting angry. I should hurry up and eat first. I immediately started stuffing my face with nutrition.


The taste wasn't bad.

No, it was the original taste... just that it tasted slightly better than usual.....


Meal over! This morning I was full!

"Wah~ so full~"

"Jin-ichi, if you want to eat something in particular next time, tell me, OK?"


What "tell me what you want to eat next time"?

Is she harboring some secrets?

"Understand? I'm being considerate of you, Jin-ichi."

"Ah... got it."



It's even more incomprehensible than becoming a "loli" after being hit by a shooting star.

I must be too tired...

"Ah... I should go sleep..."


Something hard smacked my face.

"Don't use your backpack to hit your brother!"

"Don't say those kind of "throw me" words."

"I never thought something like that!"

What kind of moron would say "come hit me" with that sort of stupid phrase.

"Yeah yeah, move stupid Jin-ichi."


Curses, if there wasn't breakfast, I would definitely seek revenge on Rin-ichi!


Of course it was impossible.


"Yo Jin-ichi, want some coffee?"

"Morning fuyuha, so energetic... can I get a cup of coffee..."

Where did he get his energy? His hand is holding holding a coffee maker... where did you get a coffee maker?!

"Yes, I'm very energetic~"

He followed up by giving me a cup of coffee.

This bastard's so energetic that he didn't notice I wasn't at the scene yesterday.

At least he hasn't asked up through now.

"Ah, is that so. Then why don't you add a mayu cream lid to the end." “啊,是吗。那在句尾后加马○盖子。”

"Wasn't that last time?"

"Ah, I guess so. Then say "Onii-chan Yamete~" while making a movement like you're wet. “啊,好像是的。那么…边说‘哦泥酱,雅蠛蝶~’边做湿态的动作。”

"Oniichan, yamete~" 哦泥酱,雅蠛蝶~”


The coffee that went into my mouth came out.

"Jin-ichi, you're a pervert in the end."

"You're in no position to say that!"

I didn't think his mood would be that good.

As for what the wet movement was, I won't explain it...

"What are those two doing..."

"Is it BL?"

"Oi oi, saying it that loud will make me hear it."

"Not good. He heard it."

The surrounding classmates started whispering.

No, you couldn't call it whispering, I heard it clearly.



Crap, Rin-ichi was coming over here.

"Ah... Azumashi-san's sister is here."

"The person in the middle is Azumashi-san?"

"A forbidden love triangle~"

"How scandalous...."


I can hear you guys....

How did I turn into the guy in the middle?

Never mind, I'm not into BL.

"Jin-ichi, what's this about a forbidden love triangle?"

Fuyuha asked.

"This guy is really clueless."



As a natural reflex, I stood up.

"She's come, she's come."

Rin-ichi immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. Not only that, the classmates started whispering even more. Everyone was watching us.

She looked at me with a doubtful face. When she noticed I was looking at her, she purposefully smiled.


Having no alternative, she laughed...

I was then pulled up to the roof.

The school's roof was well-built. For safety, a fence was built, even more there were lots of seat to rest in.

It was a great place to eat lunch. Of course when it wasn't lunch time, it was used as place for private conversations.

Mainly lovers.

Unfortunately I was being dragged here by my oppressive brother-controlling sister.

"I forbid you from having any contact with Fuyuha-kun!"

Rin-ichi said with a stern face.

"Hah? why?"

If it was forbidden from meeting with a female student, I would understand since Rin-ichi forbade me from having a relationship with any girls, unless she agrees. Yuka was someone that Rin-ichi agreed for me to have contact with.

But I completely didn't understand why I had to break-off contact with Fuyuha. Could it be that Fuyuha was bullying Rin-ichi?

Even if Fuyuha was a lolicon, he wouldn't do that.

"Forbid means forbid, otherwise no lunch and dinner!"


I was speechless.

Resisting was useless!

"Now that you know, return."


After glancing at me, Rin-ichi went back down"


I sighed.

Why was I forbidden from meeting with Fuyuha?

Don't tell me it's because what happened last night?

I felt it didn't matter...Lately so many weird events happened... I hope my life can be more normal...



Someone greeted me with a rising voice.

It was Mukomi Natsuhate .

