Incredible Loli Change Volume 2 Chapter 1

Incredible Loli Change Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - An unbelievable super power?[]

An unimaginable person appeared.

A girl.

From where I was standing, I could just barely tell that her bangs were incredibly long, enough to cover her eyes with gold hair particular to westerners. Shimmering under the light, her twin tails look like a willow tree.

In the gap in her hair blown open by the wind, causing me to squint my eyes so I could see the girl's eyes, I saw two jade green eyes, reminiscent of crystal glass covered by silk, as if it's a precious jade.

A beautiful girl.

If I were to describe her in one phrase, I would use “very cute and beautiful girl.”

“You are?”

Mukomi looked in the same direction I was and noticed the girl and asked.

Even though I gave her a high evaluation, she was still in a place that elicited caution.


Saying nothing, only looking at me.

Was she just a taciturn person? Or was she someone who would never talk nor ask anything.

If you were to ask me to make a general summary, I'd say she's a strange person.

Even more she was standing on the door's roof. How is she getting down?

No, how did she even get up there?

But she's seeing my current form, which is the form after I changed.

Crap... I've been seen by someone weird again...

Being seen by Mukomi is already a big enough nuisance.

Now there's another one.

Don't treat me like an ornament!

I'm not some ornaments just for people to ogle at.




If it goes on like this, it won't end.

This person has only said two words from earlier.

She's been staring at me the whole time.

I originally thought it was because her bangs covered her eyes, decreasing her eyesight by 50%.

Of course I'm joking.... I'm not confident there's nothing weird on my face, but even if that's so, why doesn't she cut it off.

This is what went through my mind in that instant.

“Jin-ichi-kun, do you know her?”

Mukomi pointed at the girl standing up to and asked me.

“I don't......”

I've never seen her before.

I've already been in this school for nearly 2 years. If there was such a cute girl, how could I have not seen her before.

Even if she was the type of person who stayed in the classroom and didn't come out, there should still be rumors of her.

Our class's young-beautiful-girl-con, that is Kabasuzu Seihi , would definitely spread it around.

In that case even if you didn't want to know, you would know.

Needless to say, she is probably a transfer student.

“Are you a transfer student?”

Using my gentle soft voice, I asked her.


She responded to me.

But her expression didn't change the slightest.

You could say that she was completely expressionless.


She started walking towards me.

The door was about 3 meters tall, almost as high as a classroom.

If she kept walking like this, she'll fall off.

“Ahh, careful! .....”

Halfway through speaking, interrupted by being frightened by the scene ahead.

At an angle.

Below her.




Maybe I should be grateful that the school skirt length only went down the to thighs.

But my luck wasn't so good that once the wind blew, it would be to the degree of completely raising.

Yuka, Mukomi, even my sister Rin-ichi and I haven't even seen them a few times.

Except when doing laundry.

But it's obvious, at that time holding Rin-ichi's pan**.....


At any rate. The scenery that was under the young girl's skirt was obvious at a glance.

As a result.

She jumped down.

Very relaxingly.

She descended to the ground.

Her posture didn't change, except for legs bending slightly.

That was almost 3 meters high!

Without training, jumping down from such a high place would definitely result in an injury.

It could only be said that the young girl was too light.

Thinking about it more, it was impossible.

How unbelievable.

Well, if there's a person who was changed into a loli after being hit by a loli, how could there not be such a person...

“What's interesting about this super power?”


The young girl walked towards me and casually let out that sentence.

But I didn't understand what she meant.

The problem was, this wasn't my superpower, it was just a lie I came up with.

Mukomi was standing on the side, not knowing what to say.

If it went on like this, it doesn't seem good.

If the fact that I became a girl at 6 in the afternoon was spread by this young girl.

I would probably be interviewed by the media before long.

TV news.

Newspaper reports.

Then I'd be captured.


Probably watched.

I might even be taken by the government for human experimentation.

Thinking about it, my whole body shivered.

At any rate, this was bad.

It would be better to hope that the young girl wouldn't disclose my circumstances.

“A transformation ability, you can't turn into anything else?....”

She walked up to a 2 meter distance from me and expressionlessly watched me.

Super power?

