Black Bellied Husband's Indulgence: His Wife is not Allowed to Hide 望月存雅

He is the emperor of the business world. Rumor has it that he was fond of men and because of this, Song Wen Xin agreed to marry him.
After their marriage, he proved to her that he has the ability of a normal man!
“You are not allowed to hide when fulfilling the obligation of husband and wife. You are also not allowed to refuse the gifts that I send you. And, when you take the initiative to come to me… you are not allowed to stop!” He ordered her overbearingly.
Song Wen Xin immediately said: “You dream!”
He laughed enigmatically: “What a coincidence! I’m best at making a dream into a reality!”
He dotes on her, dotes on her with no bottom line at all…

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