As a result I responded:

"Do you have something you need? ~Mukomi-chan~"

"Ah? Chan?"

"No, I was bored, that's all."

It really was boring.

I was forced to not interact with Fuyuha.

Not only that, I've had to ignore Fuyuha innumerable times.

"Jin-ichi my pencil lead broke, lend me yours for a bit, thanks."


"Jin-ichi? Hellooo~"


"Hey, why are you ignoring me?"


"Hey~ say something already."


Ahh - ignoring a person is hard. Sorry Fuyuha.

“Chan isn't bad, just call me Mukomi-chan~”


Saying something like that will cause others to misunderstand.

First of all, such a intimate way of calling will cause Rin-ichi to cut me into pieces...

"Nevermind nevermind, If I shout I think my life will be gone..."


She tilted her head, with a quizzical look.


"Very good Very good~"

As if to reward me, Mukomi patted my head.

Why do I feel like a pet who performed a difficult trick and is congratulated by his master....

"Then, what is it?"

Changing the topic or else I'll be drawn into the flow.

"Ah, it's that thing...."

"What thing?! Look into my face! Saying it like that will cause misunderstandings!"

She covered her face.

It's probably the thing I agreed about with Mukomi-san yesterday.

Revealing the super power to her.

I tricked Mukomi-san by saying it's a superpower I have only at night, even hearing this super fake story she believed it.

Is her brain alright.....

"It's about the super power."

"Oh, I got it, I'll show it to you today at 6."

"No backing out."

"I won't, I won't...."

So tiring.....

"Then will we go to Rin-ichi-kun your house?"

"No, no need."


My house has a fairly dangerous person....

"At any rate that's no good. When the time comes, meet me on the school roof."

"Ok, got it."

She hurriedly left.

Leaving me by myself.


I have a bad feeling about this.

Hopefully it's wrong.....


At the end of the school day....

En, to be honest there's nothing to be happy about.

Telling Rin-ichi I had something I had to do so I couldn't go home with her.

After sending Rin-ichi away what follows is to go up to the roof at 6.


I sat in the classroom staring into the sky while bored.


The sun gradually set.

It was only 5:20.

There was still 30 minutes until I would leave, I don't know what to do in such a long time.

Should I just idle, or do the school assigned homework?

Meh, I'll just leave the homework for now.

That type of things causes discomfort just by touching it. When the time comes I'll just ask Fuyuha for it.

No, wait a moment.

Asking Fuyuha? Dinner?

Not good. Rin-ichi said not to have any contact with Fuyuha, even though I don't know the reason.

What am I going to do about my homework now?

For me who barely listens in class, I have no idea how to complete it.

In the past I could see Fuyuha's homework and just roughly recollect what the teacher says and could pass the bar. What do I do now?


It became 5:50.

I can't worry about too many things, move out.

Picking up the backpack I left the classroom.

I went upstairs.

"I hope I won't become like that today."

Even if I disappoint Mukomi's wishes.

But in the end I still want to return to normal.

At any rate I'll first get through tonight.


"en, Mukomi already came here first."

Opening the door and seeing Mukomi already standing there.

"That's not right, it's Mukomi-chan~"

"Alright, Alright, Mukomi-chan, next up is I'll show it you."



My body emitted light.

Sudddenly, I felt someone was watching me, it was probably Mukomi opening her eyes wide, I paid it no mind.


The surroundings got taller, this is definite.

My hair was heavy, because it became long.

En, in the end I changed.

Actually I wasn't willing at all.

"En... such an amazing super power...."


Mukomi stared at me in a dumbfounded manner.

Her hands next to her mouth, mouth opened wide, her eyes unmoving.

"Super power...."

"Ah... that's right. ....oi?"

The 3rd person's sound.... not Mukomi's... a girl's sound.

A soft sound came from behind.

I turned my head.

"For it to be a becoming a girl's superpower..."

"Such long hair...."

Gold hair, with twintails like Yuka, except having a smaller body.


Her bangs were very long. But in contrast her eyes were covered, long enough to reach her nose.

Her bangs were not dense, allowing an indistinct impression of her eyes to show through.

The wind blew.

It was a dark green color.

And even more she was standing on top of the rooftop door.