The young girl seemed like she was familiar with this matter.

Did she have a super power?

Such as telekinesis?

Were super powers real?

Impossible, right.

It's not like this was a college city.

Did she really believe that science could develop super powers?

It's not like I'm Touma.....

Touma's harem is over 10,000!

For someone like me who couldn't control his little sister (she controls me), what is this!

It would be weird for me to have a super power!

It's not like it was an Imagine Breaker!

It was not OK in the beginning, for there to be an Imagine Breaker how not OK would that be!

For someone else to have bad luck, but for it to result in a 10,000 harem....

“Super power......”

I guess it can exist.

I bitterly laughed.

“So it probably exists....”

I said as such.

It wasn't a reply to a young girl. It was simply talking to myself.

What a pity.

I don't have any super powers.

“So it isn't a super power?”

The young girl gave me a tough question.

Behind me, Mukomi was standing while watching me.

I didn't know how to reply.

If I said no.

Wouldn't that be the same as admitting that I was tricking Mukomi.

If I said yes.

Wouldn't that be the same as tricking both of them.

“Of course... it's a super power....”

I ended up saying that.

What a sin.

The young girl smiled.

That expressionless face smiled.

Even though it was a slight smile, such that if you didn't look closely you wouldn't notice.


She did smile.


The young girl said.

Wind started to blow.

For some reason, the wind around picked up.

“My ability is controlling wind....”


I was startled.

The wind started swirling around the young girl continuously.

Without slowing down the slightest.

Yet still circling around her.


Her bangs were blown up by the wind, her dark green eyes now clearly visible.

The school tie was also blown up by the wind and ended up floating in midair.

The skirt also....

A pink color was visible intermittently.

“Eh? Eh? EH!!”

As Mukomi watched the young girl and I, the wind surrounding us unnaturally was astonished.

Watching me and the young girl, the shock on her face not receding.

The wind continuously picked up.

With the winds increasing strength, the hair behind also started to float up.


I put my hands on the forehead to block the wind, otherwise I would be unable to open my eyes.

What appeared before me was a super power.

An unbelievable strength.


The ability to control wind.

Is this a super power?


Completely unbelievable.

The young girl has a super power.

For unknown power to reside in this world.

Like that shooting star.

An unknown event.

Happened to me again.


The wind receded.

In the end it disappeared.


“Unfortunately it's unable to cause injury.”

The young girl said.

If it was able to cause harm, wouldn't it be even more powerful?

It would be better to say not being able to cause harm is better.

Otherwise there would be danger, for me.

“This power was obtained by chance.”

“By chance?”

Mukomi asked first.

Was it really by chance?

Like how my body after being hit by a shooting star, obtaining an unbelievable ability?

No way....

How could there be such a coincidental thing....

If it was an innate ability one was born with, it would be understandable.

I've never heard of an ability being obtained by luck.

That would be too lucky.

This person was probably a good person in her past life. As a reward, the heavens above granted her the super power.

No no no, that's like right out of a novel.

This isn't the same as that useless author's worthless super power novel.

This type of thing has to be impossible.

“I understand....”

“How is it possible to know!”

At any rate, I gave a tsukkomi.

I've never heard of someone getting something by chance, and to still not know what a coincidence was.

It wasn't on purpose, was it.

Playing dumb should have more skill.


This young girl tilted her head 45 degrees, and blankly said “ah”.

So moe!


“You did that on purpose!”

It was purposely having me say tsukkomi?!

It was on purpose, right?

It had to have been on purpose right? right?

“Then, first....”


The young girl turned 45 degrees, and looked and Mukomi and me.

“Ah... my name is Mizusaki Tsukine. Tomorrow I'll be transferring into this school....”

Without any change in tone, she said as such.

“Transfer tomorrow? Then why did you come today?!”

“To take a tour....”


I was speechless.

I lost to her.

Is there a person who want stand at the top of the roof as part of a tour?

Probably only you.

You're definitely a weird person.

And you even have a super power.

A 100% weirdo.

Next, Mizusaki Tsukine left the roof top leaving only me and Mukomi.

“Just now that was....”

Mukomi still maintaining that amazed face, after Mizusaki Tsukine left, said as such.

