Peach Blossom Debt Da Feng Gua Guo,大風刮過

Who is the robber, who owes the debt? For thousands of years, they waited just to be reunited again.
The prime minister’s son Song Yao was infatuated with the courtesan Yao Xiang. However, Yao Xiang had a destined bond with a poor scholar instead. The distraught Song Yao mistakenly ate an elixir pill of immortality by chance and ascended to the heavens.
Meanwhile, in heaven, Tianshu Xing and Emperor Nanming were involved in a love affair. As a result, they were demoted and forced to descend to earth by the Jade Emperor as a punishment. The Jade Emperor then ordered Song Yao to descend to Earth and break up the two lovebirds. Song Yao’s close friend, Hengwen Qing, accompanied his return back to Earth. Decreed by fate, Song Yao is reborn as the eldest son of a feudal lord and brings the weak and fragile scholar Tianshu Xing into the mansion.
Entangled by his past life and the cause-and-effect of his reincarnation, Song Yao plays the role of a bridge connecting people with a red string, while he himself is destined to live a lonely life forever.