“A super power....”


Mukomi made a sound.

“Wah, what's wrong? Are you alright?....”

A sound like she was about to cry.

If she started crying, it would be troublesome.

I have to stop it!

“Sob... really, it's so awesome!”


It was a wasted effort....

“Even more awesome than you Jin-ichi-kun~”

Don't say it so bluntly.

I have my own self-esteem you know.

Returning home.


It's been 30 minutes since my body changed.

The time passed so fast.

After splitting with Mukomi, I went in the direction of my home.

On the way I was continuously thinking.

For there to really be super powers.

If there was a change-into-a-loli-after-6 ability, why wouldn't here be super powers?

Putting it as such it was convincing.

It can be said that this was the first time I saw a super power in the true sense of the word.

Isn't it said that after going encountering a strange phenomenon, it becomes easier to do so again.

In short, this was probably the beginning of it all....


“Li...Lia-chan...wel...wel, welcome back...”


In one breath, he didn't throw up his lung.

Upon returning home, it wasn't Rin-ichi's face, rather Fuyuha's evil smiling face with a shy expression.

Yuka sat by Fuyuha's side.

“Ah? Fuyuha, and Yuka, why are you two also here?”

“It's Fuyuha-kun, ok~”


Don't learn from Mukomi!

You're a man!

My impression of Fuyuha has fallen in an unrecoverable manner!

Fuyuha, you're destroying your own reputation!

“Onii-san said he had to come see Lia, I wasn't able to pull him away.”


Damn! Yuka your face clearly reads, “I did it on purpose~”. These 5 big words, don't think I can't see them! Yuka you definitely didn't try to stop Fuyuha! Definitely!

“Ah, Jin...nono, Lia, you're back. Perfect, dinner is ready.”

Right now, Rin-ichi came in wearing an apron.

Her face smiling.

Didn't you say I couldn't meet Fuyuha? Even though I don't know why. Why are you welcoming Fuyuha to our home?

Rin-ichi you... are definitely planning something. I have 15 years of onii-chan experience, I won't be tricked!

“Hurry up and come over.”


Sob... a Demon waved its hand at me... so scary...

In a certain kitchen.

“No physical contact with Fuyuha is allowed”



How did it evolve into no physical touching?

“If you won't let me have any physical contact with Fuyuha, why did you even let him in?”

“Ugh...casually leaving with someone else is not right....”

Ah, so you actually knew the difference between right and wrong Rin-ichi....

The normal you has no concept of what is right.

At least the way you treat me is as such.

Damn it.....

Someday, my little sister will fall into the palm of my hand!

“Ah, I feel like you're thinking something rude about me”

Rin-ichi's eyes narrowed into a line, saying such.

“Not true, not true, not true, how could I curse you, my cute little sister-sama~”

This time she was so perceptive, I should be careful in the future.

“Well whatever, bring this over to the table.”


Rin-ichi passed a home-cooked dish over to me.

Even though I felt it was slightly heavy, I can still carry it.

This body is so inconvenient, my strength is so poor.

I also feel my balance has worsened.

Just like a game.

In short, all my abilities have gone down!

No matter how you put it, shouldn't your attributes go up if you transform?

But my abilities didn't improve at all, instead they worsened.

Only my appearance changed.

My charisma went up!

This isn't fun at all!

This ability, even if it took 0 experience points to learn, I wouldn't learn it!!

“Leave things like this to me”

I don't know when (he got there), but Fuyuha is standing by my side.

His two hands took the dish I was holding, subsequently our hands touched.

Not minding it I let my hands go as he pulled the dish away.

Fuyuha was substituting himself as a laborer for me.

“Ah.... thank you...”

“Yo-you, you're welcome....”

He stuttered out.

Fuyuha is not good at dealing with girls.

Especially a girl he liked.

Like me.

Ah.. I'm not a girl.

My heart is still male!

“It touched... it touched... it touched.....”

Fuyuha's entire face blushed red.

As a result his whole body started trembling.

Come to think of it, when he was taking the dish, his hand touched.


Yesterday his entire body pressed on my body, and he had no sudden reaction, now we simply touched hands and his entire body is like this.

Fuyuha you really are a pervert...

It seems lolicons are all perverts in the end....

“Ah, Onii-chan!”

Yuka came over first.

She took the dish in Fuyuha's hand and put it on the table. Right after she pulled his arm and dragged him away from beside me.

“Fuyuha-kun, what's wrong?”

Rin-ichi saw the situation and asked.

Ah.... Rin-ichi if you were to use honorifics for me I would be satisfied...

“It's onii-chan's old habit.”

“What old habit?”

Fuyuha was laid down on the sofa to put to rest.

Yuka walked up next to me and Rin-ichi, raised her index finger to her mouth, and whispered:

“That is with a loli, that is Lia-chan, having significant contact with meaning, or some other anime event happening, he becomes like this.”

“So that's how it is....”

Touching hands has such a significant meaning?



Not good....

“You.... touched...?



The next day.

I thought I would be denied meals.

But it didn't happen.

“If you have contact in the future, I'll really forbid meals.”

Rin-ichi said.

At any rate, today I have breakfast, lunch and dinner!



A sigh.

I've already fallen so low that if I have food to eat, I'll yell awesome.

“Hmm? Jin-ichi, you look like you're lifeless.”

“Ah, yeah I feel like I have no energy.”

Fuyuha on the other hand was full of energy, and was holding a coffee maker while drinking coffee.”

“Want a cup?”

“No, that's fine.”

I won't drink today.

I'll take a nap to recharge my energy.

The first class is always a class meeting, regardless of whether there's anything, the teacher will always spout out some trite words.

Or the class president will go up and give some speeches.

At any rate, it's nothing interesting so sleeping is the best choice.

Just as I was preparing to lie on the table.

“Ah, let me introduce a new student.”

A bad premonition.

“Be happy you monkeys, it's a cute girl.”

It reminded me of the taciturn super powered girl previously.

Hey hey, that was a real super power.

It wasn't fake.

The ability to control wind.

It sounds so cool.

But I don't want to chat up a relationship with her at all.

I really hope it's not her.

From her appearance her age is probably the same as Rin-ichi's.

Probably not in the same year as me.

But how many beautiful young girls are recognized by our teacher? Putting aside the teacher, Mizusaki Tsukine was the model of a beautiful young girl.

She was as cute as Yuka and Rin-ichi, and also a different type of beauty. With her bangs covering her eyes she was fairly pretty. Even more she had golden twin-tails....

Ah, I really hope it's not her.....

“Mizusaki Tsukine~”


The classroom's door oopened.

Ah ah....

The world is small indeed!

In the end, it's still the expressionless!

Mizusaki Tsukine walked inside.

“Why don't you do your self-introduction.”


Mizusaki Tsukine didn't say anything, only gazed at the entire class.

“My name is Mizusaki Tsukine, please take care of me....”

With her face still expressionless, she bowed.


Immediately were the male students exclamations.

The loudest voice was Kabasuzu Seihi, this guy was definitely a 100% otaku....

There also a fair number of girls that let out sighs.

Mizusaki's popularity is high in the end.

After all, she's a fairly cute loli.

Speaking of lolis....

Fuyuha the lolicon.


Had his mouth open and expression already froze.

Looking at Mukomi, her expression was also surprised.

Mukomi watched Mizusaki, her amazed expression not fading at all.


Cover the face.

As it is, it'll become troublesome again.

A super powered individual transferred into my class.

And she could control wind.

What type of setting is this....

I want to live a normal life!


A small striking sound.

“This is?”

It was a leaf that hit my face.

How could a leaf just happened to hit my face?

The window wasn't closed.

Because this was the 3rd floor, there were trees very close to the window....

But even so a leaf probably wouldn't just happen to hit my face....

It's probably her....

I looked towards Mizusaki's direction.

She was looking at me.

The corners of her mouth slightly rose again.

Translators' Notes[]

  1.   ?凉静? -> 樺涼 静陽 -> Kabasuzu Seihi (trying to bastardize chinese bastardization of japanese bastardization of chinese into english is tragic fml fml fml fml this took so much time and it's still WRONG)
  2. ↑   A rude way of saying this person, may be roughly translated as “this bastard” Main character usually refers to people as such.
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